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Movies hold a unique and cherished position in our hearts, providing us with glimpses into diverse worlds, emotions, and viewpoints. They possess the ability to captivate, educate, and occasionally transform our lives. In the modern era, the realm of film and television has undergone significant changes, and one notable platform leaving an impact with its stimulating and distinctive content is Vice TV. This piece will explore some of the best movies on Vice TV, spanning gripping documentaries to compelling dramas, each unfolding its own narrative.

Why do we select these movies in the list of Best Movies on Vice TV?

Explore a captivating cinematic journey on Vice TV, where movies transcend boundaries to immerse you in unique worlds and emotions. Uncover riveting documentaries and compelling dramas that promise to entertain, enlighten, and leave a lasting impact. In the evolving landscape of film and television, Vice TV stands out as a beacon of thought-provoking content. Don’t miss the chance to experience the best movies on Vice TV, each telling its own mesmerizing story, creating an unforgettable viewing adventure that resonates with the heart and mind.

Vice TV

Furthermore, the IMDb ratings of these exceptional films speak volumes, solidifying their place on our list of the best movies. These ratings are a testament to their undeniable appeal and quality.

1. One Man and His Shoes (2020)

IMDb Ratings6.5/10
GenreDocumentary, Biography, History
StarsDavid Falk, Jemele Hill, Scoop Jackson
Stream un UKApple TV

Starting our list with One Man and His Shoes – a gripping documentary that delves into the fascinating and often dark world of sneaker culture. Directed by Yemi Bamiro, this film explores the obsession surrounding Air Jordan sneakers and how they became much more than just footwear.

one man and his shoes

Set against the backdrop of the rise of Michael Jordan as a basketball superstar, One Man and His Shoes unravels the marketing genius behind the Air Jordan brand. It takes us on a rollercoaster ride through the world of sports marketing, consumerism, and the influence of celebrity endorsements. This documentary is not just about sneakers; it’s a captivating examination of our consumer-driven society and the lengths to which people will go to possess a piece of their idol’s legacy. It’s one of the best movies on Vice TV so you need to watch it at least once.

2. Vice Versa: Chyna (2021)

IMDb Ratings7.3/10
StarsAnthony Anzaldo, Gerry Blais, Chyna
Stream un UKHulu

Vice Versa: Chyna is a poignant and touching documentary directed by Marah Strauch, offering an in-depth exploration into the life of the iconic wrestler Joanie Laurer, renowned as Chyna. This film skillfully portrays Chyna’s compelling journey, shedding light on her experiences both within and beyond the wrestling ring, creating a vivid and emotional narrative.

Vice Versa Chyna 2021

Chyna’s path is a narrative of shattering barriers and defying gender norms within professional wrestling. Earning recognition as the Ninth Wonder of the World, she bravely paved the way for women in the traditionally male-dominated realm of wrestling. Yet, the limelight extracted its toll, and this documentary delves into the hurdles and tribulations she encountered while attempting to harmonize her public image with the private battles she waged.

3. Crusaders: Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses Speak Out (2021)

IMDb Ratings7.9/10
StarsBarbara Anderson, Gary Breaux, Asher Candor
Stream in UKfuboTV

For those intrigued by the world of religious movements and their impact on individuals, Crusaders: Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses Speak Out is a thought-provoking documentary worth watching. Directed by Skylar Williams, this film sheds light on the experiences of former Jehovah’s Witnesses who have chosen to speak out against the organization.

best movies on Vice TV

The documentary features interviews with individuals who have left the Jehovah’s Witnesses and are now sharing their stories of indoctrination, control, and the challenges they faced when leaving the faith. It provides a rare glimpse into a closed and secretive community, offering viewers an opportunity to understand the complexities of leaving a religious organization that has been a central part of one’s life.

