Andor’s Bix to come back in future episodes

After the disastrous events of episode 3, Andor actor Adria Arjona discusses whether her character, Bix, will return to the Star Wars series. The first three episodes premiered on September 21.

After the events of episode 3, Adria Arjona of Andor discusses her character Bix and whether she will return to the most recent Star Wars series.

Beginning five years before the events of Rogue One, Andor examines Cassian Andor’s journey toward joining the Rebel Alliance. Black market mechanic and Andor’s buddy Bix, played by Arjona, are taken away by friends in episode 3 after seeing the death of her treacherous companion Timm. Tony Gilroy, the creator of the series, has spoken about the frailty of Andor’s characters, hinting that some, like Bix, might not appear at all in subsequent episodes.

When asked by TVLine if her character might return in the future, Arjona wouldn’t confirm or deny anything. She does, however, discuss Bix’s character arc in the show and how much she has already lost in only three episodes. She continues by intimating that she can feel the insurrection taking shape and that she will eventually have a part in it.

It’s unlike Star Wars to have central characters disappear. With Andor being so different from other Star Wars shows, it’s hard to gauge how or when the character will come back,

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