Top 5 of Lego Masters Best Builds!

“Lego Masters,” the immensely popular television program that breathes life into creativity and imagination, has consistently held its audience spellbound with its extraordinary constructions season after season.

The most recent addition to this enchanting series, “Lego Masters Australia Season 5,” made its debut on April 10, 2023, via 9Now. Once more, viewers find themselves transported into a realm where mere bricks cease to be ordinary, instead metamorphosing into astonishing masterpieces.

From awe-inspiring grand finales that leave viewers in jaw-dropping amazement to feats of technical wizardry that expand the horizons of imagination, this show has showcased some of the most remarkable Lego Masters creations ever conceived within the realm of plastic bricks.

As we embrace the latest season, let’s pause for a moment to reminisce about the unforgettable creations that have graced our screens in seasons past.

Exploring the Masterful Creations: The Top Builds of Lego Masters

From fantastical worlds to intricate details, these builds have left viewers in awe. This article deals with the remarkable creations that emerged as the Lego Masters top builds in history. Explore these masterpieces and what makes them truly exceptional.

1. Poseidon

In the inaugural season of Lego Masters Australia, Henry & Cade‘s build, Poseidon, left both the judges and audience spellbound. This extraordinary creation, unveiled during the grand finale, showcased a captivating story that resonated with viewers of all ages. With its imaginative composition blending fantasy and relatability seamlessly, Poseidon became a testament to the immense talent and creativity of the contestants.

LEGO Masters Australia Henry and Cade Poseidon

From the visually striking conflict depicted to the intricately crafted boat subplot, the build was a masterpiece in storytelling. The reactions it evoked from spectators epitomized the essence of Lego Masters’ success: “I can’t believe they made that!” The absence of a reference point for the season one contestant further highlighted the remarkable achievement of Henry & Cade. Their ability to captivate and engage through their storytelling prowess set a high bar for future seasons.

2. Mad Scientist’s Frankenfig

The Lego Masters Season 2 introduced Jackson & Alex‘s awe-inspiring creation, Mad Scientist’s Frankenfig. Towering over its predecessors, this colossal build stunned viewers with its immense scale and intricate details. The centerpiece, an imposing purple house atop a craggy mountain, served as the stage for countless delightful narratives woven by the mini figures.

Jackson Alex Mad Scientists Frankenfig

The build was a testament to the contestants’ versatility and mastery of various skills acquired throughout the challenges. By combining elements of design, creativity, and storytelling, Jackson & Alex successfully crafted a masterpiece. Mad Scientist’s Frankenfig served as a remarkable culmination of their journey. While showcasing their ability to push the boundaries of what was previously deemed possible in the Lego Masters competition.

3. Strum King – 80s Rock Star

Owen & Scott‘s Strum King – 80s Rock Star, presented during the Arcade Game challenge in Lego Masters season 3, defied expectations. The build not only dazzled visually but also impressed with its impressive functionality. Despite the numerous technical challenges they faced, the duo showcased their ingenuity by creating a guitar-playing arcade game. This lit up and moved in a carefully choreographed sequence.

Owen Scotts Strum King 80s Rock Star

The sheer level of technical prowess demonstrated by Owen & Scott was unparalleled. It added an extra layer of excitement and suspense to the competition. Their ability to overcome obstacles and deliver a stunning build epitomized the essence of Lego Masters‘ innovation and creativity.

4. Tiger in a Tree

David & Gus‘s groundbreaking creation, Tiger in a Tree, emerged during the Out on a Limb challenge in season three. This build not only pushed the contestants to their limits but also showcased their ability to merge creativity, design, engineering, and gravity in a risk-taking endeavor. The lifelike features and emotional expression captured in the tiger demonstrated the duo’s keen attention to detail and their skill in evoking a wide range of emotions through their builds.

David Gus Tiger in a Tree

As viewers admired the delicate balance and lifelike qualities of the tiger, they witnessed the contestants’ prowess in using Lego as a storytelling medium. Tiger in a Tree stood as a testament to the power of Lego to convey narratives and engage the audience on a deep emotional level.

5. The Forest

Returning for the grand finale, David & Gus embraced a daring artistic approach by creating The Forest. Departing from the conventional use of minifigs, the duo ventured into the realm of still-life scenes akin to paintings. By doing so, they elevated the difficulty of the build. As every detail had to be meticulously accurate to maintain the desired effect.

David and Gus The Forest

The anticipation and emotions captured in the faces of the deer and wolves left viewers captivated. The extensive use of tree parts pushed creativity, resulting in a breathtaking work of art. The Forest demonstrated the contestants’ ability to create immersive and thought-provoking builds that transcended the traditional Lego constructs.

Wrap Up

Throughout its various seasons, Lego Masters Australia has presented us with an array of exceptional constructions that have left an enduring impression on our imaginations. From the captivating narrative of Poseidon to the intricate details of the Mad Scientist’s Frankenfig, each creation has vividly showcased the contestants’ boundless inventiveness and technical expertise.

Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of functional complexity, daring leaps of innovation, or challenging established norms, these builders have elevated Lego into a true art form. These outstanding Lego Masters creations serve as compelling evidence of the immense talent and unwavering commitment of the show’s participants.

As we eagerly anticipate the next season of Lego Masters, let’s envision the extraordinary creations that await, poised to once again amaze and ignite our inspiration.

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