Cast Of Survival of the Thickest 2023: Dream Team in Netflix’s Comedy Delight!

The sensational cast of Survival of the Thickest 2023 takes center stage! The comedy series premiered on Netflix on July 13, 2023, and promises to deliver non-stop entertainment. It introduces us to characters we won’t soon forget. Join the cast of Survival of the Thickest 2023 on their uproarious journey through life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

Created by the brilliant comedian Michelle Buteau and writer-producer Danielle Sanchez-Witzel, the show is based on Buteau’s honest and side-splitting first-person book of the same name. Survival of the Thickest is about to become your new binge-worthy obsession.

Is Survival of the Thickest on Netflix in UK?

“Survival of the Thickest,” the eagerly awaited comedy series, is set to launch exclusively on Netflix UK on July 13, 2023. Dive into a world of humor and heart as Mavis and her crew tackle life’s highs, lows, romantic entanglements, and professional dreams.

The show’s relatable personas and gut-busting jokes ensure non-stop laughter. Don’t miss out on the delightful escapades of Mavis and the memorable team of “Survival of the Thickest 2023”, only on Netflix UK.

survival of the thickest on netflix in uk

Meet the Dynamic Cast of Survival of the Thickest 2023

Survival of the Thickest, the new comedy series on Netflix, brings together a talented ensemble cast that breathes life into the hilarious and relatable story of Mavis, a fashion stylist navigating the ups and downs of life and love. Get to know about the cast of Survival of the Thickest 2023 series.

Michelle Buteau as Mavis

At the heart of Survival of the Thickest is Michelle Buteau, who not only co-created the series but also stars as the delightful and down-to-earth Mavis. A 38-year-old assistant stylist on the verge of a career breakthrough, Mavis faces a devastating breakup that propels her to embrace her independence and pursue her dreams on her own terms. Buteau, known for her stand-up comedy and appearances in popular films like Always Be My Maybe and Isn’t It Romantic, brings her infectious humor and authentic charm to the role of Mavis, captivating audiences with her wit and relatability.

michelle buteau as mavis

Tone Bell as Khalil

Playing the role of Khalil, Mavis’s fiercely loyal best friend, is the talented Tone Bell. Khalil is always there to support Mavis, offering her guidance and a reality check when needed. As an art instructor, Khalil has had his fair share of relationships but finds himself falling hard for one of his adult students. Bell, recognized for his work in Key and Peele, The Flash, and Whitney, infuses Khalil with warmth and humor, creating a character audiences will instantly connect with.

Tone Bell as Khalil

Tasha Smith as Marley

Tasha Smith takes on the role of Marley, Mavis’s powerhouse best friend who dominates the boardroom at her finance job. With an unwavering belief in Mavis’s potential for success in all aspects of life, Marley is a formidable supporter. As Marley navigates her own unexpected romantic journey, Smith‘s commanding presence shines through. This reflects her acclaimed performances in First Wives Club, Empire, Running Out of Time and Dolemite Is My Name.

Tasha Smith as Marley

Liza Treyger as Jade

Mavis’s Brooklyn apartment share comes complete with Jade, a quirky and warmhearted roommate portrayed by Liza Treyger. Jade’s idiosyncrasies provide comic relief and entertainment for Mavis and the audience alike. Treyger, known for her roles in Nope and The King of Staten Island, brings a unique charm and comedic timing to Jade, ensuring her presence is always felt in Mavis’s life.

Liza Treyger as Jade

Taylor Selé as Jacque

Taylor Selé takes on the role of Jacque, Mavis’s live-in boyfriend and a fashion photographer surrounded by models. When Mavis discovers his infidelity, Jacque tries to win her back, claiming it was a one-time mistake. Selé’s portrayal captures the complexity of Jacque’s character. It left audiences wondering about his true intentions and what Mavis truly desires.

taylor sele

Anissa Felix as India

In Khalil’s painting class, Anissa Felix brings India, a bright and observant student, to life. India’s astute observations extend beyond art to Khalil’s apartment. Furthermore, making audiences question whether her complicated life has room for a connection with Khalil. Survival of the Thickest marks Felix‘s impressive television debut. After her successful Broadway performances in Motown the Musical and Summer: The Donna Summer Musical.

Anissa Felix as India

Garcelle Beauvais as Natasha Karina

Garcelle Beauvais, Adding depth and a touch of glamour to the show is the character Natasha Karina, impeccably portrayed by the talented Natasha Karina. She’s a former ’90s supermodel, still fiercely clinging to her polished image from the heyday of her career. With the world of fashion evolving, Natasha’s insistence on maintaining her iconic sleek and lean look, especially her attachment to an old-fashioned restrictive corset, becomes a focal point of the narrative.

When Mavis gets the golden opportunity to meet with the formidable Natasha, she’s plunged headfirst into the dazzling yet daunting realm of high fashion. Mavis’s challenge is not just to survive in this high-stakes world but to persuade Natasha to embrace change and let go of her beloved corset.

Beauvais, having enjoyed a successful modeling career in her own right, doesn’t just play the part—she lives it. She infuses Natasha with a depth and authenticity that only someone familiar with the fashion industry’s ins and outs can provide. Through this character, Beauvais showcases her exceptional range and versatility as an actor, reminding audiences of her immense talent.

Garcelle Beauvais in survial of the thickest

Anthony Michael Lopez as Bruce

Portraying Natasha’s long-suffering assistant, Bruce is Anthony Michael Lopez. Tasked with safeguarding Natasha‘s interests, Bruce initially raises an eyebrow at Mavis’s unconventional ideas that challenge Natasha’s carefully crafted image. Lopez‘s performance adds an extra layer of humor and tension to the show. As drawn from his experience in Broad City, Homeland, and Mapplethorpe.

Anthony Michael Lopez as Bruce

Wrap Up

Survival of the Thickest on Netflix is not just another comedy series; it’s a brilliantly crafted masterpiece that melds sharp wit, genuine relatability, and a cast that’s bursting with talent, ensuring that viewers are constantly engaged and entertained. Leading this comedic brigade is the incomparable Michelle Buteau, who shines brightly as Mavis, the show’s tenacious and endearing protagonist.

Mavis’s journey is brought to life with the support of a stellar ensemble cast. With the likes of Tone Bell, Tasha Smith, Liza Treyger, and several other gifted actors, the series promises a plethora of comedic moments, each more delightful than the last.

But it’s not all just laughs. “Survival of the Thickest 2023” seamlessly blends humor with heartfelt moments, drawing viewers into the rich tapestry of the characters’ lives. As we follow Mavis’s endeavors, we not only revel in her victories but also feel deeply connected to the hurdles she faces. Moreover, the camaraderie and hilarious antics of her close-knit circle of friends add depth, ensuring that audiences are not just watching a show but living alongside these vibrant characters.

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