Riverdale: 10 Storylines No Other Show Could’ve Done

Riverdale is a teen drama television series for The CW that first aired in 2017 and is based on the characters of Archie Comics. The show’s central concept revolves around the small town of Riverdale, where the mysterious and dark events that occur begin to unravel the seemingly perfect image of the town and its residents.

The series stars KJ Apa as Archie Andrews, Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper, Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge, Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones, Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom, and Ashleigh Murray as Josie McCoy, Nicholas Barasch, and Karl Walcott. The main story follows the main characters as they investigate the mysterious death of Jason Blossom, the twin brother of Cheryl.


Throughout the series, viewers get a glimpse into the lives of the main characters as they navigate the dark secrets, lies, and mysteries of Riverdale. It is a gripping show that keeps viewers on their toes as the characters uncover what really happened to Jason Blossom and how it is connected to their lives.

The series emphasizes the importance of friendship, family, and loyalty while also showcasing the themes of murder, corruption, and secrets. Riverdale has become a hit show and is beloved by viewers all over the world. It is a show full of mystery and suspense and will keep viewers hooked as they try to figure out the secrets of Riverdale.

Betty’s Speech Sparks Tragedy as the Black Hood Unleashes Terror

black hood

Betty gave a rousing speech at the 75th Anniversary Jubilee about the importance of looking out for each other. She asked what Riverdale was, and answered that it was the people – the residents. Surprisingly, the Black Hood was motivated to take revenge on the characters because of Betty’s speech. Despite the somewhat tenuous connection, the characters accepted it, as it seemed to fit with the occasionally unorthodox behavior of the people of the small town.

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The Vixens Get Shaken Up: Seizures Take Over

vixen seizures

In season 3 of the show, Riverdale Vixens were struck by seizures caused by Fizzle Rocks, a drug blended with carbonated candy. Ethel Muggs was hit with a particularly intense seizure. Despite the severity of the situation, the people of Riverdale remain composed and attempt to resolve the issue.

This kind of occurrence would usually be a great cause for worry in other places, but due to the extraordinary and unusual circumstances that the characters in Riverdale are accustomed to, it didn’t create as much of a stir. The citizens of the town responded matter-of-factly and acted with calmness and composure, showing that they are no strangers to the extraordinary.

Cheryl Tricked the World: Jason Was Never Drowned


Cheryl has faced a great deal of sorrow on Riverdale, particularly the passing of her twin sibling, Jason. In the principal season, Cheryl uncovers that Jason had chosen he never again needed to live at home and she stayed with him, prompting individuals to accept he had suffocated when in actuality he had essentially left. Her inspirations may have been reasonable and in accordance with her dedication to her sibling, yet it was a radical activity that makes it reasonable for a show like Riverdale.

The story of Cheryl and Jason’s relationship is an important part of the show, demonstrating how devoted she is to her loved ones. Cheryl’s devotion to her brother is admirable, but her extreme action in order to protect him is something that many viewers can relate to. Cheryl’s story sheds light on the bond between siblings and how it can be a unique relationship that cannot be replicated. It is a reminder to people that the bond between siblings is strong and that it is worth cherishing and protecting.

Maple Magic! Uncover the Sweet Secret of Parallel Universe Rivervale’s Rituals


In the season 6 premiere of the popular show, fans were introduced to Rivervale, a parallel universe that contained evil and danger. Cheryl and Archie were the centre of a shocking plot twist when Cheryl made the unexpected and difficult decision to sacrifice Archie as part of a ritual involving maple syrup. She took him to a forest and explained her reasoning behind her decision, which surprisingly, Betty seemed to agree with.

This twist in the plot was one that was difficult to comprehend and it was rarely seen in any other show. The unpredictable nature of the events unfolding in the alternate universe captivated viewers and it was difficult to imagine another show being brave enough to explore such depths. The season 6 premiere of the show was a daring move and was one that left viewers on the edge of their seats.

Unlock Your Creativity: Conquer the Stonewall Prep Writing Assignment


In season 4 of Riverdale, Jughead begins attending Stonewall Prep and a dramatic plotline ensues. Jughead is assigned to write about “the perfect murder” and discovers it is actually a plan to kill him. As it turns out, Bret Weston Wallis and Donna Sweett are the ones behind the plot to take Jughead’s life. Fortunately, Jughead survives but it begs the question – does this storyline make sense?

