Barbara Broccoli opens up about the casting rumors for next James Bond

Barbara Broccoli, the producer behind James Bond opens up about the casting rumors for the next film.

One of the James Bond franchise’s producers, Barbara Broccoli, has some disheartening casting news. The actor to portray James Bond has been the subject of much rumor for many years. The most recent actor to use the 007 codenames was Daniel Craig, but 2021’s No Time to Die served as his final performance. The internet has been ablaze with speculations and theories about who would play the role next even before that movie comes out, with names like Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Idris Elba rising as putative favorites. But, there haven’t been many verifiable updates.

About the casting for the upcoming movie, Bond 26, Broccoli has a somewhat depressing report. According to certain rumors, actors like Taylor Johnson have emerged as front-runners for the part. But, Broccoli has dispelled these reports by stating that the movie isn’t as far along in the production process as initially believed. In an interview with LADbible, she said, “No, we haven’t even started casting yet. There isn’t even a script.”

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There aren’t many facts regarding Bond 26 because there isn’t a script or cast. The fact that Broccoli’s update is consistent with her earlier pronouncements should prevent it from being viewed as overly disappointing. She added that the movie wouldn’t start shooting for at least another two years until the summer of 2022. A mid-to-late 2025 release date for Bond 26 may be feasible if production gets underway in 2024 and things proceed swiftly, but a 2026 release date appears more likely.

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