Best Movies on Telemundo to Stream in UK 2023: A Cinematic Journey

Telemundo, one of the best Spanish-language television networks, provided top-notch entertainment over the decades. Despite being well known for its compelling telenovelas and series, the network has also made plenty of remarkable movies. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Telemundo cinema and discuss some of the best movies on Telemundo ever to air, giving audiences gripping narratives, first-rate acting, and unforgettable scenes. Moreover, unlock the world of Telemundo in UK with our comprehensive guide to bypass geo-restrictions. Learn How to Watch Telemundo in UK hassle-free!

Our Top Picks from the best movies on Telemundo

These best movies on Telemundo are chosen for their intriguing plots, distinctive characters, and global popularity. Our wide catalog includes films ranging from spine-chilling thrillers to uplifting romances, guaranteeing that there is something for every moviegoer to enjoy.

1. Night of the Living Dead (1968)

IMDb Ratings6.8/10
DirectorTom Savini
Runtime1 hour 32 minutes

The famous horror movie Night of the Living Dead received a special spot in Telemundo’s best movies list. This 1968 cult film, which was directed by the well-known George A. Romero, popularized the idea of flesh-eating zombies. The film is a must-watch for horror fans and movie enthusiasts alike because of its innovative storytelling and terrifying vibe.

Best Movies on Telemundo

2. Lionheart (1990)

IMDb Ratings6.2/10
DirectorSheldon Lettich
GenreAction, Crime, and Drama
Runtime1 hour 48 minutes

The gripping drama Lionheart follows a young Nigerian lady who takes over her father’s bus company after he becomes ill. This Nigerian jewel Genevieve Nnaji played and also directed this mind-blowing movie and its story captivates viewers with the examination of family values, tenacity, and the strength of resistance.


3. Selena (2018)

IMDb Ratings6.8/10
DirectorGregory Nava
GenreBiography, Drama, and Music
Runtime2 hours 7 minutes

Selena is a historical drama that revolves around the story of the beloved Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla’s life and unexpected death. Selena is brilliantly portrayed by Jennifer Lopez, who perfectly captures the spirit of the legendary singer. Fans all across the world are adored by the film’s touching portrayal of Selena’s journey to fame and the difficulties she endured along the way.

Best Movies on Telemundo 2

4. Dark Angel (2000-2002)

IMDb Ratings6.1/10
DirectorCraig R. Baxley
GenreHorror, Crime and Action
Runtime1 hour 31 minutes

Dark Angel, commonly referred to as The Burning Season, stars the accomplished Mexican actress Salma Hayek. The movie is based on Chico Mendes‘ real-life experiences as an environmental activist who struggled to protect the Amazon rainforest. The movie Dark Angel highlights the value of environmental protection and the costs paid by those who take the risk to do so.

dark angel

5. El Conde (2023)

IMDb Ratings5.9/10
DirectorPablo Larrain
GenreComedy, Fantasy and History
Runtime1 hour 50 minutes

El Conde is one of the most interesting dramas ever created. It takes viewers into the realm of drug trafficking and organized crime. This movie, in which Armando Araiza plays the main role, examines the effects of living a life full of crime and the difficulties of repentance. Viewers are kept on the edge of their seats by El Conde’s gripping characters and strong plotline.

El Conde

6. Los Plateados (2005)

IMDb Ratings8.0/10
DirectorSilvana Zuanetti
GenreAction, Drama, and Romance
Runtime45 minutes

Los Plateados is a captivating tale of revenge and justice. This Mexican drama series, which is based on the Western classic The Masked Man, follows a band of criminals who work to make apologies for the wrongs committed by an unjust society. Los Plateados is a riveting film experience with its action-packed sequences and fascinating characters.

Los Plateados

7. The Lord of the Heavens (2013)

IMDb Ratings6.8/10
DirectorLuis Zelkowicz
GenreAction, Drama, and Romance
Runtime45 minutes

The Lord of the Heavens also known as El Señor de los Cielos, is a crime drama series that has become a sensation among Telemundo viewers and is one of the best movies on Telemundo. This series offers a gripping insight into the world of drug cartels, power battles, and the hazy lines between good and evil. It was inspired by the life of legendary drug lord Amado Carrillo Fuentes.

el senor de los cielos

8. La Doña (2016-2020)

IMDb Ratings7.1/10
DirectorCarlos Villegas Rosales
GenreDrama and Romance
Runtime45 minutes

Altagracia Sandoval, a lady seeking revenge for the horrible events of her life, is the main character of the gripping drama La Doa. Aracely Arámbula gives a strong performance as a multifaceted character driven by a desire for retribution and redemption. The show is renowned for its compelling drama and surprising storyline turns.

La Dona

9. La Impostora (2014)

IMDb Ratings79/10
DirectorCarlos Villegas Rosales
Runtime40 minutes

The dramatic telenovela La Impostora examines themes of identity and betrayal. It tells the story of Blanca Guerrero, a lady who poses as wealthy as Adriana Aguilar in order to exact revenge on people who mistreated her family. La Impostora hooks viewers from the very beginning with its intriguing plot and compelling characters.

la impostora

Final Words!

Through its wide selection of films and television shows, Telemundo has constantly provided excellent entertainment. Anyone who enjoys movies will find something to enjoy in Telemundo’s movies list, which ranges from timeless horror to compelling crime dramas and touching biopics. In addition to being entertaining, these films and television shows also address significant issues like family, justice, and resilience.

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