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Get ready for a season of American Idol that’s full of surprises! The twenty-first season is back with Katy Perry who’s sure to add some spice to the mix. With her bubbly personality, outrageous fashion sense, and honest critiques, Katy is the queen of the panel. Fans are buzzing with anticipation over what she’ll bring to the show this year.

And with new talent, unforgettable performances, and plenty of drama, this season of American Idol is not to be missed. So, tune in and get ready to see Katy and the rest of the judges in action – it’s going to be a wild ride!Don’t forget to watch American Idol Season 21 in UK premiering on February 19, 2023, exclusively on ABC. So mark your calendar, set your reminders, and get ready to discover the next American Idol!

Watch on ABC airing February 19, 2023.

Quick Step: how to watch American Idol Season 21 on ABC using a VPN

  1. To watch movies/TV Shows & Live Sports from a platform that is geo-restricted in the UK, we recommend ExpressVPN OR NordVPN

  2. Download the VPN and connect to a US server.

  3. Log in to your streaming platform.

  4. Find American Idol Season 21 and stream it no matter where you are.

Where to watch American Idol Season 21 Series online in UK?

The popular singing-competition series will be airing on February 19, 2023 on ABC and if you want to watch American Idol Season 21 in UK, you can do so by using a VPN on February 20, 2023. This is because the tv show will be streaming on ABC which is an American channel that cannot be accessed in UK without using a VPN.

By the way, there’s a nifty comparison of our recommended VPNs at the end of this article.

Hulu has produced tons of American tv series over the years, which have become quite popular among the audience. The popular streaming platform airs some of the best gangster movies.

Keep reading below if you’re wondering where to watch American Idol Season 21 in UK.

What Is American Idol Season 21 Release Date?

Make sure not to miss out on the excitement of the latest season of this popular singing-competition American TV series! Watch American Idol Season 21 on ABC airing February 19th, 2023. You’ll be treated to an array of melodic singing and some fiery drama created by the returning judges. So, mark your calendars and get ready to stream American Idol Season 21, only on ABC!

Is American Idol Season 21 Available Online in UK?

The popular show isn’t available in the UK. Although, through a VPN you can watch American Idol Season 21 online in UK. This is because American Idol Season 21 is an American show and it can only be streamed in UK by using a VPN in the region.

Where to Watch American Idol Season 21 Series for Free?

Currently, American Idol Season 21 can be streamed for free on ABC. However, the show can be streamed on Hulu. Since these are American streaming platforms, they cannot be accessed in UK without a VPN.

Further, you can also watch America’s Got Talent to see some exceptional hidden talent from melodic singers to fire blazers.

American Idol Season 20 Recap

The finale for the American Idol Season 20 kicked off with a high-energy performance by Flo Rida, featuring past and current contestants. The first round challenged the top three finalists, HunterGirl, Noah Thompson, and Leah Marlene, to perform a song from Bruce Springsteen’s catalog. The performances were impressive, with Leah nailing “Born in the U.S.A.”, HunterGirl smashing “Dancing in the Dark,” and Noah hitting a home run with “I’m on Fire.”

The season’s finale was a grand affair, featuring performances from the top 10 contestants, along with Earth, Wind, and Fire, Deana Carter, Ben Platt, Gabby Barrett, Sara Bareilles, Thomas Rhett, Michael Bublé, and the show’s judges, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan.

In the last round of the competition, the final two contestants performed an encore of a song they’d previously sung on the show. Noah impressed with his rendition of Rihanna’s “Stay,” and HunterGirl delivered an impressive performance of Rascal Flatts’ “Riot.” Ultimately, Noah was crowned the season’s winner and celebrated his victory by performing his single, “One Day Tonight.”

Talking about Rihanna, the famous pop star also performed at the Super Bowl 2023 in their halftime.

American Idol Season 21 Judges

When you will watch American Idol Season 21, you will be pleased to see that the new season will be starting off with its initial rounds of auditions featuring the well-known trio of judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. Sadly, this time as well the brutal judge Simon Cowell will not be joining the show.

American Idol Season 21 Schedule

The premiere of the new season will be on Sunday, February 19, followed by weekly broadcasts every Sunday and Monday. Voting for season 21 opened on Sunday, April 16, which is earlier than in previous seasons.

American Idol Season 21 Auditions

This evening, catch the first round of auditions featuring talented performers from New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Nashville. Viewers will be treated to a spectacular showcase of aspiring pop stars as they pour their hearts out in hopes of landing a golden ticket to Hollywood. If any of the contestants really shine, they could even receive a coveted platinum ticket, which allows them to bypass the first round of the Hollywood Week competition.

What Is American Idol Season 21 2023 ABC Based On?

American Idol is a reality TV singing competition that searches for the most talented singers in the United States. The concept of the show involves contestants auditioning in front of a panel of judges who provide critiques on their performances, and then the public votes for their favorite contestants to advance to the next round. Each week, contestants perform in front of a live audience and judges, with the weakest performers eliminated until a winner is crowned in the season finale. The winner of American Idol receives a recording contract, along with other prizes and opportunities to advance their music career.

Watch American Idol Season 21 Promo

Catch the first glimpse of American Idol Season 21 with this exciting trailer to see what melodic voices and crazy auditions are in store for us in the new season:

What are the age restrictions of American Idol Season 21 TV Show?

