Cutting the Cord: Vanderpump Members Who Shouldn’t Make a Comeback

As the popular reality show Vanderpump Rules moves forward, it’s important to think about which cast members should not return. Some people on the show have caused problems, create drama, or just aren’t as interesting anymore. In this article, we’ll talk about why these cast members should stay away and make room for new people and stories that can bring back the excitement and keep viewers hooked. Let’s have a look at the Vanderpump members who we and the fans think should not come back!

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1- Max Boyens

Max Boyens made a brief appearance on Vanderpump Rules, gracing the show’s screens for just one season. However, since his departure after Season 8, his absence hasn’t been particularly missed. During his time at TomTom, where he worked alongside the show’s cast, Max found himself caught in flirtatious encounters with both Dayna Kathan and Charli Burnett. Despite his efforts, any potential romantic connections failed to materialize. Not only did Max’s quest for love hit a dead end, but he also came to the realization that the demanding restaurant industry wasn’t where he truly belonged.

Unfortunately, Max’s time on Vanderpump Rules took an abrupt turn when he was fired from the show. The reason behind his dismissal stemmed from racially insensitive comments he had made in the past. Such remarks not only stirred controversy but also raised concerns about the values and inclusivity promoted by the show. This incident ultimately led to a parting of ways between Max and the Vanderpump Rules franchise.

Max Boyens

After bidding farewell to the reality TV realm, Max ventured into a different professional path. He embraced the opportunity to become the CEO of UNA MÁS, a burgeoning cocktail kit brand. This career transition presented Max with a chance to shift gears and explore new horizons outside the confines of reality television.

While Max Boyens may have left his mark on Vanderpump Rules, his presence on the show didn’t resonate strongly with viewers, and his departure hasn’t left a noticeable void. As the franchise evolves and adapts to the changing demands of its audience, it becomes clear that certain cast members, like Max, may not have a lasting impact and are better suited to pursue endeavours outside the realm of reality TV.

2- Kristen Doute

Kristen, an original cast member of Vanderpump Rules, recently made a comeback to the series, albeit in a limited capacity. However, it seems highly unlikely that she will be returning for a long-term role. Kristen played a significant role in the show’s early years, being a mainstay for eight seasons.

What made her stand out was the fact that she became the first cast member to be fired from SUR, the restaurant featured in the show, and not be rehired as an employee, yet she still remained on the show itself. Known for her cunning and often manipulative behaviour, Kristen had a knack for navigating through the show’s dramatic situations within the friend group. While her presence could certainly bring some excitement and entertainment value, it is important to address the reason behind her departure.

Kristen Doute

Kristen was fired from Vanderpump Rules following her involvement in racially insensitive actions that came to light after Season 8. Considering the seriousness of this issue, it seems unnecessary to reintegrate her as a full-time cast member, as it could undermine the show’s commitment to inclusivity and potentially tarnish its reputation.

3- Stassi Schroeder

Stassi Schroeder, an original cast member of Vanderpump Rules, held a prominent position within the show during its early seasons. With a penchant for creating and being part of dramatic storylines, Stassi was not one to shy away from stirring the pot. However, it was often in response to perceived wrongdoings or betrayals directed at her. Watching Stassi execute her elaborate revenge plans against those who had crossed her path became a captivating aspect of the show, even though some of the resulting turmoil seemed unnecessary.

While fans may yearn for Stassi’s return to Vanderpump Rules, she has made it clear that it is not a current priority for her. Stassi herself has acknowledged that she no longer feels her current life circumstances align with what the show represents. She has openly expressed that she has moved into a different phase of her life, where the dynamics and environment of Vanderpump Rules no longer feel relevant or suitable.


It is worth appreciating Stassi’s self-awareness and her willingness to recognize her personal growth and evolving priorities. This decision to distance herself from the show demonstrates a level of maturity and a desire to align her public image with her present values and aspirations. While it may be disappointing for fans who enjoyed her on-screen presence, it is essential to respect Stassi’s choice and support her in her journey of self-discovery and personal development beyond Vanderpump Rules.

