Watch ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Original Sin In UK On HBO Max: Finale Recap

A new season of Pretty Little Liars will air on HBO Max. It will be known as Pretty Little Liars Original Sin this time. According to rumors, the plot of this program will begin 20 years after the conclusion of the first one. Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, and Troian Bellisario starred in the original Pretty Little Liars series, which ran on Freeform from 2010 to 2017. On September 2, 2020, it was announced that the Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa-created reboot series was beginning production. A few weeks later, on September 24, it was revealed that HBO Max will be the streaming platform for the new show. Hang on with us thill the end of the blog to find out how to watch Pretty Little Liars Original Sin in UK on HBO Max.

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About Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Season 1 –

Sara Shepard’s young adult novels served as the inspiration for both the original series and Pretty Little Liars Original Sin. Despite this, the story of these tiny liars will take place in the same universe as the original TV series even if it won’t be set in the same town. Therefore, it wouldn’t surprise us if any of our favorite original series actors made an appearance! Let’s discuss everything we currently know about this reboot series in the meantime.


Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Plot –

HBO Max’s initial comment about Pretty Little Liars said as follows: The logline for Original Sin says, “Twenty years ago, a series of tragic events nearly tore the blue-collar town of Millwood apart.” A brand-new batch of Little Liars are now being tormented by an unidentified assailant and made to pay for the secret sin their parents committed two decades ago…as well as their own.


The new show will be significantly darker than the first, according to the series’ creator. It will nonetheless center on their friendship and how a string of horrific, anonymous texts affects them. This will also occur in a different location—Millwood, Pennsylvania, a town located miles from Rosewood, the setting of the first season of the show. Aguirre-Sacasa remarked, “We wanted a fresh collection of girls, a new town, a new set of secrets, and a new version of “A.” “We adore Rosewood’s very existence. We mention it. Easter eggs are present all year round.

He also discussed the choice to introduce fresh characters as opposed to casting new versions of the original five characters. He remarked, “We very deliberately claimed it didn’t continue with the original characters. The first series was truly legendary. It felt futile to try to persuade people to accept a new Aria or a new Spencer.

Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Cast –

Chandler Kinney and Maia Reficco were among the stars hired for this revival, according to a Harper’s Bazaar report from July 2021. Tabby, an “aspiring director, and movie buff,” will be played by Kinney, who is well recognized for her roles in Lethal Weapon and Zombies 2. Reficco will play Noa, a “striving, cynical track star who’s working hard to restore her life to normal after a summer spent in juvenile jail, on the other hand.” She last appeared in Evita and Kally’s Mashup.


On March 8th, HBO Max via EW released the remaining members of the main cast. Imogen, a “sugary sweet adolescent mom,” will be played by once-upon-a-time star Bailee Madison. She also discussed how, despite being a longtime fan of the show, she was first hesitant to join this revival series. “I immediately understood that it’s not a remake of the first one, it’s a reimagining of what worked so well and what people enjoyed, but we’re leaning into the horror and the mystery of it all,” the author said.

Malia Pyles as Minnie of FX’s Baskets fame, Zaria as Faran of Two Distant Stangers renown, and Mallory Bechtel as Karen (Who is also known for her work on Hereditary), a high school bully, will make up the remaining primary friend group.

Watch Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Trailer –

Who dies in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin? Is Karen dead or alive? (Warning: Spoiler)

Well, as we all know Karein has been publicly claimed death, but we still have our doubts throughout the series. In episode 4, Faran catches Kelly using Karen’s locker which makes her doubt Kelly and comes to a conclusion that Kelly was the one who was killed by A and Karen is actually alive.

In the final episode, Kelly tells her mother about how she landed a part as the lead dancer. Her mother accidentally calls her Karen. Or is it really by accident? Even though she lost her one daughter, a mother can tell a difference between her two kids.

What happened in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin season 1 finale?

In the series finale, Imogen starts to have contractions. Meanwhile, Principal Clanton plans to put all blame on Sheriff Beasly and shoots Greg. When all of this is happening, Imogen stabs Archie (we think he’s dead now), resulting in Imogan being in hospital as she has a baby. Both Sheriff and Archie survive as Principal Clanton and Chip get arrested. 

The season ends with Noa’s mom deciding to go to rehab while Mouse’s mom wants to try therapy. However, the gang discovers that Chip is out of prison, which makes the girls want to send him back. Most importantly, Sheriff Beasley gets murdered in hospital, and A also attacks Chip, and with that the episode ends.

Has Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin been renewed for season 2?

HBO Max has not spilled any details about season 2. It is probably going to take a while before they announce it. Although, considering the fact that the original series got 8 seasons, we are expecting this one to definitely have a season 2.


What is the Pretty Little Liars Original Sin release date 2022?

The show Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Season 1 will be released on Thursday, July 28th, 2022.

Where can I watch Pretty Little Liars Original Sin?

watch Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Season 1 will be able to stream on HBO.

How many episodes are there in Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Season 1?

There is a total of 10 episodes in the Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Season 1.

Is PLL original sin a prequel?

The new series is a prequel to the original series and follows a new group of teenagers in the blue-collar town of Millwood, Pennsylvania.

Where to watch pretty little liars

The mystery drama thriller is set to premiere on HBO Max soon.

Pretty little liars age rating

Pretty Little Liars age rating is TV-14