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Don’t miss the heart-pumping action on Station 19! Join the crew as they face their biggest challenge yet when a violent tornado hits Seattle, uncovering a shocking discovery hidden under a tree. And when Travis finds himself at a political event, his first responder instincts kick into high gear. Watch Station 19 Season 6 in UK on Hulu airing October 7th, 2022. Tune in now to see the team jump into action! If you want to get some breaking-news worthy action then don’t forget to read further to know how to watch Station 19 Season 6 Episode 7 in UK which is releasing soon; February 23rd, 2023.

Watch on Hulu airing October 7th, 2022.

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Hulu has produced tons of American tv series over the years, which have become quite popular among the audience. The popular streaming platform also airs some of the best motorcycle movies.

Created by Stacy Mckee, Station 19 serves as a spin-off to the evergreen show Grey’s Anatomy. The drama entails the professional and personal work-life balanced side of each character arc following the lives of firefighters stationed at Station 19. Keep reading below if you’re wondering where to watch Station 19 in UK.

Where To Watch Station 19 Season 6 Online in UK?

The popular drama series’s new episode Station 19 Season 6 Episode 7 will be airing on February 23, 2023 on Hulu. If you want to watch Station 19 Season 6 Episode 7 in UK, you can do so by using a VPN on February 24, 2023. This is because the tv show will be streaming on Hulu which is an American channel that cannot be accessed in UK without using a VPN.

What Is Station 19 Season 6 Release Date UK?

If you’re wondering where to watch Station 19 Season 6 in UK, then don’t forget to stream the American tv series on Hulu on October 7th, 2022. Don’t forget to stream the show as a violent tornado tears through Seattle, the brave crew leaps into action to save lives and restore order amidst the chaos. But their heroic efforts take a shocking turn when they uncover a surprising discovery buried under a fallen tree, unraveling a mystery that could change everything.

Is Station 19 Season 6 Available Online in UK?

The popular show isn’t available in the UK. Although, through a VPN you can watch Station 19 Season 6 online in UK. This is because Station 19 is an American show and it can only be streamed in UK by using a VPN in the region.

Where to Watch Station 19 Season 6 for Free in UK?

Currently, Station 19 Season 6 can be streamed for free on ABC. Besides, the show can also be streamed on Hulu, Disney+, or Prime Video. Since these are American streaming platforms, they cannot be accessed in UK without a VPN.

Station 19 Season 5 Recap UK

Season 5 of Station 19 had fans on the edge of their seats with multiple cliffhangers that left them with burning questions. After a long and challenging journey, Andy finally regained her chance to join the station again, only to have Jack’s sudden departure put a pause on her love life. Now she must work alongside her ex-husband, adding an extra layer of complexity to their dynamic. Meanwhile, Warren faced a difficult decision between his career and family, with no easy answers in sight.

But that’s not all. Maya’s bold move to threaten the team with the exposure of Robert and Natasha’s relationship unless she’s made captain has everyone on edge. While she may believe she made the right choice, the consequences of her actions could be severe, and she may end up regretting her decision.

With so many loose ends to tie up, fans can’t wait to see how things will unfold in season 6. Will Andy be able to find love again amidst the chaos? Will Warren be able to find a way to balance his career and family? And what will happen to Maya after her daring move? The only way to find out is to tune in and see what’s in store for Station 19 in the upcoming season.

What is Station 19 Based On?

Station 19 is an American action-drama television series that follows the lives of a group of firefighters working at the fictional Station 19 in Seattle, Washington. The show was created by Stacy McKee and is a spin-off of the popular medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. Station 19 first premiered in March 2018 and has been airing on ABC ever since. The show features a diverse and talented cast, including Jaina Lee Ortiz, Jason George, Grey Damon, and Barrett Doss, among others. It focuses on the daily challenges and personal lives of firefighters as they navigate through their dangerous and demanding profession while also trying to maintain their personal relationships and keep their own lives together.

