Watch ‘Chicago P.D. Season 10′ in UK on Peacock: Crimes in Chicago

Fans of Dick Wolf know that One Chicago Wednesdays on NBC which features an American police procedural action drama television series Chicago P.D. has returned for its tenth season in September and is one of the best television programs. The startling turns of events of season 9 shook the team altogether. Season 10 premiered its first episode “Let It Bleed†on September 22 2022. Watch new episodes of Chicago P.D. Season 10 on Peacock from November 3 2022 onwards.

Created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead the programme follows the uniformed patrol officers and the 21st District Intelligence Unit of the Chicago Police Department as they hunt down those responsible for the most prominent street infractions in the city.

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Release date of the show Chicago P.D. Season 10

The first episode “Let It Bleed†of Chicago P.D. season 10 premiered on Thursday September 22 2022 on the Peacock streaming platform.

What is the series Chicago P.D. all about?

In this gripping police drama Chicago P.D. the men and women of the Chicago Police Department’s elite Intelligence Unit fight against the most horrific crimes committed in the city including organised crime drug trafficking high-profile murders and more 

Chicago P.D. Season 10: Cutting-edge plot

Chicago P.D. a spin-off of Chicago Fire is centered on the fictitious 21st District where patrol policemen and the department’s elite Intelligence Unit under Detective Sergeant Hank Voight are stationed (Jason Beghe). The show initially focuses on patrol and intelligence officers during the first three seasons and the first half of season four but after Officer Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) and Officer Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) both advance to the intelligence unit the focus shifts to the intelligence unit.

Chicago P.D. Season 10 trailer

Critic’s reviews of the show Chicago P.D. Season 10

Jasmine Blu a critic from TV Fanatic said: “The addition of Chief O’Neil and his willingness to give Voight a long leash feels like another turning point in this series and the start of a new era which is timely for kicking off the series’ momentous tenth season.â€

People reviews about Chicago P.D. Season 10: Fans love it

One fan commented on IMDb that: “PD is the best cop TV. By far the best of the Chicago trilogy and it’s not even close.â€- jduyrhfngj

Another fan commented on IMDb: “Worth Watching! It’s one show of a bigger Chicago Universe that they created along with Chicago Fire & Chicago Med. I think Chicago PD is far and away the best of the three and definitely worth watching.â€- Supermanfan-13

IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of the show Chicago P.D.

Its IMDb rating is 8.1 out of 10 and Rotten Tomatoes have a 90% Average Audience Score.

How many episodes of the show Chicago P.D. Season 10 will there be?

Although this season’s precise number of episodes hasn’t been disclosed it is reasonable to estimate there will be 16 to 24.


Episodes Overview of the show Chicago P.D. Season 10

Episode 1: Let It Bleed Overview

Released on September 22 2022. Voight still in shock over the loss of informant Anna must deal with a new danger while attempting to keep the neighbourhood safe. The relationship between Upton Halstead and Voight becomes more complicated. A new team leader is appointed.

Episode 2: The Real You Overview

Released on September 29 2022. The crew races against time to locate the kidnapped jail guard and the condemned murderer who hijacked the prison van. In one scenario Burgess raises concerns about Ruzek’s intentions which strains their relationship.

Episode 3: A Good Man Overview

Released on October 6 2022. Halsted speaks with one of the victims about their military backgrounds as the crew looks into a series of savage pharmacy thefts. Upton confides in Voight that he believes there is more to the story.

Episode 4: Dónde Vives Overview

Released on October 13 2022. Dante Torres a rookie officer gets drawn into his neighbourhood by a terrible murder. Voight and Atwater assist him in resolving the lawsuit and navigating challenging interpersonal situations with his cautious neighbours. Torres is aware that his life may alter drastically.

Episode 5: Pink Cloud Overview

Released on October 20 2022. The squad becomes sucked into a murky network of human trafficking thanks to Upton’s relentless search for a missing young girl. When it becomes clear that his son Sean has a connection to the missing girl Chief O’Neil joins the unit’s investigation.

Episode 6: Sympathetic Reflex Overview

It will premiere on November 3 2022. When Atwater’s actions during a stressful arrest are questioned the team must delve deeper to find crucial evidence to help the current investigation and exonerate Atwater.

Episode 7: Into the Deep Overview

It will premiere on November 10 2022. Upton and the team labour tirelessly to create a case in secret against Sean O’Neal when the evidence against him eventually appears. They soon learn that Sean is more mysterious and dangerous than they had initially thought.

Season 10 Episode 8: Under the Skin

In this upcoming episode Intelligence is assigned a “dead fish” case by Chief O’Neal to distract them from the investigation into his son; but as the case develops into a sophisticated heater case Burgess is forced to relive unpleasant memories from her past.

What happened to Makayla on Chicago PD season 9?

