How to Watch the Best Zombie Movies on Netflix in UK

Zombie movies almost disappeared from the industry until The Walking Dead came to the rescue, released back in 2010. Since then, the genre regained popularity because of the thrill, blood-shed, and fantasy that comes with zombie movies.

Summers are the perfect time to binge-watch movies, if you are crazy about zombies, here are some of the best zombie movies on Netflix worth watching!

How to watch the Best Zombies on Netflix in UK

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1)Army Of The Dead (2021)

Starring talented actors like Scott Ward, Ludwig Dieter, Kate Ward, and more, Army Of The Dead crossed viewership from 72 million accounts on Netflix, resulting in a sequel: Army Of Thieves.

Prepare yourself for a zombie attack, violence, and action as the story involves a zombie attack in Las Vegas which leads to a team-up of mercenaries, locking themselves up in quarantine, and planning a long shot to accomplish a heist.

2)#Alive (2020)

#Alive is a South Korean zombie movie and a true masterpiece due to Oh-Joon-Wooh’s brilliant acting skills. 

Based on a Korean introvert who is enjoying his video game, streaming with his friends just like any other ordinary day, turns towards his apartment window only to find out that due to some unknown virus transmitting into the air, some humans have converted into zombies and are feeding off the remaining humans, attacking them. 

Chills go down his spine as he watches zombies chasing people. Once he gains his senses and absorbs what is happening, he locks himself inside the apartment and tries to survive alone.

3)Cargo (2017)

Starring the famous Martin Freeman, formally known as ‘John Watson, Cargo is a survival-based movie about a man who suffers an awful pandemic and tries to find a sanctuary for his daughter to protect her from his infected self. He comes across several challenges as he tries to travel with his infant. 

The movie is more emotional than horror, but it does have a ‘zombie’ element to it.

4)Ravenous (2017)

Ravenous is a French-Canadian horror which was released in 2017 and won the Best Canadian Flim Award. Based on a group of villagers who try to survive a zombie apocalypse, the movie is not only well scripted but also includes astonishing performances by Charolette Martin, Robie Aubert, Marc Grondin, and many more!

5) I am Legend (2007)

I Am Legend is an outclass sci-fi/horror movie. After a plague wipes off the entire human population, turning them into weird mutants who can only survive without sunlight, scientist  Robert Neville, the only survivor embarks on an adventure to look for a cure to reverse the effect of the plague.

Robert Neville has been played by the talented Will Smith, tries to revive the population using his blood since he is the only one immune to the environment and can stand the sunlight.

6)World War Z (2013)

Starring America’s heartthrob, Bratt Pitt, World War Z Is the greatest movie of its time due to its amazing visuals, well-maintained script, how realistic it is, and the plot!

World War Z is about a United Nations Field Agent, Gerry Lane, who retires to prioritize his family time, only to indulge in a war when a toxin starts converting humans into zombies, leading to an apocalypse!

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Are there any zombie-related tv shows on Netflix?

There are many good Korean shows such as All Of Us Are Dead and Happiness, all based on the zombie genre

WIll there be more zombie movies?

The zombie genre has definitely been retrieved and is loved by the audience, there are likely to be more movies produced.

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