4. Too Soon: Comedy After 9/11 (2021)

IMDb Ratings6.7/10
StarsEstee Adoram, Ahmed Ahmed, Rory Albanese
Stream in UKApple TV

Comedy has historically served as a coping mechanism for society in the face of tragedy and challenges. In Too Soon: Comedy After 9/11, directed by Nick Fituri Scown, the film explores how comedians grappled with the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, highlighting the role humour played in the healing process. Featuring interviews with comedians like David Cross, Gilbert Gottfried, and Marc Maron, the documentary provides a glimpse into their personal experiences and the complexities of using humor to address such a sensitive topic.

Too Soon Comedy

It offers a behind-the-scenes perspective on the world of stand-up comedy, revealing how comedians navigated the delicate balance between being funny and avoiding offense in the wake of a national tragedy.

5. Bernie Blackout (2020)

IMDb Ratings8.1/10
StarsSarah Silverman
Stream in UKVice TV

In the realm of political documentaries, Bernie Blackout stands out as a compelling exploration of media bias and its impact on the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. Directed by Pat McGee, this documentary sheds light on the challenges faced by Bernie Sanders and his supporters as they sought to challenge the establishment.

best movies on Vice TV 1

The film delves into the media’s role in shaping public perception and influencing the outcome of elections. It raises important questions about the fairness of media coverage and its implications for the democratic process. Through interviews with journalists, activists, and political figures, Bernie Blackout paints a thought-provoking picture of the intersection between politics, media, and power.

6. Dark Side of the Ring: Confidential (2021)

IMDb Ratings8.1/10
StarsConrad Thompson, Tommy Dreamer, Mike Chioda
Stream in UKDIRECTV Stream

For fans of professional wrestling, Dark Side of the Ring: Confidential is a must-watch companion series to the popular Dark Side of the Ring. This show goes behind the scenes of some of the most infamous stories and controversies in the world of wrestling.

Dark Side of the Ring

Each episode of Confidential delves deeper into the events covered in Dark Side of the Ring, offering additional interviews, insights, and perspectives. It provides a comprehensive look at the stories that have shaped the wrestling industry, from tragic accidents to behind-the-scenes politics.

7. The Big Squeeze (2021)

IMDb Ratings5.0/10
DirectorSam Black
Stream in UKAmazon Prime

The Big Squeeze is an enthralling documentary that immerses viewers in the intense realm of competitive accordion playing. Featuring a diverse array of accordionists from various backgrounds and cultures, the film follows their quest for the coveted title of world champion.

The Big Squeeze

Highlighting the passion and unwavering commitment of these musicians, the documentary offers a glimpse into their preparation for the International Accordion Festival in San Antonio, Texas. It serves as a vibrant celebration of music as a universal language, breaking down borders and fostering connections among people from diverse walks of life.

8. Between Musk and Mars (2020)

IMDb Ratings5.2/10
DirectorEric Weinrib
Stream in UKVice TV

Elon Musk is a name that has become synonymous with innovation, space exploration, and electric cars. Between Musk and Mars is a TV movie that offers a unique glimpse into the life and vision of this enigmatic entrepreneur. Directed by Scott D. Rosenbaum, the film combines interviews, archival footage, and animation to paint a comprehensive picture of Musk’s journey.

Between Musk and Mars

The documentary delves into Musk’s ambitious goals, from colonizing Mars to revolutionizing transportation with Tesla. It also explores the challenges and controversies he has faced along the way. Between Musk and Mars is not just a biographical film; it’s an exploration of the impact of one individual’s vision on the future of technology and humanity.

Wrapping It All Up!

Step into a world of riveting content on Vice TV, a platform that captivates with its diverse and thought-provoking offerings. Uncover the intricacies of sneaker culture and religious movements through compelling documentaries, or immerse yourself in the healing power of comedy and the exploration of media bias in thought-provoking films. With something for everyone, Vice TV invites you to indulge in a rich tapestry of narratives that entertain, enlighten, and leave a lasting impact. Don’t miss out on the intriguing journey that awaits you on Vice TV!

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