How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription in July 2024

Do you want to know how to cancel your Disney+ subscription? If so, you are on the appropriate page. We have included all the information you need to learn how to cancel your Disney Plus subscription hassle-free in our simple guide.

Since its start in 2019, Disney Plus has grown to become one of the largest streaming services in the world, with over 100 million customers. Your favorite movies and television shows, including Spidey and His Amazing Friends Season 2 and Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic productions, may be found there.

You’ll need a VPN to assist you switch your current IP address to an American one if you want to view Disney Plus outside of the US because the majority of its content is only available in its American library. The best VPN for Disney Plus is ExpressVPN.

Maintain your Disney Plus subscription for continued access. Still at any point you want to cancel your Disney Plus subscription then you are in the right spot.

How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription? [Quick Steps]

There are three ways to cancel a Disney+ subscription account.

  • Cancel your Disney+ Subscription using the website
  • Cancel your Disney+ Subscription using your Android
  • Cancel your Disney+ Subscription using your iTunes account

How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription From the Web?

Using the website is an easy way to cancel the subscription. Here are the steps;

  1. On your browser open the Disney Plus Official website
  2. Choose the Disney Plus login option.
  3. In the top right corner click on the Profile button
  4. From the drop-down menu click Account on the Disney Plus/Account Subscription page.
  5. Select the Subscription plan
  6. Choose Cancel Subscription Plan and click on it
  7. Click on Cancel Subscription and your subscription will be cancelled.

How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription on Android Devices?

Disney+ subscription on Android devices can be canceled by following these steps;

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Click the menu button and select the subscription option
  3. From the subscription list, choose Disney+
  4. Click cancel the subscription and confirm to cancel the subscription plan

How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription on iPhone?

The procedures for canceling a Disney Plus account on iPhone is listed below, so here are the steps:

  1. Go to your iPhone/ iPad settings.
  2. Click on your account name and select iTunes & App Store
  3. Click Apple ID and select View Apple ID, then Tap on Subscription
  4. From the subscription list choose Disney+ and select Cancel subscription
  5. Now confirm the cancellation process
cancel disney plus subscription

What are the Alternatives to Disney Plus?

There are many amazing alternatives to watchthe best movies and upcoming TV shows of Disney Plus.

Here are the options:

  • Netflix: Netflix is the most trendy streaming platform to watch movies, TV shows, and documentaries.
  • Amazon Prime Video: It allows you to stream more than 90,000 movies straight away and it has good device compatibility like mobile phones, TVs, and laptops. 
  • Hulu: Finally, TV that you choose. You can use your laptop at any time and watch your preferred videos for free.
  • HBO Max: All the super hit films, TV shows and original content of HBO is streaming on HBO Max.
  • BBC iPlayer: It is only accessible in UK and offers British history TV shows and past documentaries.
  • HBO Go: With HBO GO, you can instantly and completely access all the top HBO movies, comedies, sports, and dramas.
  • Eja. TV: View over 3000 live IPTV stations from across the world that are verified every day right in your computer browser.


What is the Disney Plus cancellation fee to end the subscription?

The cancellation of a Disney Plus subscription is free of charge. Your cancellation of the Disney Plus subscription will take effect at the beginning of the subsequent billing cycle. You may use your account up until that time.

What is the process to re-subscribe to Disney+ after canceling the membership?

The process is very simple:
Sign in to your account.
Click on restart your subscription.
Confirm it and your membership is renewed.

What is the phone number to cancel a Disney Plus subscription?

Unfortunately, you can not cancel Disney Plus subscription in the UK on your phone. The platform hasn’t provided a direct phone number to do so. You can cancel your subscription through an app or website.

Why I can’t cancel my Disney Plus subscription?

If you’ve been using Google Play for payments of a Disney Plus subscription in UK, you must cancel via Google Play first. For those paying directly, the Disney Plus website enables you to easily cancel your subscription.


Easily cancel you Disney Plus subscription in UK online whenever you want. The Disney Plus shows are interesting to watch at a low price of  Disney+ membership price, despite the fact that we have discussed how to cancel a Disney Plus account in our guide.

We’re certain you now understand how to cancel Disney Plus subscription. Disney Plus material remains accessible until your next paying cycle even if you decide to discontinue your subscription at any time. You must be able to manage your Disney Plus account subscription seamlessly.

The simplest way to cancel the subscription is through an app or website. The streaming service hasn’t provided a direct phone number to cancel Disney Plus. The Disney Plus failure code 73 could appear, but with ExpressVPN’s assistance, it is simple to resolve.

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