Makayla went through some devasting experiences in Chicago P.D season 9. First she was coping with her mother’s near-death experience and the custody battle with her biological father. Then she was kidnapped. Fortunately Burgess and Ruzek rescued her. Her mother Burgess was doing everything she can to normalize her child’s life as Makayla was still traumatized by the endless mishaps happening in her life.

Who is Charisma Carpenter in Chicago P.D. and what is her role?

Only two episodes of Season 3 of “Chicago P.D.” include Charisma Carpenter’s character Brianna Logan (“A Night Owl” and “Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb”). Her former law practitioner persona is the proprietor of a medical marijuana business that has been attacked in the pilot episode. If the bad guys try to break into Brianna’s shop she has multiple security on duty including Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer).

Jefferson White on Chicago P.D.

In the film Jefferson White plays the role of Sean. The actor may look familiar to viewers of the country drama Yellowstone in which he played Jimmy. He’s been there since the beginning and his contributions to Yellowstone have been universally praised.

Having an actor of White’s calibre on One Chicago is bound to pique fans’ interests. His talent to play morally ambiguous characters in the PD episode “Pink Cloud” was on full display.

Although White’s acting career is very young he has already made a name for himself in the television industry. In 2014 he made his acting debut on an episode of The Americans and since then he has been in Elementary Blue Bloods and How to Get Away with Murder as a guest star. In Dick Wolf’s universe he is a serial guest star on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

What happened to Jay Halstead on Chicago P.D.?

Over the course of Chicago PD’s 10 seasons many actors have come and gone but it’s never easy to say goodbye to a fan favourite. Many viewers of Chicago PD have been caught off guard by Jay Halstead’s mysterious disappearance from recent episodes. Is anyone aware of what became of Chicago PD’s Jay Halstead?

After the events of Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 3 “A Good Man” Jay Halstead decides to leave the department. After Halstead and the suspect got into a confrontation Jay stabbed the man to death for the episode’s climax. Halstead surrendered to Chief Patrick O’Neal despite the advice of Voight and Jay’s wife Upton who had seen him through his moral deterioration and believed he was no longer a threat to society. As soon as he handed in his badge Jay told his wife that he was leaving Chicago for a place where the distinctions between good and evil were more distinct. Halstead has therefore stated that he will be joining a task force in Bolivia to help eradicate the drug cartels operating there. It’s a high-stakes assignment that will need Halstead to go across the world. He promised his wife he’d be gone from Bolivia for no more than eight months however whether or not their union will survive for that long is uncertain.

Who is Michael Gaston in Chicago P.D.?

New Intelligence Unit leader Patrick O’Neal (Michael Gaston) and his kid (who we haven’t seen yet) will play an important role in the plot through Season 5 Episode 9 according to Gwen Sigan the show’s creator and chief writer who spoke to Cinema Blend.

Who is Trudy on Chicago P.D.?

Trudy Platt-McHolland is a member of the Chicago Police Department and works as a desk sergeant in the 21st district. She was the one who oversaw Kim Burgess and Kevin Atwater before they were elevated to the Intelligence Unit. Her husband is firefighter Randall McHolland. Amy Morton plays the part.

Tracy Spiridakos Age

She’s 34 years old with a birthday that falls on the 20th of February 1988.

Is Jay coming back to Chicago P.D.?

After a heartbreaking episode early in Season 10 said goodbye to Jay Halstead Chicago P.D. has been airing without star Jesse Lee Soffer for the first time in the show’s history.

If reports from Variety are to be believed Jesse Lee Soffer will return to Chicago P.D. in 2023 to direct the 16th episode of the show’s tenth season. While the premiere date of Episode 16 of Season 10 on NBC has not yet been announced if the season is anything like the others (with the exception of the eighth which was cut short due to COVID production troubles) then Soffer’s episode will likely air in March.

Fans of the Upton/Halstead duo will have to patiently wait until Jesse Lee Soffer returns to his longtime home on NBC to learn what’s going on with Upstead. Now that he’s a director fans shouldn’t count on him making any on-set appearances but it would be cool if he did (or at least followed the example of Jesse Spencer from Chicago Fire when the Casey actor made a voice cameo for a phone call scene after departing).

Where can I watch Chicago P.D Season 10 online in UK?

Chicago P.D season 10 is streaming on Peacock. Only the first three seasons of Chicago P.D. are available for free on 9Now. However to watch the latest episodes of Chicago P.D in high definition subscribe to Peacock.

But wait which VPN should you buy to watch Chicago P.D. Season 10 and see how Makyla’s story continues this season? Here’s our comparison of the two best VPNs.

What happened to Roy Walton Chicago PD season 8?

Roy Walton died in Chicago PD season 8. However his shadows still lingered in season 9.

Best Chicago PD fanfiction to read?

Here are the top 10 best Chicgao P.D fan fiction to read.

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