How to Watch TF1 in UK [Easy Guide 2023]

If you’re interested in learning the French language or discovering French entertainment, TF1 is a channel that you should definitely check out while in the UK. With an abundance of binge-worthy shows such as Josephine, Guardian Angel, Clem, movies, and reality shows, TF1 is a go-to destination for all things French. Unfortunately, TF1 is not available in the UK, which is a disappointment. But not to worry, we will help you watch TF1 in UK bypassing all such hurdles. 

Our solution is a reliable VPN, as it is the only tool that can unblock TF1 in the UK. By connecting to a server in France, you will be assigned a French IP address that will allow you to access all the content available on TF1. 

How to Watch TF1 in UK Via VPN? (Quick Guide)

  1. To watch movies/TV Shows & Live Sports from a platform that is geo-restricted in the UK, we recommend ExpressVPN OR NordVPN

  2. Download the VPN and connect to a US server.

  3. Log in to your streaming platform.

  4. Find your favorite movie or show and stream it no matter where you are.

How To Watch TF1 In UK

Just follow these simple steps to enjoy your favorite TV shows on TF1 in the UK:

  1. Obtain a subscription from a top-rated VPN provider. We highly recommend Express and Nord VPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app. 
  3. Sign in to the VPN app using your credentials and connect to the nearest server in France.
  4. To access TF1 in the UK, you must have a TF1 subscription.
  5. Visit the official website of TF1 and after creating a free account, you can begin enjoying TF1’s fantastic shows.

Why You Need VPN To Watch TF1 In UK

Similar to other French national TV channels, TF1 can only be accessed by individuals residing in France. You may have encountered the frustrating error message that appears when attempting to play TF1 content from outside of France, which states in French saying:

 ” This video is not available in your geographical area.”

Fortunately, you can obtain a French IP address through the use of a VPN. VPNs reroute your traffic via a server located elsewhere, allowing you to appear as if you are accessing TF1 from anywhere in the world. This means that by selecting a location on a VPN with servers in France, you can access TF1 as if you were in France.

Therefore, a VPN is a simple-to-use tool that conceals your IP address, allowing you to appear as if you are in France even while browsing from another country like the UK.

What is TF1?

The most well-known domestic network is TF1. The most popular place to get the French perspective is without a doubt TF1. One of the first television stations in the world and one of the few to survive before World War II, the channel was originally known as Radio-PTT Vision.


During World War II, it changed its name to Radiodiffusion Nationale Télévision (RN Télévision). During the German occupation in 1943, the Nazis renamed it Fernsehsender Paris (Paris Television). RDF Télévision française, a public television station in France, was founded in 1944. La Seconde chaîne de la RTF began broadcasting in 1963, and Télévision Française 1 (TF1) followed in 1975. La Première chaîne de la RTF first began broadcasting in 1949.

The network supports the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) movement, which advocates for and standardizes an open, unified interface for hybrid set-top boxes that can simultaneously receive terrestrial television and internet broadband multimedia applications.

Can You Use Free VPN To Watch TF1 In UK?

We strongly advise against using free VPNs for streaming due to the following reasons:

  • Free VPNs have a limited number of servers which results in an unstable connection and slow speeds, leading to buffering issues. 
  • Free VPNs have pop-up ads that generate revenue for the provider, making them free. These ads can disrupt your streaming experience and cause streaming errors while watching your favorite shows. 
  • Free VPNs do not offer privacy and security. Some free VPN providers sell user data to third parties for profit. 

It is therefore recommended that you invest in a reputable and premium VPN service to ensure the best, most reliable, and most secure streaming experience. 

Compatible Devices On TF1 In UK?

You can watch TF1 in the UK on the below devices:

andriod tv 1
apple tv
fire tv
amazon echo

Don’t worry if you are unsure of how to access TF1 on any of these devices, because we have got you covered.

How To Watch TF1 In UK On Android? 

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN service like Express or Nord VPN.
  • Download and install the VPN app on your Android device.
  • Connect to a secure server located in France.
  • Create a new Gmail ID in Google Play.
  • Install TF1 from the Google Play store.
  • Log in to your TF1 account.
  • Enjoy watching your favorite French TV shows on your Android device.

How To Watch TF1 In UK On iOS?

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN service provider, with Express or Nord VPN being a recommended option.
  • Install the chosen VPN app on your iOS device.
  • Connect to a server in France through the VPN app.
  • Change your Apple ID location to France.
  • Find and download the TF1 app from the Apple App Store.
  • Sign in to your TF1 account using your login credentials.
  • Enjoy watching your favorite French TV shows on your Apple device with TF1.

Are French Channels Available On TF1 In UK?

It can be challenging to find French TV channels that can be watched online from abroad without a VPN or French TV streaming service due to the limited availability. Therefore, locating the desired content may be a bit of a struggle.

In case you live outside France, accessing numerous French TV stations for free might be possible.

