How to Get Hulu Free Trial in UK in 2023

Hulu stands as the exclusive streaming platform that grants access to a vast array of both new and classic content, completely free of charge for all viewers. You can take advantage of Hulu’s complimentary trial service to enjoy a wealth of popular shows and original Hulu content.

Hulu is an American streaming service that is available exclusively in United States due to geographical restrictions. With Hulu, users can stream over a thousand movies and a plethora of TV shows, including beloved titles like The Handmaid’s Tale, The Patients, and many others. Embark on your UK-based Hulu free trial to access an exceptional collection of top-tier content.

How to get a Hulu Free Trial in UK

Follow these easy steps for the free trial

  • Head over to Hulu’s website.
  • Navigate to the drop-down menu and opt for Get a free month.
  • Pick one of the three available choices.
  • Complete the provided form with your billing details.
  • Revel in a 30-day free trial of Hulu Live.

After the Free Trial, What are the Methods to Get Hulu?

Hulu Basic is the cheapest streaming site which is offering $7.99 per month for new shows without any commercials. For the user who still wants Hulu’s live broadcasts, there is a Hulu Plus Live TV option (Ad-Supported) that costs £63.42 ($76.99 per month) and Hulu Plus Live TV option (Ad-Free) costs £74.13 ($89.99 per month). Be aware that the live TV package only provides a 7-day free trial, in contrast to the other two alternatives, which both give a 30-day free trial.

What can I watch with my Hulu free trial?

With a Hulu free trial, you may watch a variety of videos on the Hulu streaming platform. This includes the following:

TV Shows: 

You may watch popular TV shows from a variety of genres, such as dramas, comedies, reality shows, documentaries, and more. Hulu has a large library of TV series from many networks and studios.


You may watch a variety of movies on Hulu. While the movie catalogue is not as big as that of other specialised movie streaming services, Hulu does provide a wide range of films from many genres.

Hulu Originals: 

Hulu offers an expanding catalogue of original programming that is only available on the site. Hulu’s critically regarded programmes, documentaries, and films are among them.

Network Shows: 

Hulu gives access to current and previous seasons of popular series from major networks such as ABC, NBC, FOX, and others. This gives you the opportunity to catch up on your favourite network programming or discover new ones.

Kids’ Content:

Hulu provides a variety of children’s programming, including animated series, instructional content, and family-friendly films. This guarantees that there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

It’s worth noting that the content available during the free trial may vary, and some episodes or films may be subject to licensing limitations. However, the trial time often gives a solid glimpse of Hulu’s content catalogue and viewing experience.

How Much Will Hulu Cost After the Trial Period?

Hulu Basic: Hulu Basic costs £6.58 a month ($7.99), which is a very reasonable cost. While streaming with the Hulu basic package, advertising will be present.

Hulu (Ad-Free): Hulu (No Ads) is a better option than the entry-level package and costs £14.82 a month ($17.99). Ads won’t interfere with your streaming if you select this bundle. Additionally, you can download and watch any movie or TV program.

Hulu + Live TV: The most complete Hulu package is Hulu + Live TV, which comes with 50 hours of cloud-based DVR storage and the ability to record Live TV. It costs £63.42 ($76.99 USD). 

Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV: This £74.13 ($89.99) a month membership includes Hulu Live TV and the ad-free Hulu Streaming library.

What Shows and Movies Can I Watch with Hulu Free Trial in UK?

Hulu gives a wide variety of movies, series, and TV shows with fantastic movies including Hulu originals, and programs for kids and adult content that are loved by many users. You can also get updated and new releases on Hulu such as Wrath of Man and Life & Beth. More than 40 horror stories are available on Hulu for your entertainment.

Hulu has a diverse content of entertainment, so hurry up and log in for 30 days of free trial and enjoy.

Will Hulu Send Me an Email When My Free Trial Has Ended?

Unfortunately, no, Hulu does not provide notifications regarding the conclusion of your free trial. It will automatically transition into a charged membership. If you wish to avoid subscription fees, it’s essential to deactivate it prior to the conclusion of the trial period.

In UK, there are free trial periods available for three subscription plans. Hulu + Live TV offers a seven-day trial, while both Hulu and Hulu (No Ads) allow you to try them out for 30 days without charge. Keep in mind that these services will automatically convert to paid subscriptions once the trial period expires.

Best Hulu TV Shows To Watch in UK

The following is the list of recent TV shows available on the Hulu in UK:

Wrapping It All Up!

Hulu is positioned to outshine other popular streaming platforms thanks to its exceptional content variety. As part of Hulu’s UK free trial, you can enjoy mockumentaries like “Abbott Elementary Season 2,” offering a glimpse into this remarkable streaming service.

If you find that Hulu isn’t the right fit during your trial period, you have the freedom to cancel at your convenience.

Hulu’s remarkable content catalogue is bound to captivate you, making it tempting to retain your membership. For access beyond the United States and seamless, buffer-free streaming, consider employing top-tier Hulu VPNs.


Is there any refund policy on Hulu?

According to Hulu’s refund policy, you can only get a refund if you overcharged for your monthly subscription or if there was an incorrect transaction. You have 30 days to request a refund if your monthly bill was overcharged; otherwise, it won’t be honoured.

How many days can I avail Hulu free trials?

You can enjoy the Hulu subscription for 30 days before converting into a permanent user.

How do I get a Hulu free trial in UK?

To access the Hulu free trial, a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN is often needed.

Can you watch Hulu live TV on Hulu free trial?

No, you can not watch Hulu Live TV on Hulu free trial

How long does Hulu offer its free trial period in UK?

The free trial lasts for 30 days.

Does the Hulu free trial require a credit card in UK?

Yes, it does.

Can I cancel Hulu after a free trial?

Yes, you can cancel Hulu after a free trial

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