Station 19 Season 6 Trailer

The Station 19 Season 6 Trailer is as intense as it can get. The firefighters are rescuing people as a deadly tornado approaches their location. By the looks of it, we may lose someone this season.

Station 19 Season 6 Synopsis

IMDb’s synopsis about Station 19 is, “This spinoff of the critically acclaimed show Grey’s Anatomy follows the lives of the men and women of firehouse station 19 in Seattle, Washington.

The directors have kept the plot confidential for season 6 to maintain its charm, but one thing is certain; we’re definitely getting answers and explanations.

What Is Station 19 Season 6 Cast?

Your favorite characters are reprising their roles once again in season 6 with a bunch of guest appearances along the way (Eeep). Station 19 cast includes Andrea “Andy” Herrera, played by Jaina Lee Ortiz who serves as a lieutenant posted at the station and the ex-wife of Robert Sullivan. Ortiz has been known for Rosewood, Scream Queens, and The After.

Followed by Ortiz is  Dr. Benjamin “Ben” Warren played by Jason George, a regular firefighter who was working at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital before. George has been a part of Grey’s Anatomy and is now also in the spin-off. He is known for starring in Eve, Off The Map, and Mistresses.

Jack Gibson, who has resigned from his position as lieutenant, is played by Grey Damon (Aquarius, Star-Crossed) is going to make an appearance accompanied by Victoria “Vic” Hughes, played by Barrett Doss (Iron Fist). Hughes was engaged to Luca but he passed away. Now she is dating Theo Ruiz.

We’re all extremely excited to see Travis Montgomery, played by Jay Hayden who is going to come back this season with Maya Deluca-Bishop played by Danielle Savre.

The rest of the cast includes Robert Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe), Dr. Carina DeLuca-Bishop (Stefania Spampinato), and Theo Ruiz (Carlos Miranda).

Lastly, some of the reappearing cast members are Michael Dixon (Pat Healy), Sean Beckett (Josh Randall),  Chief Natasha Ross (Merle Dandridge), and Eva Vasquez (Kelly Thiebaud)

How Many Episodes Are There In Station 19 Season 6?

There are 8 episodes in all in Station 19 Season 6. Below, you can find a summary and more information about each episode:

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAiring Date
Station 19 S06 E01Twist and ShoutOct 6, 2022
Station 19 S06 E02Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My MonkeyOct 13, 2022
Station 19 S06 E03Dancing with Our Hands TiedOct 20, 2022
Station 19 S06 E04DemonsOct 27, 2022
Station 19 S06 E05Pick Up the PiecesNov 3, 2022
Station 19 S06 E06Everybody Says Don’tNov 10, 2022
Station 19 S06 E07We Build Then We BreakFeb 23, 2022
Station 19 S06 E08I Know A PlaceMar 2, 2022

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 1 – Twist and Shout

The Station 19 team responds fast as a powerful tornado rips across Seattle. The gang stumbles onto something shocking concealed behind a tree in the midst of the chaos, and at a political gathering, Travis’ first aid abilities go into overdrive.

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 2 – Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey

Travis, who is eager to oust Dixon from power, learns that Maya has been extorting him, and Travis explains his role in the mayoral campaign. The crew is then dispatched to a fire in a run-down apartment complex that started mysteriously.

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 3 – Dancing with Our Hands Tied

The Station 19 team arrives on the scene of a car accident with two teenagers trapped inside an electric vehicle. In a dispute involving a couple they dislike, Ben and Maya are also involved.

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 4 – Demons

In addition to Jack being haunted by a ghost from his past and Station 19 hosting the neighborhood kids for trick-or-treating, a prank war breaks out in the house, and Maya and Theo react to a call at a Halloween carnival.

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 5 – Pick Up the Pieces

The team has to work quickly to release a bunch of employees who are imprisoned within a battery recycling facility. Carina comes up with a creative surprise in an effort to contact Maya. Travis discovers that sinister politicians are after him.

