Watch ‘Chicago Fire Season 11’ in UK: Release date, cast, trailer and more

Chicago Fire has officially kicked off its 11th season. It is an American television series and follows the fictitious Firehouse 51 the firemen rescue workers and paramedics of the Chicago Fire Department live their professional and private lives. The first episode of season 11 premiered on September 22 2022 on the Peacock streaming platform. Watch Chicago Fire Season 11 New Episodes coming to Peacock on November 3 2022.

Directed by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas the executive producer is Dick Wolf. The first installment in Wolf Entertainment’s Chicago series centers on various governmental agencies in Chicago Illinois.

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Chicago Fire Season 11 release date in UK

The first episode of season 11 premiered on September 22 2022 on the Peacock streaming platform.

Danger Thrill Rescue: Chicago Fire is all about it

It is the first installment of the Chicago Franchise. The second one is Chicago P.D and Chicago Med is the third one. The primary focus of the television series Chicago Fire is the life both on and off the job of the firemen and paramedics stationed at Firehouse 51 in Chicago. Most episodes are stand-alone storylines but a few include season-long plotlines.

Here’s the thrilling plot of Chicago Fire

The fictional Firehouse 51 home to the fictitious Engine Company 51 Truck Company 81 Rescue Squad Company 3 Battalion 25 and Ambulance 61 the show examines the professional and personal lives of the Chicago Fire Department’s firemen rescue workers and paramedics. After veteran firefighter Andrew Darden passes away relationships become strained and divided as Lieutenant Matthew Casey later Captain officer-in-charge of Truck Company 81 and Lieutenant Kelly Severide officer-in-charge of Rescue Squad Company 3 place the blame for Andrew Darden’s passing on one another. Wallace Boden the brave and tenacious Deputy District Chief oversees all 51 staff members.

Chicago Fire official trailer

The network has unveiled the first look at the upcoming season via a new joint One Chicago trailer even though NBC has chosen not to produce solo trailers for its One Chicago dramas. Fans can see a preview of the forthcoming seasons of the series as well as a scene from Severide and Kidd’s honeymoon at the cabin where an unexpected visitor visits them.

People reviews about the show Chicago Fire season 11

A fan commented on IMDb: “Excellent show.â€- claudio_carvalho

Another fan commented: “A Great Edition to TV Entertainment….Chicago Fire.â€- crittiebee

Critic’s reviews about the show Chicago Fire Season 11

Ashley Bissette Sumerel a critic from Tell-Tale TV said: “It’s an action-packed beginning and it’s the kind of opener that leaves you a bit breathless. Unfortunately it’s another instance of Chicago Fire resolving a cliffhanger quickly.â€

‘Chicago Fire’ showrunner revealed the death of unthinkable fan favorite character

The fan favourite firefighter Brian “Otis†Zvonecek was portrayed by Yuri Sardarov for the first seven seasons of the NBC Chicago Fire. However Otis perishes from wounds incurred while putting out a fire at a mattress manufacturing in the Season 8 premiere “Sacred Ground.â€


The Season 7 conclusion “I’m Not Leaving You†has firefighters battling a fire in a mattress manufacturer. A boiler explodes causing havoc and casting everyone’s future in doubt. The aftermath is where the Season 8 premiere picks up right away. Otis is trapped in the fire while trying to flee. But he manages to send a distress call to his coworkers. Sadly he sustains severe wounds and is unable to travel to safety with the other firefighters.

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IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of the show Chicago Fire Season 11

Its IMDb rating is 8.0 out of 10 and 50% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.

How many episodes of the show Chicago Fire Season 11 will there be?

Although this season’s precise number of episodes hasn’t been disclosed it is reasonable to estimate there will be 16 to 24.

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Episodes Overview of the show Chicago Fire Season 11

Episode 1: Hold on Tight Overview

Released on September 22 2022. A dangerous figure from Kidd and Severide’s past interrupts their honeymoon; Kidd’s former academy classmate joins Firehouse 51 and Brett and Violet consider their relationships.

Episode 2: Every Scar Tells a Story Overview

Released on September 29 2022. Javi works a few shifts at Firehouse 51; Kidd and Carver collaborate to assist Carver’s previous employer; and as Hawkins and Violet’s romance develops Gallo takes his focus elsewhere.

Episode 3: Completely Shattered Overview

Released on October 6 2022. Severide and Detective Pryma grudgingly team up to work on a police investigation; Kidd enlists Carver Capp and Tony to arrange her new lieutenant’s quarters; and Firehouse 51 works together to put out a movie theatre fire.

Episode 4: The Center of the Universe Overview

Released on October 13 2022. Carver’s turbulent personal life is revealed to Kidd and Mouch and Herrmann are given an unexpected gift.

Episode 5: Haunted House Overview

Released on October 20 2022. Kidd and Severide help a little girl who has been ejected from her home at Firehouse 51’s Halloween open house.

Episode 6: All Out Mystery Overview

It will premiere on November 3 2022. Through their efforts Javi becomes a permanent member of Chloe and Cruz’s family. Severide and Kidd look into an explosion at a jewelry store; Ritter Mouch and Gallo attempt to get along with Carver.

Episode 7: All-Out Mystery Overview

It will premiere on November 10 2022. The duty of fulfilling a man’s last wish falls to Herrmann. After one of her students passes the Fire Academy Kidd considers the success of her Girls on Fire program. Firehouse 51 is being heckled by someone.

Where can I watch Chicago Fire season 11 online in UK?

Chicago Fire season 11 is currently streaming on Peacock. You can also stream the other two installments of the Chicago franchise ‘Chicago P.D’ and ‘Chicago Med’ on Peacock.

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