How To Cancel Shudder Subscription in 2023?

Have you been immersing yourself in the world of thrillers and spooky stories with Shudder? If so, you’re not alone. Shudder has carved a niche for itself as a go-to streaming service for horror enthusiasts. However, there comes a time when you might want to explore other platforms or simply take a break from the scares. If you find yourself in this situation, you might be wondering how to cancel Shudder subscription.

Fret not, as this article is here to guide you through the process, ensuring it’s as smooth as a ghostly apparition!

Overview of Shudder

Shudder brings a unique offering to the table, catering specifically to fans of horror, thriller, and supernatural genres.

Subscribers have access to a vast library of bone-chilling movies, TV shows, and documentaries, making it a haven for those seeking a good scare. From classic horror flicks to contemporary thrillers, Shudder has it all, ensuring that every night can be a fright night for its audience.

Should I Cancel My Shudder Subscription?

Deciding to cancel Shudder subscription is not a decision to be taken lightly, especially if you’re a horror aficionado. Before cancelling Shudder subscription, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons.

One of the main reasons users consider cancellation is the desire for a more diverse content library.

While Shudder excels in delivering high-quality horror content, it may lack variety in other genres. If you find yourself yearning for a broader range of movies and shows, exploring other streaming platforms like Netflix might be a good idea.

Cost is another factor to consider. Assess whether the subscription fee aligns with your budget and usage. If you’re not utilizing the service to its full potential, it might be worth reconsidering.

Before making the final decision, explore the alternatives available. Many streaming services offer a wide array of genres, including horror, and come with free trials. This way, you can test the waters before committing to a new platform.

Lastly, keep in mind that cancelling Shudder subscription doesn’t mean bidding farewell to horror forever.

The beauty of streaming services is the flexibility they offer. You can always resubscribe when a new spooky series catches your eye or during the Halloween season when horror is in high demand!

How To Cancel Shudder Subscription

So, you’ve weighed the pros and cons, and you’ve decided to take the plunge and cancel Shudder subscription. No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s dive into the detailed steps for various devices and Amazon Prime Video.

Cancelling Shudder on iOS Devices

If you’re an Apple user, cancelling Shudder subscription is a straightforward process. Here’s how:

  1. Start by opening the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Next, tap your Apple ID located at the top of the settings.
  3. From here, select Subscriptions.
  4. Look under the Active section and tap on Shudder.
  5. Finally, tap Cancel Subscription and confirm your decision.

Voila! You’ve successfully managed to cancel Shudder subscription on your iOS device!

Cancelling Shudder on Android Devices

For those navigating the Android terrain, here’s your guide to cancelling Shudder subscription:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Tap your profile icon situated in the top-right corner.
  3. Proceed to select Payments & subscriptions.
  4. Find and tap your Shudder subscription.
  5. Select Cancel Subscription and don’t forget to confirm!

And there you have it, Android users! You’ve navigated through the steps to cancel Shudder subscription with ease!

Cancelling Shudder using a Web Browser

Prefer using a web browser? No problem! Here’s how you can cancel Shudder subscription online:

  1. Navigate to and sign in to your account.
  2. Once logged in, click ‘My Account’ in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Find and click ‘Cancel Membership’ under ‘Membership Settings’.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm cancellation.

Congratulations, you’ve mastered the art of cancelling Shudder subscription via a web browser!

Cancelling Shudder Amazon Prime Video Add-on

Subscribed via Amazon Prime? Here’s your tailored guide to cancelling Shudder subscription:

  1. Go to Manage Your Prime Video Channels.
  2. Scroll down to find Shudder listed under Prime Video Channels.
  3. Select the Prime Video Channels option and confirm your cancellation.
  4. Remember, you can continue to access the Shudder Channel through Prime Video until the end date.

And just like that, you’ve successfully canceled your Shudder Amazon Prime Video add-on!

Whether you’re an iOS or Android user, prefer using a web browser, or subscribed through Amazon Prime, cancelling Shudder subscription is a breeze with this detailed guide.

What is Shudder’s Refund Policy?

Understanding that sometimes subscribers might need a break from the thrills and chills, Shudder has implemented a refund policy that accommodates such situations, albeit with some conditions.

For subscribers enrolled in the Shudder Monthly Plan, the platform offers a sense of flexibility. Shudder provides a pro-rated refund policy for Monthly Plan users, ensuring that subscribers only pay for the time they’ve spent exploring the eerie and the uncanny on the platform.

However, a word of caution for those who choose the Annual Plan – commitment is key! Shudder does not offer refunds for cancellations made on the Annual Plan.

This means that once you opt for a year of spine-tingling content, you’re in for the entire ride, with no refunds available after cancellation.

Shudder Streaming Alternatives

After deciding to cancel Shudder subscription, you might be on the lookout for other streaming platforms to get your horror fix. Here are some top alternatives that offer a plethora of horror movies and much more!

Shudder Alternatives


Netflix, the original film and TV buffet service, has been a dominant player in the streaming world, boasting one of the largest libraries of film and TV content.

From anime and documentaries to crime shows and kids’ favorites, Netflix offers a diverse range of genres. For horror enthusiasts, searching for the best Netflix horror movies can yield a treasure trove of spooky content, ensuring you never run out of chills and thrills.

With various membership plans available, starting from £4.99 a month, Netflix offers flexibility and a vast array of content to explore.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another strong contender in the streaming wars, offering thousands of TV shows and films free to stream with a Prime membership (£8.99 per month).

Even without the Shudder add-on, Amazon Prime Video serves as a haven for horror fans. The platform features some of the best horror movies and thrillers, ensuring that your appetite for the eerie and suspenseful is well-satisfied.

From classic horror films to contemporary thrillers, Amazon Prime Video has enough to keep you on the edge of your seat without paying an extra £4.99 for Shudder.

What To Watch on Shudder

If you want to make the most out of Shudder before exiting its terrifying realm, here are some Shudder masterpieces that you should not miss:


Can I re-subscribe to Shudder after cancelling?

Absolutely! If you ever change your mind and wish to dive back into the world of horror, you can easily re-subscribe to Shudder and regain access to their extensive library of thrillers and spooky stories.

What happens to my watchlist and preferences after I cancel Shudder subscription?

If you decide to cancel Shudder subscription, your watchlist and preferences will be saved for a certain period. If you choose to re-subscribe within that time, you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off!


In conclusion, we’ve explored the various methods to cancel Shudder subscription, whether you’re using iOS, Android, a web browser, or subscribed through Amazon Prime. It’s essential to remember that simply deleting the Shudder app does not cancel the subscription; following the appropriate steps is crucial to avoid future billing.

Before you leave, let us tell you that even after cancellation, the world of horror remains accessible on Shudder until the next billing payment, allowing you to enjoy every last scare!

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