4- Brittany Cartwright

Brittany Cartwright became a part of Vanderpump Rules during its fourth season, thanks to her connection with Jax Taylor, whom she started dating. Their relationship was far from smooth sailing, marred by Jax’s infidelity before they eventually settled into a life together. Brittany’s journey on the show was often intertwined with the dramatic ups and downs of her relationship with Jax. In Season 8, she tied the knot with Jax, bringing further attention and drama into their storyline. However, when it comes to Brittany’s individual presence on the show, she seemed to lack a distinct identity or compelling narrative outside of her connection to Jax.

Following Season 8, Brittany, along with several other cast members, was let go from Vanderpump Rules. However, recent indications suggest that both Brittany and Jax are attempting to find their way back onto the series. While their desire to return may stem from a desire to regain the platform and exposure the show provides, it raises questions about the extent of their contributions and the potential for new and engaging storylines without relying solely on their relationship drama.

Britney Cartwright

As fans evaluate the potential return of Brittany and Jax to Vanderpump Rules, it is important to consider whether their presence would bring fresh perspectives or if it would simply revive past storylines and dynamics. The show’s evolution may benefit from exploring new cast members who can offer a fresh dynamic and inject renewed energy into the series. Only time will tell if Brittany and Jax’s aspirations to return will align with the show’s direction and whether they can bring something compelling and independent to the table beyond their turbulent relationship history.

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5-Tom Schwartz

Throughout Vanderpump Rules Season 10, Tom Schwartz has maintained a sense of mystery, particularly due to his role in keeping Tom and Raquel’s secret while simultaneously trying to salvage his relationship with his ex-wife, Katie. Unlike some of his castmates, Schwartz has not been a primary instigator of major conflicts on the show, even though he has been entangled in them at times in the past. While his relationship with Katie was undeniably filled with its fair share of drama, they were never the central focus of the series.

Tom Schwartz

However, as Schwartz has burned several bridges within the Vanderpump Rules cast, his future on the show appears uncertain. If he does make a return, his place within the show may be diminished unless he can successfully mend fences with the rest of the cast. Rebuilding trust and establishing stronger connections with his fellow cast members would be vital for Schwartz to find a meaningful role in the show moving forward.

Only by resolving past conflicts and demonstrating personal growth can he hope to regain relevance within the Vanderpump Rules dynamic. Whether Schwartz will be able to navigate these challenges and regain his position within the group remains to be seen.

6- Tom Sandoval

Tom has emerged as an extremely disliked figure in the realm of reality TV, particularly within the Vanderpump Rules universe. His actions have positioned him as one of the most despised characters in the show’s history. The betrayal of his long-term partner, Ariana, coupled with his apparent manipulation of Raquel, has solidified Tom as the ultimate villain. Since the Sandoval scandal unfolded, his behaviour and tactics have been far from admirable, demonstrating an unwillingness to acknowledge any wrongdoing on his part.

tom sandoval

As Vanderpump Rules gears up for its eleventh season, the focus is expected to shift towards exploring the aftermath of such treacherous actions. In this context, it is likely that the show would be better served by Tom’s departure rather than his return. His presence would only perpetuate the negativity and toxic dynamics that have engulfed the series. By allowing Tom to step away, the show can potentially create a space for healing, growth, and the introduction of new storylines that promote healthier relationships and a more positive atmosphere.

The fallout from Tom’s actions provides an opportunity for Vanderpump Rules to reassess its direction and reshape its narrative. It is crucial to address the consequences of such betrayals and prioritize the well-being of the cast members involved. Removing Tom from the equation could allow for a fresh start and pave the way for a more compelling and uplifting storyline in the upcoming season.

Wrap Up

As Vanderpump Rules progresses, it’s essential to consider the cast members who should not return. Max Boyens, Kristen Doute, Stassi Schroeder, Brittany Cartwright, Tom Schwartz, and Tom Sandoval have all had their moments on the show, but their absence would allow for fresh faces and storylines to breathe new life into the series. Whether due to a lack of impact, controversial actions, or the need for a shift in dynamics, parting ways with these individuals would create an opportunity for Vanderpump Rules to explore exciting narratives and promote a more positive and inclusive atmosphere.

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