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 6 – Everybody Says Don’t

Running a fire boot camp for young women is put on hold when a helicopter crashes due to lightning strikes. Natasha begs Jack to help Vic take over the camp’s management in its stead. The discussion between Carina and Maya intensifies indoors.

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 7 – We Build Then We Break

Following a frightening lightning strike, the crew is working tirelessly to put out a fire that has broken out at the residence of Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy. Meanwhile, Maya experiences a medical emergency and is swiftly taken to the hospital for urgent care.

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 8 – I Know A Place

Natasha is threatened by Dixon in the aftermath of his poor judgement, causing tension within the team. On his first day back, Jack is met with disappointment, adding to the challenges he already faces. The team springs into action to respond to a fire in Theo’s former neighborhood, further testing their skills and resolve.

How Are The Fans Reacting To Station 19 Season 6 UK?

ABC Longest Fall Hiatus for Station 19 Season 6 Disney Plus

The American action-drama; Grey’s Anatomy spin-off after Private Practice, Station 19 created by Stacy McKee faces the longest hiatus break for Season 6. The sixth season of Station 19’s episode 7 will air on ABC on Thursday, February 23, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Given that the last episode, Everybody Says Don‘t, aired on November 10, 2022, that is a rather long break. The crossover with Grey’s Anatomy, however, started with that episode and ends with the sixth episode of season 19 of that show.

Where else to Watch Station 19 Season 6 Online in UK?

Currently, Station 19 Season 6 is available only on Hulu. The popular show besides this is also available on ABC, Disney+, and Prime Video. Don’t forget to watch the popular show for some hot action-packed adventures as firefighters save the day.

The popular streaming platform ‘Hulu’ also offers some of the best shark movies for users.

station 19 jaina lee ortiz 1

Even while season 5 had a somewhat lengthy break, it was not quite as long as the one we are currently experiencing. As of right now, this is the longest break the series has ever experienced.

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Is Station 19 Season 6 UK Available on Netflix?

For now, Station 19 Season 6 is not available on Netflix. Although, you can watch the show on either Hulu, ABC, Disney+, or Prime Video. Hulu has also been known to feature some of the best kidnapping movies on its streaming platform.

Where can I Watch the All Episodes of Station 19 Season 6 Series?

If you’re wondering where to watch all of the episodes of Station 19 Season 6, then you can watch them on Hulu, ABC, Disney+, or Prime Video. Don’t forget to tune in on all the mysterious drama that is about to explode in the upcoming episode of Station 19 Season 6 Episode 7.

Will There Be A Station 19 Season 7?

Fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for news on the fate of their favorite firefighting drama. As of February 21, 2023, there is no official word on whether the show has been canceled or renewed. But don’t lose hope just yet! According to ABC Network, the start of the TV shows is scheduled for July 27, 2023. So mark your calendars and stay tuned for further updates on the future of Station 19.

Best VPNs To Watch Station 19 Season 6 in UK on Hulu

Take a look below to see what VPNs are best to watch Station 19 Season 6 in UK on Hulu in order to stream the show without any worries.


Stream Station 19 Season 6 on Hulu in 4D, HD, and SD using a VPN to watch all-new episodes of Station 19 Season 6 while also getting additional access to 500+ streaming services globally with VPN in your cavalry.


Why Did Okieriete Onaodowan Leave Station 19


Onadowan said it was time to move on from the show and move to other things which is why he left Station 19 after 5th season.


Travis from Station 19 Gay?

Yes, Travis Montgomery is a gay character from Station 19.

Station 19 Season 6: How many episodes are there?

The number of episodes hasn’t been announced yet, but based on previous seasons it can range around 17-21.

When is Station 19 Season 6 coming out?

Yes, Station 19 season 6 is releasing on 6th October 2022.

Where is Station 19 streaming online in UK?

Station 19 is streaming on Hulu in the US. In order to stream Station 19 online in UK on Hulu, you need a VPN like ExpressVPN.

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