‘At Midnight’ director brings the movie to life to honor Mexico

Jonah Feingold, director of At Midnight shares how he gave his new release a touch to honor Mexico in ways that no one could have ever thought of.

In a sweet romantic comedy, The story of At Midnight is centered on Sophie (Monica Barbaro), a movie star negotiating Hollywood intrigues, and Alejandro (Diego Boneta), an ambitious hotel manager. His main goal is to start his own boutique hotel. The two characters made a “safe” choice and decide to not fall in love.

In an interview with ScreenRant, Feingold shares what inspired him to bring movie to life. He says, “The original draft of the film was written by a guy named Giovanni Porta, and it was with Diego Boneta. Those two guys wanted to make a rom-com that honored Mexico in a way that we hadn’t seen in romantic comedies before, and then a wonderful writer named Maria Hinojos wrote the second draft. She actually plays the director of the fake movie within the movie called Super Society.”

Jonah further said, “I fell in love with the story, this forbidden romance between two people who are both very career driven, which is something I very much relate to, and trying to juggle love while being career motivated.”

He also said, “And of course, [I loved] the fun of honoring the movie-within-a-movie and honoring Hollywood, and Paramount, and the reason that I spend my days working in this very silly industry. That combination just made it a no-brainer, and I pitched, and luckily got the job.”


At Midnight premieres on February 10 on Paramount+.

Anoosha Khan
Anoosha Khan

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