It is difficult to imagine a teacher assigning a project about killing someone, but that is the beauty of Riverdale. It is a show that is not rooted in reality, and despite the outrageousness of the plot, it still works. Riverdale manages to pull off storylines and themes that are not typical of other shows. This is another example of how the writers of Riverdale create a unique and captivating viewing experience.

Tragedy Strikes: Father Kills Son in Unthinkable Act of Desperation


Season 1 of Riverdale focuses on the mysterious death of Jason Blossom and who might have had the motive to kill him. The season brings to light the eerie and dark reality of living in Riverdale, a seemingly sweet and charming small town. By the season finale, it is revealed that Clifford Blossom, Jason’s parent, was the one who killed him.

Jason had uncovered Clifford’s shady drug dealing, which was hidden under the guise of selling maple syrup. It is an unexpected and shocking plot twist to find out that a parent murdered their own child. The season finale of Season 1 brings to light the darkness that lurks beneath the seemingly innocent exterior of Riverdale.

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Alice Uncovers Her Secret Pastime: Playing Gryphons and Gargoyles

Gryphons and Gargoyles

Gryphons and Gargoyles is a popular game in Riverdale, made famous by its appearance in the show. In the episode “Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club,†Alice Cooper tells Betty that she played the game when she was in high school and that she and her friends became very invested in it. Alice goes on to say that someone attempted to murder them all. Alice and Betty have had a difficult relationship, with Betty feeling constantly judged.

Alice’s admission that she too has experienced something surreal and out of the ordinary helps to break the tension between them and create a connection. Most teenagers would doubt a story like this from their parents, but Betty knows that in Riverdale, strange things happen and this isn’t too far fetched. By being open and honest with Betty, Alice has managed to build a stronger bond between them.

Cheryl’s Desperate Act of Desperation: Burning Down Her Family Home


Cheryl is faced with an unthinkable truth about her family’s past: her father killed her brother. In response, Cheryl makes the decision to burn down her family’s mansion, Thornhill. While this may appear to be an extreme measure to take, it is understandable given Cheryl’s character and the situation she finds herself in.

She is overwhelmed by the secrets and darkness that have been consuming her family and she wants to break free of it. This action speaks to Cheryl’s personality, as she is someone who doesn’t shy away from dramatic actions when necessary. In this situation, she feels as though her life has been ruined and that she has nothing left to lose.

Two Long-Lost Families Reunited: The Coopers and the Blossoms Discover They’re Related


Betty and Cheryl Cooper being related came as a shock to many in Riverdale. The Cooper and Blossom families were once unified, but after a horrific tragedy, they became two separate families. Tragically, one relative murdered their sibling which caused the split. This news caused a great scandal in the town. Polly Cooper and Jason Blossom had been in a serious relationship and Polly had Jason’s twins.

It is quite unbelievable that Betty and Cheryl are cousins, but it is made even more intense by the dark history of their families. The fact that murder has been a part of the family history makes this plotline particularly intense and dramatic. It has been an unexpected twist to the story and one that has left many people in Riverdale in shock.

Betty Takes a Walk on the Dark Side: A Journey of Self-Discovery


Betty Cooper is a character in the TV series Riverdale who is often seen as a “good” person who tries to please others. In the first season, Betty puts on a black wig for the first time and introduces her alter ego, “Dark Betty”. This new persona allows her to express her more intense side and break away from the expectations that people have of her. She is tired of being the same person all the time and wants to behave differently than she can when she is being her regular self.

People pleasers often feel the need to break away from the expectations that others have of them, and Betty is no exception. She is tired of being the same person and wants to express her more intense side. Through her alter ego, she is able to do that in a way that she may not be able to when she is being her regular self. While this does make sense, it isn’t the most popular storyline in the show. Nevertheless, it is understandable why Betty wants to express her inner self in this way.

Wrap Up

Riverdale has been a captivating series since its debut in 2017. It has captivated viewers with its unique combination of drama, mystery, and romance. The show follows a group of teens as they navigate high school and the secrets of their small town. The show has featured a variety of interesting storylines, from the mysterious death of Jason Blossom to the cult-like Gargoyle King.

Riverdale has become a pop culture phenomenon, garnering a dedicated fan base that eagerly awaits each episode. The show has become a cultural phenomenon, with people around the world tuning in each week to see what dark secrets and intriguing plot twists await them. Riverdale has become a hit for millions of viewers and is sure to remain a fan favorite for years to come.

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