10 Addictive Shows Like Vanderpump Rules Reunion!

World of scandal, cocktails, and larger-than-life personalities! Vanderpump Rules, the addictive reality TV series has kept viewers hooked for ten seasons. Vanderpump Rules premiered season 10 on February 8th, 2023, on Bravo TV, you’re in for a wild ride of non-stop entertainment. it’s time to explore a whole new realm of captivating shows to watch if you like Vanderpump Rules reunion.

From Summer House‘s beachside escapades to the luxurious world of Below Deck, there’s a treasure trove of binge-worthy entertainment waiting for you. Indulge in these thrilling adventures, because the post-Vanderpump Rules binge-watching extravaganza starts now.

Shows to Watch If You Like After the Vanderpump Rules

Whether you’re a devoted Vanderpump Rules fan or have just been introduced to the world of “Scandoval,” there’s no doubt that you’re in for more of that intoxicating mix of incestuous work friendships and petty drama. Tom Sandoval may have ruined your summer white polish pick, but he has also awakened America’s insatiable appetite for cheating scandals, unlikely villains, and a reigning queen to rally behind. Here’s a list of ten Bravo shows like vanderpump rules.

1. Summer House

After an eventful trip to the Hamptons with Stassi Schroeder, the Vanderpump Rules cast bid farewell to New York and brought us an exciting crossover to Summer House. This irresistible series revolves around a tight-knit group of young professionals who come together to share a luxurious beach house in the picturesque town of Montauk. Eager to escape the demands of their busy city lives, they seek solace and endless summer adventures in this idyllic coastal getaway.

summer house

Set against the backdrop of breathtaking beaches and stunning sunsets, Summer House offers an addictive blend of friendship, romance, and scandal. As the cast navigates the complexities of their personal and professional lives.

2. Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard

bravo summer house martha s vineyard

If you’re a fan of the Summer House series but yearn for more diversity in the mix, then the spin-off based in Martha’s Vineyard is a perfect match. This exciting addition to the Bravo universe introduces us to a dynamic group of 12 professionals and entrepreneurs of color. They embark on a summer adventure on the picturesque island. From vibrant beach parties to summer romances, this installment delivers all the excitement, hook-ups, and drama. The Martha’s Vineyard edition of Summer House promises to captivate viewers with its diverse cast and compelling stories.

3. Southern Charm

southern charm

Just like Vanderpump Rules, Southern Charm has been captivating audiences for years. Set in Charleston, this enthralling show combines the charm of young socialites with the rich tapestry of Southern culture. With eight seasons under its belt and multiple spin-offs, this Charleston-based series is a must-watch. It is a modern-day country drama that will keep you hooked. In the world of Southern Charm, where scandal, friendship, and the irresistible allure of Southern life collide.

4. Southern Hospitality

southern hospitality

A series born from the Southern Charm universe and reminiscent of Vanderpump Rules. Southern Hospitality follows cast member Leva Nowroozyani Bonaparte as she takes on the role of managing a Charleston nightclub. Much like Lisa Vanderpump‘s involvement in her iconic establishments in Vanderpump Rules. A series that closely resembles VP, complete with staff rivalries and multiple restaurants on Charleston’s famous King Street. From brunch spots to vibrant nightlife, Southern Hospitality offers a dynamics of this lively Charleston scene filled with drama, ambition, and the intoxicating energy.

5. Below Deck

below deck

If you thought restaurant drama was intense, wait until you experience it on a luxury yacht. Below Deck on  Peacock takes us into the lives of yacht crew members. These crew members navigate the challenges of living and working in close quarters while catering to the whims of the elite.With ten seasons and six spin-offs, including Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht, this series is a must-watch. With the mesmerizing backdrop of exotic locations sail on a journey where the seas are as tumultuous as the relationships aboard the yacht.

6. Winter House


Winter House brings an explosive union as the casts of Summer House and Southern Charm embark on a 17-day getaway in the picturesque mountains of Vermont. This crossover event combines the vibrant personalities from both shows, creating a captivating mix of drama, romance, and unforgettable moments.Where tensions rise and sparks fly, Winter House is the ultimate indulgence for fans and promises a binge-worthy experience.

7. Vanderpump Rules: Jax And Brittany Take Kentucky

Vanderpump Rules Jax And Brittany Take Kentucky

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Vanderpump Villa, Lisa Vanderpump‘s highly anticipated reality series on Hulu, we can’t overlook the hilarity of Jax and Brittany‘s escapades in Kentucky. This mini-series special, spanning six episodes, offers a delightful glimpse into farm life, Brittany’s family dynamics, and Jax’s comical efforts to win them over. While we await Lisa’s latest venture, this side-splitting journey showcases the couple’s unique experiences. While Jax and Brittany navigate the quirks of Kentucky living, this mini-series is sure to leave you in stitches.

8. Love Match Atlanta

love match atlanta

Love Match Atlanta offers a unique exploration of the matchmaking industry in Atlanta. This unique show brings together high-level matchmakers vying for clients in a tightly-knit community. Along with offering a blend of Million Dollar Matchmaker and Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard. Providing a glimpse into Atlanta’s dating scene, where competition among matchmakers is fierce and everyone knows each other. Drama, romance, and intense rivalries unfold in the art of matchmaking in the bustling city of Atlanta.

9. Gallery Girls

gallery girls

Step into the world of high-end fashion and expensive art with Gallery Girls. This series provides a glimpse into the lives of seven real life up-and-coming curators. They are working in the heart of New York City. Though it aired for just one season in 2012, Gallery Girls is the perfect binge-worthy escape for those seeking a refreshing break from the endless seasons and spin-offs. These real-life curators strive to make their mark in the heart of the Big Apple. While offering a unique blend of ambition, creativity, and the pursuit of success. Explore the fascinating stories, artwork, and the hustle and bustle of New York in this hidden gem of a series.

10. Selling Sunset

selling sunset

Real estate agents may seem refined, but Selling Sunset uncovers their ego-driven and unhinged world. Centered around the glamorous million-dollar agency, The Oppenheim Group in Beverly Hills. This series showcases the catty yet stylish agents and their cutthroat competition. With its sixth season recently released and a seventh on the horizon, Selling Sunset guarantees to hold you captive with its high-stakes drama and extravagant lifestyles.

Wrap Up

As Vanderpump Rules‘ reunion leaves us hungry for more, these ten shows will satisfy your cravings for addictive reality TV. From the Hamptons escapades of Summer House to the thrilling world of luxury yacht crews in Below Deck, each show offers its own unique flavor of reality TV magic. These series brings their own unique blend of friend groups, outrageous personalities, and storylines.

Whether you’re a seasoned Vanderpump fan or a newcomer to the Bravo universe, these binge-worthy shows will keep you entertained until Vanderpump Rules returns in February 2024. Furthermore, with these captivating series, your summer is destined to be entertaining. Filled with scandals, fierce rivalries, and addictive storylines. Enjoy a summer of reality TV bliss with these ten shows that will leave you hooked.

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