How To Watch Hulu on Nintendo Switch in UK

Nintendo didn’t set out to compete with entertainment systems like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when they designed the Switch. Instead, their goal was to create a versatile gaming console that could be used in both docked and handheld modes. While it’s an excellent platform for gaming and appeals to long-time Nintendo enthusiasts, its primary emphasis on gaming has resulted in a limited selection of multimedia apps. Streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus are notably absent from the Nintendo Switch.

Nevertheless, there are a few workarounds available, and in this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of accessing Hulu on your Nintendo Switch. You can now enjoy Hulu on the Switch, whether you prefer to use it as a handheld device or stream it to your TV by connecting it to the dock.

Quick steps: How to watch Hulu on Nintendo Switch in UK using a VPN

  1. To watch movies/TV Shows & Live Sports from a platform that is geo-restricted in the UK, we recommend ExpressVPN OR NordVPN

  2. Download the VPN and connect to a US server.

  3. Log in to your streaming platform.

  4. Find your favorite movie or show and stream it no matter where you are.

Why Hulu Is Missing from Nintendo Switch – and How to Get It?

It is possible that Hulu may not be available outside of the United States since it is primarily used in the US. Therefore, users who are not in the US might not be able to access the service. However, using a VPN might be a viable option to watch Hulu for users who are outside of the US.

Watch Hulu on Nintendo Switch

How Much Does Hulu Cost – Hulu Prices in UK

Even though Hulu provides a 30-day free trial to all its new users, it is still a paid platform. The subscription charges of Hulu are:

Plans Cost
Hulu with ads$7.99 (£6.58) per month or $79.99 per year
Hulu No ads$17.99 (£14.82) per month
Hulu + Live TV$76.99 (£63.42) per month
Hulu (no ads) + Live TV$89.99 (£74.13) per month

After successfully downloading Hulu on your Nintendo Switch, you can access the service in TV mode by connecting your Switch to a TV, or in tabletop or handheld mode.

Some best Movies and Shows to Watch on Hulu:

How To Fix Streaming Issues On Hulu Using Nintendo Switch?

To fix streaming issues on Hulu while using a Nintendo Switch, you can try the following steps:

  1. To start, verify that your internet connection meets Hulu’s minimum streaming requirements.
  2. If you encounter buffering or freezing, attempt to close and reopen the Hulu app.
  3. Refresh your Nintendo Switch by restarting it, along with the Hulu app.
  4. In Nintendo Switch settings, clear the cache and data for the Hulu app.
  5. Uninstall, then reinstall the Hulu app on your Nintendo Switch.
  6. Make sure both your Hulu app and Nintendo Switch have the latest software updates.
  7. If problems persist, reach out to Hulu support for additional assistance.

Devices to Watch Hulu Outside UK: What Works?

You can watch Hulu outside UK on the following devices:

andriod tv 1
apple tv
fire tv
amazon echo

What Internet Speed Is Required to Stream on Hulu Using Nintendo Switch?

Video playback problems on Hulu are commonly caused by a slow internet connection or a weak wireless environment. To ensure smooth streaming of the Hulu library, Hulu suggests a minimum download speed of 1.5 Mbps for streaming standard-definition videos and 3.0 Mbps or higher for high-definition videos.

For Hulu with Live TV subscribers, a download speed of 8 Mbps or higher is recommended for a reliable, high-quality viewing experience. It is important to note that multiple concurrent streams may require higher bandwidth.

How to Fix Hulu Audio On Nintendo Switch?

  1. To restart the system, you start by holding down the Power button for three seconds. This is usually done to power down the device and then turn it back on.
  2. After the system has been restarted, you can proceed to launch a game or application. This means you can open and use your desired software on the device.
  3. Lastly, to adjust the system’s volume, you have two options. You can either use the physical volume buttons on the device if it has them, or you can access the Quick Settings screen, which likely provides additional controls and settings, including volume adjustments.


Can I restrict access to the Hulu app?

Yes, you can. To achieve this, you need to establish Parental Controls and then set the Restriction Level to either Child or Pre-Teen. In case you select Custom Settings as the Restriction Level, you must choose games that have been rated for ages 13 and below.

Why is Hulu not working on my Nintendo Switch?

Hulu is available on Nintendo Switch, however, streaming might be problematic. Some difficulties might hinder binge-watching.
Restating the device can sometimes fix unexpected problems.

Are touchscreen controls supported?

Touchscreen controls are exclusively available when an on-screen keyboard is being shown. In other words, users can only interact with the screen by touch when they are using an on-screen keyboard.

Is Hulu free to stream on the Nintendo Switch?

No. Even though Hulu has a free 30-day trial, it is not free and you must pay the subscription charges as soon as the 30-day period ends. The pricing and plans are mentioned in the guide above.

Why can’t I find Hulu on the Nintendo Switch?

It is possible that Hulu may not be available outside of the United States since it is primarily used in the US. Therefore, users who are not in US might not be able to access the service. However, using a VPN might be a viable option to watch Hulu for users who are outside of the US.

Wrapping It All Up!

While the Nintendo Switch may not be as entertainment-focused as Xbox and PlayStation, it is still possible to watch Hulu on it in the UK. To get started, visit the Nintendo eShop and search for Hulu. However, ensure that you have a trustworthy VPN connection to safeguard your personal data from unauthorized third-party access.

So, in this guide, we’ve provided you with the necessary information to stream your favourite shows on Hulu using your Nintendo Switch. If you have any lingering questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance.

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