Days Of Our Lives has been shifted to Peacock TV! How to watch ‘Days Of Our Lives’ in UK on Peacock TV

We’ve all heard about the famous Days Of Our Lives in friends when Joey Tribbiani got his role as DR. Drake Ramoray. Even though it was fictional, we discovered that Days Of Our Lives is an actual soap opera, with a strong casting and a compelling story. Now watch ‘Days Of Our Lives’ in UK on Peacock TV!

The soap opera used to be aired on NBC but has now been shifted to Peacock TV. What could be the reason behind it? Why did the show leave NBC? Did Peacock buy the show? Here is everything we know!

How to watch ‘Days Of Our Lives’ in UK on Peacock TV

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Days Of Our Lives on Peacock – What we now

The persistent show which has been airing for 56 years, launched back on 8th November 1965, won’t be aired on NBC anymore. NBC recently announced that the timeslot has been given to some other show which has left the fans devastated. But don’t worry! The show must go on, just not on NBC! Alas, Days Of Our Lives is shifting to a different streaming platform instead, that being Peacock Tv.

In fact, Peacock might be gaining a lot of subscribers just because of a single show. considering the current circumstances, NBC has shifted the show to its streaming channel, Peacock. Josh Dean, head of development at Campside Media has shared his thoughts about the shift, saying that the goal of networks is just to increase their subscribers.

“Networks really want to lure the public to their streaming sites in an effort to boost their subscriber base,†He adds, “Announcements like this will probably keep happening as viewers stop watching linear TV, or basic cable, as we know it, and instead ‘cut the cord and watch TV via their laptops and tablets on the streamers.â€

Has Peacock bought Days Of Our Lives?

Peacock has not bought the show. The evergreen soap opera is still going to be owned by NBC, but it just won’t air on network television. To elaborate, now you would not be able to randomly watch the show on television. Instead,d you’d have to stream it on your laptop or any other device through Peacock Tv (NBC’s streaming service)

Would all seasons of Days Of Our Lives be on Peacock?

Would all 14,000 episodes/57 seasons be on Peacock TV? Yes, absolutely! Not only can you now enjoy the upcoming episodes at any time which is convenient to you, but you can also replay previous episodes in order to catch up. Apart from this, there would be ample other classic shows for you to stream!

The show’s director Scott Mckinsey said, ”Please consider signing on to Peacock for at least a month, near the date of September 12, to demonstrate your interest in following ‘Days’ to its new platform. This will help solidify ‘DOOL’s chances of remaining viable with Peacock.”

If the show does not earn popularity on Peacock, it will be removed.

Can you watch Days of Our Lives on Peacock for free?

You can not watch Days of Our Lives in Peacock for free. As a streaming platform, Peacock has certain charges per month. But if you are okay with watching shows with ads in between, similar to watching Days of Our Lives on Tv, then you can opt for Peacock free tier.

Peacock Premium subscription costs $4.99 a month through which you can watch ad-free shows and plenty of popular series/movies such as Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, and more!

When will Days of Our Lives be on Peacock?

Days of Our Lives is arriving on Peacock on 12th September 2022.

Is Days of Our Lives ending in 2022?

There have been rumors circulating about DOUL ending in 2022 but the truth is, the show isn’t ending in 2022 nor will it be concluding anytime soon. There is plenty of twists and turns to come!

Even if the show is departing from the cable network, it is being revived on Peacock.

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What streaming app has Days of our Lives?

Peacock Tv.

Is Days of our Lives leaving NBC?

Yes, Days of Our Lives will no longer air on NBC.

Why is NBC moving Days of our Lives?

NBC wishes to build the show’s loyal fanbase on streaming.

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