10 Best Kids Shows on Netflix: Streaming Smiles with Joy

In the dynamic realm of streaming entertainment, Netflix has established itself as a haven for captivating content suitable for young audiences. From heartwarming tales of friendship to exciting adventures that ignite curiosity, the platform offers an array of options that cater to the diverse interests and developmental stages of children. Check out our guide to how to watch US Netflix in UK and start streaming 10 Best Kids Shows on Netflix.

Find out why these shows are best for Kids on Netflix

These Best Kids Shows on Netflix not only entertain but also educate, encouraging creativity, critical thinking, and valuable life lessons. From the groundbreaking storytelling of Avatar: The Last Airbender to the educational journey of Our Planet, each show on this list stands out for its ability to engage and inspire young minds in a digital age.

1- Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005)

Creator Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko
IMDB Rating9.3/10

A timeless gem, Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the best animated shows on Netflix for kids a masterpiece that challenges the conventions of children’s programming. The series follows Aang, a young boy tasked with bringing harmony to a world in turmoil. 

Despite its animated nature, the show deftly navigates complex themes such as genocide and totalitarianism, all while maintaining a sense of playful humor. The show’s well-developed characters, intricate story arcs, and satisfying conclusion make it a must-watch for audiences young and old.

2- No Good Nick (2019)

Creator David H. Steinberg and Keetgi Kogan
IMDB Rating6.1/10

No Good Nick brings a fresh twist to the family sitcom genre. With a darker storyline and an edgier tone, the show follows a streetwise con artist who infiltrates a family under the pretense of being a long-lost relative. 

This series skillfully explores themes of family dynamics, abuse, and the foster care system, providing a thought-provoking experience that encourages discussions within families.

3- Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse (2012)

Creator Rob Hudnut, David Wiebe, and Michelle Cogan
IMDB Rating7.5/10

Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, one of the best kids shows on Netflix takes a whimsical approach by focusing on Barbie and her doll family’s adventures in a world inhabited solely by sentient dolls. 

Barbie movies are all-time favorite of kids, especially girls. While targeting a younger audience, the show imparts valuable life lessons through its colorful characters and engaging stories. It’s a playful exploration of friendships, family, and personal growth.

4- Word Party (2016)

Creator The Jim Henson Company
IMDB Rating5.6/10

For the tiniest viewers, Word Party offers a delightful introduction to learning through entertainment. With primary colors, talking baby animals, and simple questions, the show engages toddlers and introduces them to basic concepts. 

Its charming rhymes and interactive format make learning fun and engaging for the youngest members of the audience.

5- Julie’s Greenroom (2017)

Creator Judy Rothman Rofé
IMDB Rating8.3/10

Julie’s Greenroom is a captivating journey into the world of theater, guided by none other than Hollywood legend Julie Andrews. It is one of the best kids shows on Netflix for educational purposes. Through puppet characters and guest stars, the show delves into various aspects of creating a performance, fostering an appreciation for the arts while promoting teamwork and creativity. This show will give you a laughter roller coaster and if you want to watch more comedy kids shows like Julie’s Greenroom, then forget to check out these new comedy series on Netflix.

6- Buddy Thunderstruck (2017)

Creator Ryan Wiesbrock
IMDB Rating7.8/10

Whimsically absurd is the perfect description for Buddy Thunderstruck. This stop-motion series, born from the creators of Care Bears, offers hilarious escapades with a truck racer who doubles as a delivery man and town celebrity. With its quirky characters and offbeat storylines, the show provides a good laugh for both older kids and grown-ups.

7- The Hollow (2018-2020)

Creator Vito Viscomi
IMDB Rating7.2/10

The Hollow is a captivating animated series that seamlessly blends the intrigue of mystery with the excitement of adventure, all while maintaining its age-appropriate appeal. Set in a dystopian realm, the show intricately follows the paths of three characters, immersing young audiences in a world of suspense and unexpected revelations. 

With each episode unveiling unforeseen twists and turns, the series keeps its viewers at the edge of their seats. The show’s artful storytelling and engaging character dynamics offer an enthralling experience for children, delivering both entertainment and a taste of suspenseful narrative.

8- Our Planet (2019)

Creator Alastair Fothergill
Age-GroupSuitable for all ages
IMDB Rating9.3/10

Guided by the iconic narration of Sir David Attenborough, this series transforms into a potent instrument to enlighten young minds about environmental preservation and the exquisite wonders that our planet holds. With its visually arresting imagery and Attenborough’s compelling narrative, the show becomes an immersive experience that fosters a deep connection between children and the natural world. 

Our Planet not only informs about the importance of conservation but also ignites a sense of awe and responsibility towards the environment, making it an essential watch for young viewers eager to explore and protect the breathtaking beauty that surrounds us.

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9- The Octonauts (2010)

Creator Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy
IMDB Rating7.6/10

The Octonauts ingeniously merges science fiction elements with the wonders of marine exploration, crafting an immersive and enriching learning voyage for young viewers. Guided by a team of animal oceanic explorers, the show expertly weaves together the thrill of adventure, educational value, and a genuine affection for marine life. 

As children dive into the underwater escapades of the crew, they embark on an engaging journey that sparks curiosity about the mysteries of the sea. Through its imaginative storytelling and vibrant animation, Octonauts inspires a love for marine ecosystems and encourages a thirst for knowledge. 

10- My Dad the Bounty Hunter (2023)

Creator Everett Downing Jr. and Patrick Harpin
IMDB Rating7.2/10

My Dad the Bounty Hunter embarks on a thrilling futuristic adventure, weaving a tale of action, heart, and family dynamics. This series follows the exhilarating escapades of a father and his children, as they navigate a world of intrigue and danger. Seamlessly intertwining action-packed sequences with heartwarming moments of family bonding, the show crafts an engaging narrative that appeals to both kids and parents. 

Beyond its captivating plot, the series also skillfully incorporates social commentary, adding depth to its storytelling. Through its unique blend of genres, My Dad the Bounty Hunter not only entertains but also prompts meaningful discussions, making it a must-watch for families seeking an adrenaline-fueled, thought-provoking experience that resonates on multiple levels.

Wrap Up

In a world where digital content is abundant, these 10 best kids shows on Netflix stand out for their ability to entertain, educate, and inspire young minds. Whether it’s navigating complex themes or igniting curiosity through interactive learning, these shows offer a diverse range of experiences that cater to children’s varying interests and developmental stages. As parents and guardians seek meaningful and engaging content for their kids, these shows provide a valuable resource for both entertainment and education. With their unique narratives and captivating characters, these shows have secured their place as some of the best offerings in the realm of children’s programming on Netflix.

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