Free French TV Channels That Can Be Watched Without Using A VPN:

France24 is a TV network that delivers global news from a French perspective and is intended for viewers who are living outside of France. It is one of the few channels that offer programming in several languages, including French, English, and Arabic. To watch France24 live from outside France, viewers can visit the channel’s website.

BFM TV is a French news and weather channel that is accessible online worldwide and is also the most widely viewed French news station.

LCP is a TV channel that broadcasts parliamentary sessions from the National Assembly and Senate of France. It is accessible to viewers around the world through the internet.

TV Channels from France That Can’t Be Watched Without Using A VPN

Several TV channels from France, including TV5 Monde, Arte, Euronews, Eurosport, RTBF, France TV (formerly Pluzz), TF1, France2, France3, France4, France5, France Ô, i-Télé, and Gulli, cannot be accessed without using a VPN outside of France. These channels offer a wide range of programs, including news, sports, entertainment, cartoons, children’s programs, and more.

Some of them are popular and well-known, such as TF1, which is the most viewed and popular TV channel in France with a 24 percent market share. France TV also offers live streaming of French public TV stations and has channels catering to different demographics, including children and younger audiences.

Play TV is an internet streaming service that allows online viewing of over 140 French channels, including TF1, France 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Canal +, LCI, and Gulli, among others.

How To Pick Best VPN For Tf1 In UK ?

There are several VPNs that won’t work well, this is why we have picked out a few tricks on how to choose the best one:

  • Access to servers in France to obtain a French IP address for unblocking French services such as TF1.
  • Wide server network to connect to servers in different locations, allowing better speeds and access to more regional content.
  • VPN apps are available for all platforms, ensuring the VPN can be installed on all devices.
  • Strong and up-to-date encryption for privacy and security.
  • No-logs policy to ensure that user data is not stored.
  • P2P connections for torrenting should be permitted.
  • Advanced privacy features such as kill-switch, obfuscation, IP, DNS, and WebRTC leak protection.
  • Fast connection speeds for streaming without buffering. All recommended VPNs are tested to ensure the speeds are reliable.

What speed do I need for live-streaming TF1?

We suggest that to prevent stuttering and buffering while watching HD video, a connection speed of 5 Megabits per second is required. However, live streams are not as efficient as on-demand streams since they do not have time to compress the video. Consequently, watching a live stream usually needs more bandwidth than an on-demand stream of comparable quality. All the VPN services on our list of the best VPNs for streaming TF1 have connection speeds that surpass this requirement.

Best Shows To Watch On TF1 In UK? 


TF1 website provides a diverse range of content, which includes reality TV programs, sports events, and much more. Some examples of what you can watch on TF1 are:

  • Euro 2020
  • Luther
  • Les Feux de l’Amour
  • The Voice
  • For life
  • Naruto
  • 90210
  • Hollyoaks
  • Les Toqués
  • Danse avec les stars

How To Troubleshoot Issues ON TF1 In UK ?

If you’re having trouble accessing TF1 in the UK using your current VPN, it’s possible that the streamer has blocked the IP address your VPN has provided. There are a few solutions to this problem:

  1. Clear cookies: Cookies are files that are used to track your activities on a website and determine your location. Even if you’re connected to a VPN in the UK, cookies can expose your true location to TF1. To fix this, simply delete your browser cookies and history.
  2. Switch to a different French server: TF1 may have blocked the server you’re connected to, but that doesn’t mean the entire VPN service is useless. To get back to streaming, switch to a different French server.
  3. Upgrade your VPN: If all of your VPN’s IPs have been blacklisted and clearing cookies doesn’t help, it’s time to switch to a better VPN. Our top recommendation for streaming TF1 in the UK is ExpressVPN, which frequently updates its IP list so you will always have access to servers to watch TF1. 

Wrapping Up!

TF1 is a popular French TV network that offers a range of shows and movies, but unfortunately, it is not available to watch in the UK due to content licensing and distribution policies. However, you can use a VPN to access TF1 in the UK by changing your virtual location. 

We hope you can now finally watch your favorite French content from TF1 in UK without any lags. Happy streaming now!


What French channels are available with a VPN?

Using a VPN can allow you to access numerous French channels such as TF1, France2, France3, Canal+ 6ter, and others. With a VPN, you can obtain a French IP address and watch restricted channels from anywhere in the world. However, not all VPNs are reliable, so it is important to choose a VPN that has a larger server network and works well with French TV Channels.

How can a VPN help me watch TF1 in the UK?

A VPN can help you watch TF1 in the UK by allowing you to connect to a server in France, which will give you a French IP address and enable you to access TF1’s content.

Is TF1 free to air?

Yes, TF1 is a free-to-air television channel.

Which VPN is the fastest for TF1 in the UK?

Express and Nord VPN can prove to be the fastest VPN for streaming TF1 in the UK, with a remarkable speed of 89.42 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. This high speed enabled us to consistently watch TF1 programs in 4K video resolution without interruption.

Is it legal to use a VPN to watch TF1 in the UK?

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN to watch TF1 in the UK, but it is important to choose a VPN that follows local laws and regulations.

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