How to Watch ‘1923 Series’ in UK: Release Date, Cast, Trailer & More

All of us Duttons may thank God that the upcoming Yellowstone prequel is set to air just around the Christmas season. Watch 1923 series as it airs on Paramount+ on Sunday, December 18, 2022. Since the Yellowstone prequel spinoff from 1883 was so hugely successful, the streaming service has decided to continue the story by introducing fans to the next generation of the Dutton family as the center of the series.

Quick steps: How to watch ‘1923 Series’ in UK using a VPN

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  2. Download the VPN and connect to a US server.

  3. Log in to Paramount .

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What is the release date of 1923 in UK?

The premiere date for the first episode of 1923 on Paramount+ is December 18, 2022. 

Where can I watch 1923 Series online in UK?

Paramount Plus members are in for a treat: 1923 will be available to stream on Paramount Plus. 

What is the Yellowstone Prequel 1923 about?

In the early 20th century, the Duttons are confronted with new difficulties, such as the Great Depression, Prohibition, and the spread of the automobile.    

What is the plot of Yellowstone Prequel 1923?

Originally titled “1932,” this Yellowstone prequel is set in the early 1920s and beyond, focusing on the Dutton family as they experience yet another age of American growth. The new show will follow the Dutton family as they endure hardships, including drought, cattle theft, anarchy, and the onset of the Great Depression. A historical inaccuracy may have doomed Sheridan’s original script because of its intended central emphasis on Prohibition. This would have been a complex topic, considering that Montana was the first state to end Prohibition in 1926.

Watch Yellowstone Prequel 1923 Official Teaser Trailer

What is the ‘1883’ prequel series to Yellowstone about?

A typical American family displays the best and worst of American society. A typical American family shows the best and worst of American society. The biggest continuous ranch in the United States belongs to John Dutton, leader of the Dutton family, who is constantly under attack by property developers, an Indian reserve, and the first national park in the United States.

It’s the Dutton family saga set in Yellowstone. This an in-depth exploration of a dangerous underworld seldom covered in the media, where land grabs can make developers rich and the biggest names in oil and timber can buy and sell politicians. It’s simply part of frontier existence to have fracking wells that poison drinking water and cause mysterious deaths.

One of the most talked-about shows of 2018, Yellowstone has swiftly become a fan favorite on cable. Two-time Oscar winner Kevin Costner was shocked by the show’s incredible success.

He told Deadline in February 2022, “I couldn’t predict its success, but I’m never surprised by the quality.” He went on to say that fame and talent are not mutually exclusive. Therefore, I am surprised. 138,981 IMDb users have cast votes, and the average rating is 8.7 out of 10.

Yellowstone Prequel 1923’s official trailer

The first live-action glimpse at the main characters from 1923 has finally arrived, courtesy of the official trailer. With images from World War I and individuals brandishing weapons, it’s evident that 1923 will not be a pacific show.

What’s the cast of 1923 Yellowstone Prequel?

Jacob and Cara Dutton, the owners of Yellowstone Ranch, are played by Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, respectively. Jacob’s trusted advisor, John Dutton Sr., will be played by James Badge Dale, and Jack Dutton, Jr. by Darren Mann. Emma Dutton, John’s wife, will be played by Marley Shelton, while Jacob’s nephew, Spencer Dutton, will be played by Brandon Sklenar.

The cast also features Michelle Randolph, Brian Geraghty, Aminah Nieves, Julia Schlaepfer, Jerome Flynn, Jennifer Ehle, Robert Patrick, and Sebastian Roché, and the members of the Dutton family itself.

Yellowstone Synopsis

Kevin Costner takes on the role of John Dutton III, a widower and head owner of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, the country’s most prestigious ranch, and part of the Dutton family. He portrays him as an assimilated member of the Dutton family. A number of individuals attempt to seize control of the ranch’s lands as the series continues.

Yellowstone Soundtrack

A fictional Montana empire built by the Dutton family is growing as quickly and powerfully as Yellowstone. “The Good I’ll Do” by Zach Bryan and “New Friends” by Lainey Wilson are among the many songs on the hit series’ soundtrack that maintain high standards.

