Watch ‘Working Moms Season 7’ in the UK: Release date, trailer, plot and more

It has never been simpler to be a mother and a working women together. This problem is becoming more and more evident in our modern, revolutionized environment. Working Moms is airing its final season after being highly anticipated and nominated for International Emmy Awards two times. The series is incredibly unique, witty, and well-liked for its humorously portrayed challenges and hardships faced by women. Watch the upcoming Working Moms season 7 on CBC releasing on Jan 3,2023.

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Where to watch Working Moms Season 7 online?

The season 7 of the series will be available to watch online on CBC.

What is the air date of Working Moms Season 7?

The season will air on 3 Jan, 2023.

Watch Working Moms Season 7 official trailer

About Working Moms Season 7?

Canadian comedy and drama series ‘Working Moms’ is a creation of Catherine Reitman. The first season of the series was released in 2017, and the seventh and final season is expected to debut on January 3rd, 2023. It has come to light that season 7’s filming was formally completed in September. The show’s creator, Catherine Reitman produced the series under her own production company and also serves as one of the writers alongside Rebecca Kohler and Ingrid Haas. She incorporates her own life experiences into the series adding extra sense of humor.

What is the plot of Working Moms Season 7?

The show hilariously showcases the difficulties and challenges faced by working mothers. Kate is attempting to change her persona in this season by desiring the happiness of her loved ones and escaping her hectic work schedule. Sloane, on the other hand, maintain her responsibilities as a mother and a worker. Where Jenny is discovered to be unemployed, Anne is enrolled for anger management classes while trying to keep her marriage with Lionel intact (Ryan Belleville). With these females, this is not simply the entire season, don’t believe that the drama involving these busy ladies will end there. Much more is anticipated to be revealed about their pasts and future desires.

What’s the cast of Working Moms Season 7?

The cast of the season will have: 

  • Catherine Reitman playing Kate Foster
  • Enuka Okuma playing Sloane Mitchell
  • Jessalyn Wanlim playing Jenny Matthews
  • Juno Rinaldi playing Frankie Coyne
  • Sarah McVie playing Val Szalinsky
  • Philip Sternberg playing Nathan Foster
  • Dani Kind playing Anne Carlson

Rating of Working Moms Season 7 on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes?

IMDb rating of the series is 7.8/10 and Rotten Tomatoes has rated the show 71%.

What are some early reactions and comments about Season 7 coming?

Know YouTubers’ reactions:

“Oooh exciting news., love it! Yay! Much needed fun right now.

“Great writing & cast.”

“I love this show excited for this season❤️”

Episodes of ‘Working Moms’ Season 7 :

According to what has been revealed there are four episodes in the season:

  • Episode 1 releasing on 3 Jan, 2023.
  • Episode 2 releasing on 10 Jan, 2023.
  • Episode 3 releasing on 17 Jan, 2023.
  • Episode 4 releasing on 24 Jan, 2023.

Where else can I watch Working Moms Season 7?

Working Moms Season 7 will be available to watch only on CBC for now while other episodes of the series are on Netflix as well.

What else can I watch on CBC?


Is season 7 of Working Moms available on Netflix?

Season 7 is expected to air on Netflix in late spring or early summer 2023.

Will the audience be able to see Anne Carlson in Season 7?

Season 7 will start from exactly where it was left in season 6 but there is still no clue if Anne Carlson will be there or not.

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