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Are you ready for the final episodes of your favorite show? Watch ‘Titans‘ season 4 part in UK, which was released on 13 April, 2023 only on HBO Max. They’re back, and this time they have an even bigger obstacle to overcome with the amazing superhero squad. While preparing to once more save the world, season 4’s highlights include learning new aspects of their special abilities. Be ready for a story that is both exhilarating and action-packed, leaving you both worn out and excited!

Now TV has much popular American television series that have been enjoyed by viewers across the globe. One of their recent releases is ‘Succession Season 4‘, now available on the streaming platform.

Keep reading below if you’re wondering where to watch Titans Season 4 in UK.

Where To Watch ‘Titans‘ Season 4 Part 2 In UK Online?

On April 13, 2023, HBO Max subscribers have access to the upcoming season of the action show. On April 12, 2023, UK viewers can access Titans Season 4 Part 2 through a connection method. This is because the show’s streaming service, being only available in the US and requiring a separate virtual layer to access in the UK zone.

What Was Titans Season 4 Part 2 Release Date?

The fourth season of the American action series Titans was premiered on HBO Max on April 10, 2023, if you’re wondering when and where to watch it in the UK.

The Titans have arrived in Metropolis, where they have been given the task of thwarting Lex Luthor’s evil plans. They have encountered escalating degrees of difficulty from Gotham City to Metropolis, and they rely on one another for the strength to confront their anxieties. Whether their voyage ends in success or failure this time depends on what awaits them; if you have not watched yet, are they ready for what lies ahead?

Where Can I Watch Titans Season 4 Part 2 In UK Online?

Unfortunately, the show is not accessible in UK if you live there and want to watch Titans Season 4 Part 2. Nevertheless, you can view the show by establishing a connection within the USA. Tim Drake will finally have his own Robin outfit, which seems to be more fashionable than those that have come before, thanks to Jason Todd’s return, as shown in the Titans Season 4 Part 2 teaser. Todd will help Drake become an even greater Robin. When you establish the connection now, you’ll be immersed in all this thrilling action!

Titans Season 4 Part 1 Recap

After successfully rescuing Gotham, the Titans left for San Francisco. They encountered a menacing supernatural group that could rival the fiercest superhero during their visit in Metropolis, but this left them in a precarious scenario. The Titans must now discover a strategy to defeat these powerful opponents.

Titans part

For the fourth season, there’s an exciting mix of familiar and new faces joining the cast. Joseph Morgan and Franka Potente are two of the new members, adding to the already vibrant cast from previous seasons.

What Is The Titans Season 4 Part 2 About?

The Titans return at Temple of Trigon in the most recent episode after a hiatus. But they discover that Sebastian and Mother Mayhem vanished into thin air. The gang arrives at an unexpected village that is steeped in secrecy as their hunt continues. Then a prophecy states that Kory will have to make the greatest sacrifice if she wants to ensure the future of the Titans. Despite this information, Dick’s growing love for her prevents him from accepting a satisfactory conclusion.

Titans Part 2

In the last episodes of Titans, our heroes work together to save both Kory and the entire planet. Gar goes on a journey of self-discovery in order to understand his real calling and save his buddies. Rachel develops her darker skills as Conner focuses on conquering his difficulties with Lex Luthor and completing his goal. Furthermore, Tim and Bernard’s mutual sentiments develop despite being tough to deal with – it is not until Bernard’s life is threatened that Tim gathers the bravery inside him to be the hero he was born to be.

Watch The Titans Season 4 Part 2 Trailer

The highly anticipated trailer for the second half of Titans season 4 has just been released and it looks as though fans are in for an intense ride. It appears that Brother Blood will bring a conclusion to our beloved team’s story which is set to be full of thrilling moments. Fans of the show can look forward to a gripping finale this season.

Titans Season 4 Cast Part 2

The core Titans cast returns for Season 4, with Jay Lycurgo portraying Tim Drake and Brenton Thwaites presently playing Dick Grayson. A brand new set of foes has joined them. Sebastian Blood, the leader of the organization of Blood, is played by Joseph Morgan (The Originals), while Mother Mayhem, a high-ranking member of the organization aiming to progress its purpose, is played by Franka Potente (Run Lola Run). Lisa Ambalavanar, who plays a formidable sorceress named Jinx, also joins in.

Finally, Titus Welliver plays Titan’s most infamous enemy, Lex Luthor. He is hell-bent on exacting revenge on Conor Kent, whom he made using his own DNA, and will stop at nothing to do it.

Titan Season 4 boasts a superb ensemble that has worked hard to guarantee viewers enjoy an exciting and engaging experience. Prepare for all the excitement that awaits you as you get to know the outstanding actors in this breathtaking series!

