How to watch ‘Shark Tank’ season 14 in UK: release date, hosts, and all we know

Shark tank is a tv show that allows the owners of small companies to pitch their ideas and businesses and get investment offers from the ‘already successful’ entrepreneurs and business people. The panel of investors cross-questions participants to clear their doubts about the business model and process. In most cases, the investors try to outbid the other investors and get done with the deal. You can watch ‘Shark Tank’ season 14 in UK on ABC, releasing on September 23rd, 2022.

Well, most of us are familiar with what the show is about, but not about the specific season 14. Each shark has their own successful business and has made a fortune throughout their respective careers. And This time, shark tank is coming up with something exciting and new, to figure it out, keep on reading the article!

How to watch ‘Shark Tank’ season 14 in UK on ABC

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When does Shark Tank season 14 start?

There have been 13 shark tank seasons before. This time too, ABC’s TV lineup includes it. That is to say, The Shark Tank season 14 will be released on ABC Network along with some other tv shows.

The release date of the shark tank is Friday, September 23rd. The time slot to watch the show is 8 pm. But what is new? Let’s dig into that!

Shark Tank Live: What is different in Shark tank season 14?

In previous seasons of Shark Tank, there was not a single episode that went live. All the episodes were pre-recorded and released at a specific time. But this time, shark tank will be having a live episodes.

It is pretty compelling to hear because it will be the first time when the audience and the judges along with the participant will be witnessing and experiencing such a thing. The enthusiasm will be unusual, and the pressure on the candidates and the judges will be at the highest of levels.

The Internet is taking the storm and Twitter is going crazy over the live episode of Shark Tank premiering this Saturday.

One fan tweeted “Shark Tank Live seems a whole lotta intense.â€

Another fan tweeted “Honestly the most exciting thing ABC has told me tonight is they’re doing Shark Tank live.â€

Shark Tank Season 14 trailer

Watch the thrilling trailer below and learn what’s special in this particular season!

Shark tank season 14 cast

As far as the Shark Tank season 14 cast is concerned, most of the faces are the same. The cast includes

  • Robert Herjavec
  • Mark Cuban
  • Barbara Corcoran
  • Kevin O’Leary
  • Lori Greiner
  • Daymond John

In every Shark tank season, Guest sharks are also invited in order to make the show or the episode more exhilarating. Talking about the guests and then Shark Tank 2022 is going to have two new guests and four repeated ones.

The show will be having the following new guest sharks

  • Gwyneth Paltrow (Founder of Goop, CEO, Oscar winner)
  • Tony Xu (Co-founder and CEO of Doordash)

The following guest sharks appeared in the last seasons as well

  • Emma Grede (CEO and Co-Founder Good American, Founding Partner Skims, Co-Founder Safely)
  • Daniel Lubetzky (Founder Kind Snacks)
  • Kendra Scott (Founder, Executive Chairwoman, and Cheif Creator Officer)
  • Peter Jones (Star of UK’s Dragons’ Den)

Most Successful Shark Tank Companies

Many businesses were able to boost their sales after they got a deal from Shark Tank. After getting the deal, they were able to market their product in a better way and consequently achieved success. Newsweek has mentioned 20 of the most successful products that were pitched in Shark tank, some of them are mentioned below.  

  • Tipsy Elves ($100,000 invested for a 10% stake)
  • Bombas (sales $225 million)
  • Bantam Bagels ($900,000 invested for a 30% stake)
  • The Comfy (sales $150 million)
  • Sand Cloud ($200,000 invested)
  • Lolla Cup (sales $2 million)
  • Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bag ($400,000 invested for a 15% stake)
  • Simply Fit Board (sales $160 Million)
  • Scrub Daddy ($200,000 invested at 10% stake)
  • Squatty Potty ($350,000 invested for a 10% stake)

Why is everyone so excited?

Every Shark tank fan is waiting for the moment when The Shark Tank season 14 will go live. The entertainment is not limited to the pitches of entrepreneurs but the real joy is watching the judges battling to win the deals. Moreover, the public has seen how the participants of past seasons have proved themselves as successful entrepreneurs after getting the deal! The audience learns and gets educated through such shows and that is the reason for them being excited!


What season is Shark Tank 2022?

In 2022, shark tank is coming up with its 14th season.

Is Shark Tank scripted?

Shark tank is not a scripted show, but the makers of the show dramatize some of the parts within the show to make it interesting for the audience.

Has Shark Tank been Cancelled?

Shark Tank is not cancelled and it is coming up with its fourteenth season on the 23rd of September.

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