Some early fan reviews for 1923

You can read our 1923 review here;

Yellowstone prequel 1923 Episode Guide

There will be eight episodes in the 1923 first season. 

Yellowstone prequel 1923 Episode 1

This television program is set in the Mountain West at the turn of the 20th century, during a time when the Great Depression, the repeal of Prohibition, a devastating drought, and pandemics all happened at once. There is also a new Dutton generation that is introduced.

  • Yellowstone Prequel 1923 Episode 2 [S01E02]: TBA
  • Yellowstone Prequel 1923 Episode 3 [S01E03]: TBA
  • Yellowstone Prequel 1923 Episode 4 [S01E04]: TBA
  • Yellowstone Prequel 1923 Episode 5 [S01E05]: TBA
  • Yellowstone Prequel 1923 Episode 6 [S01E06]: TBA
  • Yellowstone Prequel 1923 Episode 7 [S01E07]: TBA
  • Yellowstone Prequel 1923 Episode 8 [S01E08]: TBA

Latest Updates

Since “Star Wars†catapulted him to A-list movie celebrity over 50 years ago, Harrison Ford hasn’t paid much attention to television, but that’s about to change with the small screen Western “1923â€Â reuniting with Helen Mirren. Read Here

Yellowstone Prequel 1923 World Premiere Party Red Carpet

The “1923” world premiere took place at the Hollywood American Legion Post 43 on Friday, December 2. Most of the  “1923†cast members attended the show. There was then an immediate post-screening party at Motherwolf. A calligraphy station, a live jazz trumpet accompaniment, and rustic leather souvenirs with engravings greeted guests upon entry. 1920s-style decorations were used.

What is 1923 IMDb rating?

The IMDb rating of 1923 will be available soon.

Where else can I watch 1923 in UK?

Like 1883, 1923 will premiere on Paramount’s video streaming service, Paramount+. 

Where to watch 1923 Series in Ireland?

You watch 1923 in Ireland on Paramount+.

Can I Watch 1923 in Scotland on Paramount+?

Yes, the prequel will be available on the OTT in Scotland.

How to Watch 1923 Series in England?

Getting a Paramount+ subscription via a VPN can help you watch the show in England.

Is there any way to Watch 1923 Series in Jersey?

Paramount+ can help you watch 1923 in any UK region you want!

How to watch 1923 Series in Wales?

You can watch 1923 on Paramount+ in Wales.

What else can I watch on Paramount+?


It’s 1923, and you’re wondering how to get up to speed.

Easy! See Yellowstone and its first prequel, 1883. You may watch Yellowstone: The First Four Seasons on Peacock and 1883: The Complete First Season on Paramount+ in the United States.

Will there be more than one season?

Deadline claims that there are plans to renew the program for a second season and that discussions are reportedly ongoing to bring back the actors for another outing, despite the lack of an official announcement.

What are the Production Company’s names of 1923?

MTV Entertainment Studios, 101 Studios, and Bosque Ranch Productions are the three production companies of 1923.

Who is the creator of 1923?

1923 is created by Taylor Sheridan.

What is the release date of the 1923 official trailer?

On November 28, 2022, the official trailer for 1923 was released on the Paramount+ official YouTube account.

Is 1923 a remake of Yellowstone?

No, 1923 is not a remake but yes it is a prequel to Yellowstone.

Who is the Hero of the 1923 prequel series?

Harrison Ford is the 1923 Hero.

What are the genres of 1923, the Yellowstone prequel series?

Western and Drama are the two main genres of 1923.

To summarize, Taylor Sheridan is planning further Yellowstone prequel and sequel series

Taylor Sheridan has no intention of stopping the expansion of the Duttons’ realm. Six months after Yellowstone’s debut, its creator has given birth to three spinoff series: 1883, 1923, and 6666. Some of these offshoots have been picked up for a second season!

The news doesn’t stop there; Sheridan is also planning two additional spinoffs set in the Yellowstone world. Both shows would be placed around the middle of the 20th century, either the 1940s or the 1960s, and would revolve around the hardships of maintaining the family ranch.

Nothing official has been released about the new Yellowstone spin-offs, but we’ll keep a watch on the news to bring you the latest!

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