Actor/Actress NameCharacter Name
Brenton Thwaites Dick Grayson 
Ryan Potter Gar Logan 
Anna Diop Kory Anders
Joshua Orpin Connor Kent 
Teagan Croft Rachel Roth 
Jay Lycurgo Tim Drake
Lisa Ambalavanar Jinx 
Joseph Morgan Sebastian Blood 
Franka Potente Mother Mayhem 
Titus Welliver Lex Luthor

Titan‘ Season 4 Part 2 Episodes

There is not much information released about the episodes of the second part of season 2. However, it is made public that there will be six episodes, in continuation to the six episodes of season 1 that will mark an end to the series. Let us have a look!

Episode numberEpisode NameAiring Date
EP 7Dude, Where’s My GarApril 13, 2023
EP 8Caul’s FollyApril 13, 2023
EP 9Dick & Carol & Ted & KoryApril 20, 2023
EP 10Game OverApril 27, 2023
EP 11Project StarfireMay 4, 2023
EP 12Titans ForeverMay 11, 2023

Conner uses Lex’s satellite technology in Titans Season 4 Episode 6 to try to stop the Blood Moon ritual, but the cults succeed in carrying out the ritual. Following this unsuccessful attempt, Gar asks Red to help, and it seems that the team disbands at that point. Titans Season 4 Episode 7 will be the first episode of this season and what we know of it so far is that Gar setting out on a journey to meet Red.

As the series nears its conclusion, viewers are anxious to know how the tale concludes – will it be grandiose or sinister? With only six episodes left in the season, fascinating new components have been incorporated as fans follow the team’s journey to its conclusion.

How Are Fans Reacting To Titans Season 4 Part 2?


What Are The Age Restrictions And Genres Of Titans Season 4 Part 2?

This show is rated TV-MA, meaning only those over the age of 16 should watch it. This program may contain strong language, violence, nudity, drug use, and blood that could be deemed unsuitable for a younger audience. We strongly advise parental discretion before viewing this program.

The genre of the show Titans Season 4 falls under the category of a superhero action drama. Sebastian and Rachel’s bond may be the key to preventing Trigon’s takeover. Mother Mayhem is seen giving Sebastian a horn, likely to be used to bring Trigon back to Earth. It’s crucial that they can stop this from happening before it is too late.

What Are The Titans Season 4 IMDb And Rotten Tomatoes Ratings?

The highly-anticipated fourth season of the popular TV drama series Titan is coming soon to Now TV on April 13, 2023. With no official ratings yet, audiences can only estimate the show’s quality based on IMDb’s 7.5/10 rating and Rotten Tomatoes’ impressive 75% score. Don’t miss out on all of the suspenseful moments that this new season has in store – loyalties will be tested and expectations will be exceeded!

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Where Else Can I Watch Titans Season 4 Part 2 In UK Online?

Starting on April 13, 2023, Disney+ and HBO Max will be the exclusive providers of the program. Utilizing a reliable private network is advised to guarantee excellent streaming experiences while viewing your favorite programs.

Where To Watch Titans Season 4 Part 2 In UK For Free?

To catch Titans Season 4 in the UK, HBO Max is the go-to platform. While it’s a paid Video on Demand (VOD) service, if you’re looking for a way to watch Season 4 for free, consider the HBO Max free trial.

Although HBO Max discontinued its direct free trial offer some time ago, alternative routes still exist. You can explore options through service providers like Prime Video and Hulu, which may offer HBO Max as part of their packages.

It’s worth noting that streaming on HBO Max is typically limited to the U.S. due to geo-restrictions. Moreover, HBO Max’s international availability is still uncertain. Given these factors, viewers often inquire about where they can watch Titans Season 4 in the UK.
Further, you can also watch some of the best action movies on the popular streaming platform Now TV to see some adventure-filled storylines.


Will Titans Season 4 return for a fifth season?

Titans’ fourth season (which is presently half-way through its on-screen run) will be the show’s final. HBO Max confirmed the termination of the program, along with fellow former DC Universe original Doom Patrol, as both projects now join an incredible number of DC episodes and movies that have been canceled in the recent year.

Who is the director of the Titans Season 4?

Nick Copus is the director of the Titans series.

Who are the executive producers of Titans Season 4?

The fourth season of this program was produced by executive producers Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, Greg Walker, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and Richard Hatem. Walker also acted as showrunner for the fourth year in a row.


On April 12th, 2023, HBO Max released the highly-anticipated Season 4 Part 2 of Titans. Viewers joined the series’ main characters as they strived to protect their allies, solve mysteries, and uncover their true purpose. Regrettably, some geographical restrictions prevented UK viewers from streaming the show directly. Despite these challenges, fans found ways to enjoy Titans. If you missed it, catch up on the thrilling episodes released on April 12th!

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