There are currently no age restrictions for the show American Idol Season 21. Further, the show is categorized as reality singing competition series.

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American Idol Season 21 Contestants

Here is a brief guide of American Idol Season 21 contestants for your convenience. There are a total of 10 episodes in every season of the show. Episode titles as revealed have been mentioned below:

Marybeth Byrd

She appeared on The Voice season 17 as part of Team Legend, where she finished in 7th or 8th place.

Alison Ogden

This singer is a 22 year old R&B and pop artist that is currently based in Los Angeles, California.


Her debut recording was shared by Postmodern Jukebox when she was only 14 years old.

Kaylin Hedges

New York City based singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor Kaylin Hedges is among the artists appearing on American Idol this season.

Mariah Faith

Mariah Faith is a singer that has blown up on TikTok multiple times. Although she posts lifestyle content for the most part, she also duets musicians to show off her beautiful voice.

Avalon Young

Season 21 will also be Avalon Young‘s 2nd time auditioning for American Idol, she originally appeared in American Idol season 15.

Jon Wayne Hatfield

This 21 year old is an country artist that has quite the discography under his belt.

Michael Williams

In 2020, Michael competed on The Voice at only 18 years old. Although his audition was incredible, only new coach Nick Jonas turned his chair for him.


PJAE is a soul, jazz and pop artist hailing from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He can be seen on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube sharing songs on the daily.

Carlton Ellis

This up and coming singer is known on Instagram as myhonest_opinon. Although he only has 1,000 followers, he’s posted tons of song covers, and even a demo.

Megan Danielle

Megan Danielle was also featured on The Voice as part of Team Kelly in season 18. She was only 17 when she impressed Kelly Clarkson and joined Team Kelly by default.

Tyson Venegas

Tyson Venegas is an up and coming 17 year old singer that’s shared tons of covers on social media.

Carina DeAngelo

Carina is an aspiring recording artist and small business owner.

Drake Walden

Drake Walden is an up and coming young singer that is currently unknown for the most part. He has 1,000 followers on Instagram, 11 subscribers on YouTube, and 135 followers on TikTok.

Kevin John

Outside of singing, he hosts a podcast named KJ and BB, with professional dancer Brandon Ellis.

Kya Monee

Season 21 will be Kya Monee’s second time auditioning for American Idol. Originally, she auditioned for Season 19.

Owen Eckhardt

Owen Eckhardt is an aspiring country and folk artist hailing from Oklahoma.

Caroline Kole

Caroline Kole is a pop singer that currently has over 282,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Hannah Alexandra

This hopeful is an independent artist hailing from Miami, Florida.

How Are The Fans Reacting To American Idol Season 21?

What are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings for American Idol Season 21 Series?

Currently, the popular singing show American Idol Season 21 has a rating of 4.2/10 on IMDb. However, there are no ratings for American Idol Season 21 on Rotten Tomatoes. Don’t forget to watch American Idol Season 21 in UK to stream some of the very talented singers sing in their harmonic voices.

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Where else to Watch American Idol Season 21 Online in UK?

Currently, American Idol Season 21 is available only on ABC. The popular show besides this is also available on Hulu. Don’t forget to watch the popular singing-competition that is followed by some snarky judge comments.

Here is some brief information about the streaming platforms that will allow you to stream American Idol Season 21:


$14.99/ month
  • Free Trial
  • Diverse Genres
  • 1000+ shows
  • Quality Programming


  • All Seasons Available
  • +1000 shows
  • Wide Range of Shows
  • Free Subscription

The popular streaming platform ‘Hulu’ also offers some of the best kidnapping movies as well as the best motorcycle movies.

Is American Idol Season 21 Available on Netflix?

Currently, American Idol Season 21 is available on Netflix. Although, you can also watch the show on either Hulu or ABC. Don’t forget to stream the show for some breathtaking voices and bone-chilling songs poured in by the contestants.

Where can I Watch the All Episodes of the American Idol Season 21 Series?

If you’re wondering where to watch all of the episodes of American Idol Season 21, then you can watch them on Hulu or ABC. Don’t forget to tune in on all the American Idol Season 21 auditions to see some cheery contestants.

ABC has also been known to feature the popular show ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘.

Best VPNs To Watch American Idol Season 21 TV Show in UK on ABC

Take a look below to see what VPNs are best to watch American Idol Season 21 in UK on ABC in order to stream the show without any worries.


Stream American Idol Season 21 on ABC in 4D, HD, and SD using a VPN to watch all-new episodes of American Idol Season 21 while also getting additional access to 500+ streaming services globally with VPN in your cavalry.

When will American Idol Season 21 start?

The 21st season of American Idol will start on February 19, 2023, on ABC. It will be available to stream on ABC on February 20, 2023.

Can you watch American Idol Season 21 for free?

Yes, you can watch American Idol Season 21 for free on ABC.

Can you watch American Idol Season 21 in UK?

Yes, you can watch the popular show on either Hulu or ABC in UK using a VPN.

What time is American Idol 2023?

The American Idol 2023 program will return to ABC on the 19th of February in 2023.

Is American Idol returning in 2023?

American Idol 2023 is going to air on ABC on Sunday and Monday at 8:00 pm

Can you watch American Idol on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch American Idol on Netflix.

Is American Idol on Netflix or Prime?

Yes, you can watch American Idol on Netflix and Prime.

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