How to watch ‘ Schitt’s Creek ’ in UK on Hulu: The show shifts from Netflix to Hulu!

The Emmy-award-winning series Schitt’s Creek is bidding farewell to Netflix and is on its way to Hulu. The show has had the most nominations and won multiple awards just after its first season! The show doesn’t shake things up for the audience, but it isn’t a predictable snoozefest either. Schitt’s Creek gives massive competition to other comedy shows and has been fan-favorite since it began. Now watch ‘Schitt’s Creek’ in UK on Hulu, shifting on 3rd October 2022!

Just when we thought we ran out of legendary comedy shows, Schitt Creek came to our rescue. The phenomenal cast of Schitt’s Creek includes award-winning talented actors such as  Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy as lead roles. Directed by Andrew Cividino and Daniel Levy, Schitt’s Creek is a spot-on show which can be rewatched several times!

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How to watch ‘Schitt’s Creek’ in UK on Hulu

Hulu has given us plenty of shows like  Bob’s Burgers, Croods: Family Tree, and more! However, Hulu is a US streaming platform, therefore, it’s not available in UK, unless streamed through a VPN!

What is Schitt’s Creek about?

Released back in 2015, Schitt’s Creek introduced us to the Rose family, who unfortunately lost their financial independency after they were played by their crappy business manager. The only wealthy thing left in their lives was a deed to the remote Canadian town of Schitt’s Creek, a land gifted to David Rose in the early years as a JOKE.

The small yet sharp-witted family features Johnny, a regular guy with his wife Moira (an actress) and their spoiled two children. David, who trails a condescending vibe around him, and Alexis, an ultimate ‘daddy’s princess who can’t even move a muscle herself.

Despite their messed-up personalities, all four have their own messes to deal with, especially after their life takes a 360-degree turn as they stumble onto the road of poverty. The family is forced to move to a motel and realizes several things about the new town.

A closer look at Schitt’s Creek cast

Better know your Schitt before diving into the show! The comedy series which has been stretched out for six seasons (Trust us, we still want more) follows a hilarious tale of a spoiled family going bankrupt.

If you’re familiar with the show, you must have noticed the talented cast/ spoiled characters of the show. If not, we’re here to give you a detailed review of the epic family of four; The Rose Family!

1)Moira Rose


Played by Catherine O’Hara, an actress and comedian who is known for her phenomenal performances in Home Alone, BeetlejuiceSix Feet Under, Curb Your Enthusiasm and more!

Moira is an ex-soap star, wife to Johnny, who loses her sh*t as her life goes downhill from being an actress to living in a motel. Her dreams shatter. Moira struggles mentally as she fails to accept the fact that her fame days are over and now she has to live life as an ordinary woman, helping around in useless ethical town activities (ew, people) such as joining the town council.


2)Johnny Rose

Played by Eugene Lecy, a comedian who is known for the American Pie franchise, and the aforementioned Catherine O’Hara films which he himself has directed.

Jonny owned Rose Video but was betrayed by his own lousy manager and well.. once you’re coned, you’re coned. There was no future for Jonny in the retail chain. Johnny starts a business with Stevie at the motel— determined to become a business tycoon once again while feeding his family, ensuring the kids are doing good an being a devoted husband to her spoiled wife.


3)David Rose

Played by Daniel Levy who truly is a jack of all trades;  writer, actor, and former MTV host from The Hills After Show.

David’s character is a blend of snobby and whiny. Being the only son, he wishes to escape town because let’s face it, David believes he just does not fit in and was made to reach the stars.. or spend all his father’s money. Pansexual David starts his own business Rose Apothecary and falls in love with Patrick, his boyfriend.


4)Alexis Rose

Played by Annie Murphy, a Canadian actress who has starred in Rookie Blue and The Plateaus.

Alexis, a typical ‘daddy’s princess’, is someone so blunt and mean that you rather hang out with Regina George than spend a minute with Alexis. But surprisingly, throughout the seasons you’d see an unbelievable character development of Alexis as she starts her own business and turns into a mature, sensible, cool (And by cool we mean actually cool) person. An independent boss-lady, someone who has her sh*t together and stable love life. That is Alexis for you!

Schitt’s Creek Awards

For the audience, every season seemed too short. We always wanted more of the show. The popularity gained by Schitt’s Creek in a limited amount of time was crazy. The series also won the comedy category at the 2020 Emmy Awards. Not just that, Schitt’s Creek has won numerous awards in a short amount of time. Such as:

  • Outstanding Comedy Series
  • Lead Actor, Comedy (Eugene Levy)
  • Lead Actress, Comedy (Catherine O’Hara)
  • Supporting Actor, Comedy (Daniel Levy)
  • Supporting Actress, Comedy (Annie Murphy)
  • Casting, Comedy Series (Lisa Parasyn, Jon Comerford)

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When did Schitt’s Creek start?

Schitt’s Creek started on January 13th, 2015.

Is Schitt’s Creek over?

Yes, Schitt’s Creek concluded after six seasons.

Is there a Schitt’s Creek season 7?

No, there isn’t a Schitt’s Creek season 7.

Did Netflix remove Schitt’s Creek?

Yes, Netflix has removed Schitt’s Creek and now the show has moved to Hulu from October 3rd.

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