How to watch ‘Abandoned’ (2022) in UK on Hulu

If you are looking for a way to watch ‘Abandoned’ (2022) in UK. The psychological horror film about a young couple will be available on Hulu on October 21 2022 as part of the Halloween film lineup. Director Spencer Squire’s script that he co-wrote with Erik Patterson and Jessica Scott.

The movie contains a lot of symbolism and significant ideas. It has a strong hold on that unsettling vibe with a psychological horror foundation. Although it features a tiny cast their acting is remarkable. I contend that the cast alone would be enough to convince you to watch the film and they do give the strong performances you would anticipate from them.

How to watch ‘Abandoned’ (2022) in UK on Hulu

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Abandoned (2022) release date in UK on Hulu

This psychological horror movie will be streaming on October 21 2022 only on Hulu.

Abandoned (2022) plot

A young couple Sara and Alex with their infant son shift to a remote farmhouse. Eventually while touring the property Sara questions the realtor that certainly the house has been empty for quite a while then why hasn’t anyone purchased it? The Realtor told them that forty years ago a horrific incident occurred. In which a girl named Anna committed suicide after murdering her baby and father. The couple does not think much of it and buys the house. While Sara spends time by herself in the house concurrently she starts hearing noises and finds out there is a hidden room behind the furniture. The realtor reveals to Sara that their neighbour Renner is Anna’s brother. However he was taken in by the authorities after the murders.

Renner visits Sara’s house and reveals that his mother died while giving birth to him. Afterwards Robert his father lost his mental stability and used to rape his sister Anna. Furthermore reveals that his father and sister had three children. Albeit Sara finds out that her baby is missing and someone has broken the wardrobe from the inside. Two young lads in their teens appeared (Robert and Annas’ children) holding her baby. She begs while informing them that she knows who they are and what has happened to them. However the boys assert that they saw her trying to injure the child and they deny giving the infant back. The older boy raises an axe in his hand as she desperately tries to convince them that she had no intention of hurting her baby. The film cuts to black!

The next scene opens with Sara embracing Liam affectionately in her arms. She has fully recovered from her postpartum trauma. The family reunited and the three of them enjoy their time together.

Abandoned (2022) trailer

Sara her husband Alex and their young boy relocate to a secluded farmhouse with a dark sad history. Abandoned (2022) follows their intensely dramatic lives. The mother’s vulnerability increases to the point of psychosis as the history of their home is uncovered. Further endangering both her own and her little son’s safety.

Abandoned (2022) review and ratings

Rotten tomatoes have given Abandoned (2022) a rating of 20% Tomatometer and a 35% audience score and also reviewed the movie:

Horror fans seeking effective frights will almost certainly feel Abandoned by this well-cast but deeply disappointing haunted house story.

IMDb has rated the movie 3.7 out of 10. The? movie hadn’t done good business. In my opinion it’s too long with an ending that doesn’t make any sense meaning what happens after the boy raises an axe in his hand. Did Sara somehow kill them or did Renner save her? Did the boys take pity on her and let her go? I guess we will never know what exactly happened in that scene.

Abandoned (2022) cast

The film Abandoned (2022) stars:

  • Emma Roberts (Sara)
  • John Gallagher Jr. (Alex)
  • Michael Shannon


Where to watch Abandoned (2022) movie?

Abandoned (2022) the psychological horror movie will be released on Hulu on October 21 2022.

Is Abandoned (2022) available on Netflix?

Abandoned (2022) is currently not available on Netflix. However the movie will be available on Hulu on October 21 2022.

Why is Abandoned (2022) rated PG-13?

The movie Abandoned has a PG-13 rating for violence some scary scenes thematic elements and brief harsh language.

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