Armie Hammer’s ex-wife on ‘House of Hammer’; it was ‘Heartbreaking’ and ‘Painful’

In a brand-new interview with E! Elizabeth Chambers acknowledged that she viewed the Discovery+ documentary series “House of Hammer” which detailed the accusations of sexual abuse leveled against her ex-husband Armie Hammer. It was “heartbreaking on so many levels” according to Chambers who was married to Hammer for ten years and has two children with him.

“I did not plan on seeing it but I did drop the kids off at school one day and came home and watched it with my support system around me†Chambers said. “It was obviously heartbreaking on so many levels and very painful. But at the same time it exists. The past is the past and all we can do is take this as a moment to learn and listen and hopefully process and heal in every capacity.

Chambers said that she is not going to show her two children “House of Hammer†adding “It’s not appropriate for them at this time.â€

The series included details about Hammer’s alleged sexual abuse plus featured claims that Hammer tracked a woman with his phone and referred to another as a “slave.†Alleged text messages from Hammer claimed that he once told a woman he enjoyed “raping you on your floor†while a voice note allegedly featured Hammer telling a woman he wanted to tie her up with ropes and “incapacitate†her.

Chambers confirmed the team behind “House of Hammer†reached out to her to be involved in the project but she declined the offer.

“They reached out but in this process all that’s mattered and does matter is the kids and our family and that was not something that was going to be in line with my goals for them†Chambers added.

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