How to Watch Scream Movies in Order? Updated July 2024

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of the iconic Scream movie franchise! Since its inception in 1996, the Scream series has captivated horror enthusiasts with its unique blend of self-awareness, suspense, and clever humor. Directed by the legendary Wes Craven, the franchise revitalized the slasher genre by deconstructing its own tropes and offering thrilling twists that kept audiences on the edge of their seats. It’s important to explore Scream movies in order and for you here it is.

In this article, we will take you on a journey through each installment of the Scream franchise, exploring the evolution of the storylines, the characters that have become beloved icons, and the impact these films have had on the horror genre as a whole. From the groundbreaking original to the most recent entry, we’ll delve into the world of Ghostface and the terrifying games of cat and mouse that have captivated audiences for over two decades.

So, grab your Ghostface mask and prepare for a deep dive into the Scream movies in order, as we dissect the suspense, the scares, and the self-referential brilliance that have made this franchise an enduring favorite among horror fans.

Scream Movies in Order

Listed below is the right order to watch the Scream movies.

1. Scream (1996)

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

“Scream” revolutionized the horror genre by cleverly deconstructing its own tropes. Directed by Wes Craven, the film immediately grabs the audience’s attention with its intense opening scene. The movie follows Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and her friends as they are targeted by a masked killer known as Ghostface. The script by Kevin Williamson is sharp and witty, blending suspense and humor seamlessly. The performances, especially Campbell’s portrayal of the resilient Sidney, are excellent.

What sets “Scream” apart is its self-awareness. It references and critiques horror movie conventions while still delivering genuine scares. The film constantly plays with audience expectations, subverting traditional horror tropes. This meta-commentary on the genre creates an engaging and thrilling experience. The movie’s iconic Ghostface mask has become synonymous with the franchise.

2. Scream 2 (1997)

IMDb Rating: 6.3/10

“Scream 2” successfully builds upon the foundation laid by its predecessor. Set two years after the events of the first film, Sidney Prescott finds herself in college, where a new Ghostface killer emerges. This time, the stakes are higher as the body count rises.

The movie expands on the self-referential aspects of the original, exploring the impact of the first film’s events on the characters and society. It delves into the idea of sequels within the horror genre, examining the inherent dangers of rehashing the same formula. While not as fresh as the first installment, “Scream 2” still delivers suspenseful sequences and witty dialogue. The cast maintains their strong performances, and the introduction of new characters injects new dynamics into the story.

  • Release Date: December 12, 1997
  • Stream: Paramount+, Pluto TV
  • Rent/Buy: YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video

3. Scream 3 (2000)

IMDb Rating: 5.6/10

“Scream 3” takes the franchise in a new direction by shifting the setting to Hollywood. The story revolves around Sidney Prescott, now living in seclusion, being pulled back into the Ghostface nightmare when a new film based on the events of the previous movies is being made. As the body count rises on the set, Sidney must confront her past once again.

While the film retains the franchise’s self-awareness and dark humor, it is widely regarded as the weakest entry in the original trilogy. The plot feels somewhat convoluted, and the suspense doesn’t reach the same heights as the earlier films. However, it still offers a few surprising twists and some enjoyable moments. The movie explores the notion of fame and the commodification of tragedy, adding thematic depth to the story.

  • Release Date: February 4, 2000
  • Stream: Paramount+, Pluto TV
  • Rent/Buy: YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video

4. Scream 4 (2011)

IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

After an extended hiatus, “Scream 4” successfully resurrects the franchise with a fresh take. Sidney Prescott, now a successful author, returns to her hometown on the anniversary of the original killings, only to find herself once again pursued by Ghostface. The movie introduces a new generation of characters, including Sidney’s cousin Jill (Emma Roberts), who becomes a focal point of the story.

“Scream 4” effectively blends nostalgia with contemporary themes. It cleverly comments on the influence of social media, the obsession with fame, and the evolution of horror movies. The script maintains the franchise’s signature wit and surprises viewers with its twists and turns. While it may not reach the heights of the original film, it provides a satisfying and entertaining experience for both longtime fans and newcomers.

  • Release Date: April 15, 2011
  • Stream: Paramount+, Tubi
  • Rent/Buy: YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video

5. Scream (2022)

IMDb Rating: 6.3/10

The most recent addition to the franchise, “Scream” (2022), aims to please both longtime fans and a new generation of horror enthusiasts. The movie combines elements of nostalgia and reinvention by bringing back familiar faces while introducing a new set of characters. With a storyline that pays homage to the original film, “Scream” keeps audiences guessing and delivers effective scares. Early reviews have praised its ability to capture the spirit of the franchise while offering fresh thrills.

  • Release Date: January 14, 2022
  • Stream: Paramount+
  • Rent/Buy: Amazon Prime Video

6. Scream VI (2023)

IMDb Rating: 6.6/10

Scream VI is the latest film in the Scream franchise. This movie embodies the horror and Halloween theme to its fullest. The actors have played a magnificent part in uplifting the movie. the performances have been absolutely fantastic which gives the audience all the more reasons to watch this new installation and jump with horror every time the knife comes.

  • Release Date: March 10, 2023
  • Stream: Paramount+


Do I need to watch all the Scream movies before Scream 5?

Scream has a lengthy and complicated history that you might want to explore—or revisit if you’ve seen the movies previously.

Where to watch Scream movies?

Scream movies are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Wrap Up!

As we conclude our journey through the Scream movie franchise, it’s clear that these films have left an indelible mark on the horror genre. From the original groundbreaking installment to the most recent chapter, the Scream movies have consistently blended self-awareness, suspense, and clever writing to deliver memorable scares and engaging storytelling.

The franchise’s ability to simultaneously comment on and celebrate the horror genre has made it a standout series. Each film builds upon the foundation laid by its predecessors, exploring new themes and tackling contemporary issues. Through its iconic characters like Sidney Prescott, Ghostface has become an enduring symbol of terror, while also representing the enduring appeal of the slasher genre itself.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the franchise or a newcomer looking to explore the world of Scream, these movies offer a thrilling experience that combines suspense, humor, and a healthy dose of self-awareness. So, grab a bowl of popcorn, turn off the lights, and prepare to scream with delight as you embark on this unforgettable journey through the Scream movies in order.

Remember, the phone may ring, and the tension may rise, but one thing is for sure – the Scream movies will keep you guessing until the very end.

Stay scared!

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