Watch ‘Fisk Season 2’ in UK: Release date, cast, trailer and more

It’s almost time for a new season of Fisk, an ABC comedy series, so Australians, brace yourself. The third episode of the second season of Kitty Flanagan’s deadpan legal comedy Fisk premieres on November 9. Watch Fisk Season 2 as it comes to your screens on the mentioned release date.

Flanagan’s Logie-winning series also features her return to the character of Helen Tudor-Fisk, a probate lawyer. Let me fill you in on the details.

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It’s time for some humour. Fisk Season 2 Episode 3 has finally received a release date!

The second season premieres on ABC (both on-air and on iView) on October 26 at 9 p.m. After then, new episodes will premiere every Wednesday at the usual time. You may also watch them on ABC iview.  

Comedy: Fisk is all about it!

Humorous, quick-paced story of a once-prestigious contracts attorney (Helen Tudor-Fisk) who, after a humiliating marital breakup and professional fall from power, is forced to accept a job in a dingy suburban legal office. 

The comedic premise of Fisk Season 2 is as follows

After her personal and professional life comes crumbling around Helen Tudor-Fisk, she is forced to accept a position as a corporate contract lawyer at a little rundown law practice that specialises in wills and estates.

People make her uncomfortable; therefore, she avoids them whenever possible. The idea was that if she specialised in wills and estates, all of her customers would be deceased, and she could avoid human interaction. The bad news for her is that that’s not how the system works.

During the second season, Tudor-Fisk gets promoted to a higher position at Gruber & Associates. Helen’s arrival couldn’t have come at a better time since just as she got used to her new role, Roz started a new project, and Ray needed her to step up her game.

But Helen’s history will catch up with her this season, and the Grubers will have to make a tough choice.

Does Season 2 of Fisk have a trailer yet?

There is currently no trailer for Season 2. However, you can see the cast poke fun at themselves by asking random people whether they had heard of the series “Fisk.”

Who are we going to see this time?

Australian comedy greats, including Denise Scott, Sam Pang, and Glenn Robbins, all made appearances in the first season. You can count on seeing a lot more of it this season.

We will see guest appearances from over 20 comedians throughout the season, such as Anne Edmonds, Geraldine Hickey, and Broden Kelly of Aunty Donna.

The dynamics of the major characters, however, remain the show’s driving force.

  • Kitty Flanagan as Helen Tudor-Fisk
  • Julia Zemiro as Roz Gruber
  • Marty Sheargold as Ray Gruber
  • Aaron Chen as George
  • Debra Lawrance, as May
  • John Gaden as Anthony Fisk
  • Glenn Butcher as Viktor

The latest buzz about Fisk: positive reviews are coming in.

How is Fisk being regarded on sites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes?

The overall rating for Fisk on IMDb is 7.8.

Here are some of the reasons why you should tune in to Fisk Season 2

Helen’s signature brown suit and biting humour steal the show as she expertly navigates the murky waters of probate law while always looking extremely put together and just a bit offbeat.

So how many episodes is Fisk Season 2 going to have?

Fisk Season has six episodes, of which two have already been broadcast, and the third will be on November 9. 

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Can you watch Fisk for free?

Fisk is not available for free. 

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