Everything You Need To Know About Sister Wives Season 18!

Watch Sister Wives Season 18 in UK on Discovery+ and dive into the mesmerizing reality TV show that unveils the intricate lives of an extraordinary family. Led by the charismatic Kody Brown, the family shatters conventions as they navigate the uncharted waters of polygamy. With Kody legally married to one wife and spiritually connected to three others, witness the exhilarating dynamics, heartwarming connections, and unexpected challenges that arise from this unconventional setup.
From managing shared households and raising a sprawling brood of children to confronting societal judgments and celebrating their unique bonds, Sister Wives offers a riveting exploration of a lifestyle both audacious and controversial. Prepare to be enthralled by a tale that pushes boundaries, challenges perceptions, and provides an intimate look into the intricate tapestry of love, commitment, and family ties unlike any other. If you are unable to watch the best movies on Discovery Plus in UK, do not forget to use a safe and reliable VPN!

What Is Sister Wives Season 18 Release Date UK?

Don’t miss out on the riveting drama of Sister Wives Season 18, streaming exclusively on Discovery+ from August 20th, 2023. Brace yourself for heartbreak, tough choices, and unexpected turns as the Brown family faces new challenges and twists that will leave you craving more!

What Is Sister Wives about?

Sister Wives is a captivating reality TV series that delves into the dynamic world of the polygamous Brown family, guided by patriarch Kody Brown. From its TLC debut, the show offers an intimate lens into the lives of Kody, his four wives—Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn—and their bustling brood. This intriguing series navigates the intricate tapestry of polygamous matrimony, chronicling the family’s triumphs and tribulations as they masterfully juggle myriad relationships while confronting the daily intricacies of their existence.

Sister Wives Season 18 Plot

In the Season 18 of Sister Wives, the focus is on Kody Brown and the aftermath of his third wife Christine’s departure from their polygamous life. Kody describes the family as a civil war, a year after Christine’s exit. Janelle reflects on her strained relationship with Kody due to his Covid response, while Christine embraces her new life in Utah. Tensions rise as Kody’s connection with Janelle weakens, and the ladies discuss their frustrations with Kody’s priorities. Janelle’s dream of building a house on family land faces challenges, while Meri and Robyn navigate strained dynamics and plan for an awkward Thanksgiving.

Sister Wives Season 18 Where to Watch Online?

You can now watch Sister Wives Season 18 on HBO Max, Discovery Plus, Amazon Prime and FuboTV. So do not miss out on your chance to watch the show and watch Sister Wives Season 18 using any one of your favourite streaming platforms now!

Where to watch Sister Wives Season 18 for Free?

Want to watch Sister Wives Season 18 for Free? Well, wait no more because you can now watch Sister Wives and other favourite TV shows and Movies of yours for Free using Amazon Prime and HBO Max’s free trial option

Season 18 of Sister Wives Trailer

Want to know more about what this new season has stored for you? Have a look!

Who are Sister Wives?

The show Sister Wives Season 18 cast includes Kody Brown and his four wives. Following is the main cast of the show!

Kody Brown
Meri Brown
Janelle Brown
Christine Brown
Robyn Brown

Sister Wives Season 18– How many episodes are there?

Currently, very limited information related to Sister Wives Season 18 full episodes has been revealed. However, for your convenience, we have uploaded all the available information. Stay Tuned because we are going to upload the complete information soon

Episode Number Episode Title Airing Date
Sister Wives S18 E01No Such Thing as Free Lunch August 20, 2023
Sister Wives S18 E02Thanks for Nothing August 27, 2023
Sister Wives S18 E03To Be Revealed September 03, 2023

Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 01- No Such Thing as Free Lunch

Despite Christine’s relocation, the aftermath of her divorce still lingers; Janelle, Meri, and Robyn grapple with organizing the approaching holidays amidst ongoing family divisions; tension heightens as Kody and Christine face their first sit-down since her departure.

Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 02- Thanks for Nothing

The Brown family confronts their most challenging year yet, bravely navigating through the unravelling of Kody and Christine’s relationship. As divisions arise and tensions escalate within the family, irreversible changes loom ahead for the Browns.

How much is Kody Brown on Sister Wives worth?

Kody Brown is the leader of the Brown family. People think he has around $800,000 in money and things, as said by Celebrity Net Worth. This money comes from different places, like his work and what he does on the TV show Sister Wives. Being on the show and his life story are both important in figuring out how much money he has.

How are the fans reacting to Sister Wives Season 18?

What are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Sister Wives?

While the IMDb ratings for the show Sister Wives are 4.4/10, the Rotten Tomatoes ratings are currently not available. Watch to see how these four wives of a single spouse create a long-lasting bond that keeps viewers engaged!

What are the age restrictions and genre for Sister Wives?

While it is advised for individuals above the age of 14 to watch the show, the genre of the show is Drama and Romance. Watch to see how the family navigates through challenges and makes the best out of every situation!

Where to watch previous seasons of Sister Wives?

You can now watch the previous seasons of Sister Wives through various streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Discovery Plus, FuboTV, and DIRECTV. Watch now to immerse yourself in the engaging content of Sister Wives!

Sister Wives Season 17 Finale Recap

In Sister Wives Season 17 Finale, Chaos erupts within the family when Christine’s major revelation sends shockwaves, prompting Robyn to reevaluate her future connection with her ex-sister wife, while Kody’s reaction escalates the situation. As they grapple with the aftermath, the family strives to mend the fractured dynamics, even as Janelle’s nomadic RV lifestyle faces yet another setback. Amidst these challenges, the Brown family navigates a complex web of emotions, decisions, and unexpected turns that promise to reshape their relationships and lives.


Watch Sister Wives Season 18 in UK on August 20, 2023, on Discovery+ and witness how the tranquillity of the Brown family is shattered by an unexpected storm of emotions, triggered by Christine’s bombshell announcement. The reverberations of her revelation ripple through the household, leaving confusion and turmoil in their wake. Robyn, in particular, finds herself at a crossroads as she contemplates the implications of Christine’s news on their once-shared sisterly bond and her evolving relationship with Kody. Emotions run high as Kody’s explosive reaction adds fuel to the fire, throwing the family further into disarray. Watch now to see what happens next! Moreover, if you are unable to watch the show in UK due to geographical restrictions, do not forget to use a safe and reliable VPN


Is there any Sister Wives 2021 new wife


No, there is no new wife as of now.

Is Sister Wives coming back in 2023?

Yes, Sister Wives Season 18 is coming back on August 20, 2023

Is Sisters Wives Season 18 on TLC in UK?

You can now watch Sisters Wives Season 18 on TLC in UK using a safe and reliable VPN

Is Sister Wives Season 18 on HBO Max?

Yes, you can now watch Season 18 of Sister Wives on HBO Max

Is Sister Wives season 18 on Hulu?

No, Sister Wives is currently not available on Hulu

Is Sister Wives season 18 on Discovery Plus?

Sister Wives Season 18 is now available on Discovery Plus

When was Season 18 of Sister Wives filmed?

Sister Wives Season 18, filmed from late 2022 to several months into 2023, continues from the previous season’s storyline of a family facing strained relationships and communication issues.

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