One Last Hurrah! How to watch Doc Martin season 10 in UK on ITV Hub

The popular television series, Doc Martin, is making a comeback with its tenth and final season, which is set to be a memorable one for fans. Martin Clunes, who plays the lead character, Doc Martin, will once again don the white coat for what promises to be an entertaining and emotionally charged final run of episodes.

The new season will air on ITV Hub in the UK and is slated for release on 7th September. Fans can expect some great storylines, including a special Christmas episode, that will keep them on the edge of their seats and leave a lasting impact. The series has always been known for its quirky humor, charming characters, and dramatic moments, and the final season is no exception.

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Watch Doc Martin season 10 in uk on ITV Hub

Doc Martin season 10 would be available to be streamed on ITV Hub in UK. However, just in case you are traveling or reside outside the UK, you might face trouble streaming the show due to geo-blocking restrictions. But wait, we have a hack for you. You can stream the season through a reliable VPN, Such as ExpressVPN!

Doc Martin Season 10 release date

The long-awaited tenth and final season of the popular television series. Doc Martin, is set to premiere on ITV Hub on September 7th at 2:00 PM (7:00 PM according to UK timings). Fans of the show have been eagerly waiting for the return of Martin Clunes as the gruff but loveable Doc Martin. And they will not be disappointed.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering the show, this documentary is sure to provide a wealth of information and entertainment. Making the wait for the final season of Doc Martin even more exciting. So, mark your calendars for September 7th and get ready for a final journey to the charming town of Portwenn and the return of one of television’s most beloved characters.

The season will be concluding the prolonged Martin Clunes series. To make the finale grand, a Christmas special will be released in December 2022.

Doc Martin season 10 plot

The final season of Doc Martin promises to be a thrilling and emotional ride as the Doc faces some of the biggest challenges of his life. The series picks up where the last season left off. With the Doc grappling with his blood phobia and trying to overcome it. While also coming to terms with the realization that he may have made the wrong decision about resigning as Portwenn’s GP.

Doc Martin.5

With Louisa pursuing her new career as a child counsellor and the household now expanded with the arrival of baby Mary Elizabeth. The Doc finds himself juggling the responsibilities of parenthood and struggling to find a sense of purpose. But when he discovers a potential way to overcome his phobia, he must decide whether he wants to return to his old job. And once again become the trusted GP of the town.

Where to watch Doc Martin season 10 online free

If you wish to avoid subscribing to different streaming platforms and watching the show online. Then you can do it through websites such as However, online websites are not available in every region so you’ll have to use a VPN anyway. But this way, you can at least avoid the subscription cost. So it is a win-win situation.

What to expect from Doc Martin season 10

The new season is also filled with plenty of heart-pumping moments. Including a scene in which Martin Clunes is seen beside a car on the edge of a cliff. The tension is palpable as viewers wonder what fate has in store for the Doc. And the scene is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Doc Martin Season 10

Overall, the final season of Doc Martin promises to be a thrilling and emotional journey, filled with humor, drama, and heartwarming moments that will leave fans both satisfied and nostalgic. Get ready for an unforgettable farewell to the town of Portwenn and the Doc himself.

Who is starring in Doc Martin season 10?

We’d see the series regular returning for the final season. With Martin Clunes reprising his role as Dr. Martin Ellingham, the angry-young man with a blood phobia who resides in Cornish Seaside village. We know Martin Clunes from Manhunt, and his famous travel series Martin Clunes Islands Of the Pacific

Accompanying him would be Caroline Catz as Louisa Ellingham, who plays Doc’s wife who has also resigned from her job to order take a career shift, starting off as a child counselor. Here is the rest of the cast for season 10:

  • Dame Eileen Atkins as Aunt Ruth
  • Ian McNeice as Bert Large
  • Joe Absolom as Al
  • John Marquez as PC Joe Penhale
  • Jessica Ransom as Morwenna Newcross
  • Selina Cadell as Mrs Tishell.

On a lighter note, we are also going to see some guest starts, such as  Fay Ripley (Cold Feet) as Abigail, David Hayman starring as George Upton,  Ben Miller (Professor T, Death In Paradise)  as Stewart James,  Lesley Nichol (Mrs Patmore in Downton Abbey) as Irene Moore.

Info about Doc Martin Christmas Special 2022

According to Polly Hill, the head of drama at ITV, the popular television series Doc Martin deserves a proper farewell if this is indeed the end. Polly herself is not ready to say goodbye to the series. Which has entertained audiences on ITV for the past 18 years. In recognition of its success, ITV has decided to commission a Christmas special to accompany the final season of the series.

Polly expressed her gratitude towards Martin Clunes, Philippa Braithwaite. And the rest of the talented cast and crew who have brought Doc Martin to life. She acknowledged that it will be sad to see the series come to an end but promised that the finale will be memorable and fitting for such a beloved and successful show. The Christmas special and the final season of Doc Martin will give fans a chance to say goodbye to the town of Portwenn and its quirky inhabitants in style.

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Is Doc Martin netflix?

Doc Martin is not on Netflix. It is on ITV Hub.

Will there be a 11th season of Doc Martin?

No, Doc Martin series is ocncluding with season 10.

Does Doc Martin have Aspergers?

Yes, he does.

Why did Aunt Joan leave Doc Martin?

She had other plans and wanted to explore other place.

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