PBS Cooking Shows to Stream [August 2023]

Let’s admit that whenever we dine at a famous restaurant, we are curious about certain dishes. We are always wondering what ingredients must have been added to make it. However, it usually remains a mystery. Here we have good news! As PBS now brings you the world’s famous cooking shows, revealing the most secret recipes. Indulge in the art of gastronomy with a rich array of PBS Cooking Shows.

So tune into the top PBS cooking episodes if you want to entice your cravings through watching scrumptious dishes or if you want to try a new delectable recipe! There is an outstanding selection of PBS great food shows, ranging from oldies such asThe French Chef and Baking with Julia to the recent blockbuster hit The Great British Bake Off’. As you curate your cooking shows list for 2023, prepare to stream the best PBS cooking shows that promise to captivate your culinary senses

From delectable recipes to expert techniques, these shows are a must-watch for food enthusiasts. Finding a show that hits all the right notes can be challenging, but you need not worry. We have covered everything for you! Here is a compilation of the most entertaining PBS cooking shows from highest to lowest ranking, so now you don’t have to look any further to overcome your culinary obstacles. See how to watch PBS in the UK.

1. The Migrant Kitchen (2016-2022)

Cast:Jennifer Reichardt, Wes Avila
Release date:October 25, 2016
IMDb rating: 9.2/10

The Migrant Kitchen is a captivating documentary series with 4 seasons that delves into America’s vibrant food scenes, showcasing the perspectives of a new generation of chefs. As a standout in the PBS great cooking shows category, it’s a must-watch for those seeking the best PBS cooking shows to stream in 2023. Join the culinary journey and explore this enriching addition to your cooking shows list. It is the best PBS cooking shows 2023 offers.

2. THE FRENCH CHEF (1963-2022)

Cast:Julia Child
Release date:February 11, 1963
IMDb rating: 8.9/10

The French Chef, a TV program hosted by Julia Child, was incredibly well-liked while it was on the air from 1963 to 1973. Child rose to fame as a cultural icon in the 1960s, and she and her program have had a lasting impact on American television, cuisine, and culture ever since.

Child joyfully made meals that most viewers presumably assumed were too complicated to undertake, all while speaking in a high-pitched voice and having a slightly mischievous personality. As a result, generations of home cooks worldwide rapidly gained the assurance and expertise to prepare any cuisine.


Cast: Mary Berry (judge), Paul Hollywood (judge), Prue Leith (judge)
Release date:August 17, 2010
IMDb rating: 8.6/10

The Great British Bake Off is a cooking competition series in which competitors must bake various dishes, including cakes, biscuits, and pastries. Paul Hollywood, a television chef, and Mary Berry, a renowned food critic, assess the dishes. Every week, bakers undertake three challenges to win over the judges and advance to the next stage, where they will compete for the title of the finest amateur baker in Britain.

A BAFTA-winning British television baking competition, The Great British Bake Off, was initially broadcast by the BBC. The competition chooses the best amateur baker among its participants.Since the inaugural season, it has grown in popularity and is credited with reviving interest in baking across the UK. Several of its contestants, including the champions, have gone on to establish careers in the bread industry.

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4. CHEF’S TABLE’ (2015)

Cast:Massimo Bottura, Ruth Reichl, Dan Barber, Bill buford any many other
Release date:April 26, 2015
IMDb rating8.5/10

The Chef’s Table series is not simply a culinary show or a reality TV program. It is more documentary-styled and gives you a deeper insight into the chefs themselves.The show takes viewers inside the homes and kitchens of several well-known and affluent worldwide chefs. Each episode introduces a chef and examines the individual lives, skills, and interests that have shaped their approach to cooking.

At first sight, “Chef’s Table” could appear to be just another program about food, but upon closer inspection, the name shows that the show’s central focus is on the chefs themselves. However, “Chef’s Table” is almost exclusively about the creators. It undoubtedly celebrates food in the same way that no movie or show about an artist can help but appreciate their work.


Cast:Christopher Kimball, Dan Souza, Julia Collin Davison, Erin McMurrer, Bridget Lancaster
Release date:August 4, 2001
IMDb rating:8.5/10

The cooking show America’s Test Kitchen, features a variety of participant-conducted product experiments. As they take on various culinary challenges, the series demonstrates the participants’ distinctive techniques.

Reviews of kitchenware, taste testing of ingredients, and home cook-friendly recipes from the test kitchen. A group of test cooks that fans have grown to know, trust and dissect recipes to divulge the test kitchen’s exclusive tips for making delicious meals at home.

6. Cook’s Country From America’s Test Kitchen (2008–present)

Cast: Bridget Lancaster, Christopher Kimball, Julia Collin Davison, Adam Ried, Jack Bishop
Release date:September 6, 2008
IMDb Ratings:8.5/10

Explore 15 seasons of culinary excellence with “Cook’s Country From America’s Test Kitchen,” a standout among PBS cooking shows. Uncover the finest American cuisine and chefs as they undergo rigorous kitchen testing, creating a treasure trove of culinary knowledge. As you delve into this series, don’t miss out on the top cooking shows available on Hulu also. Elevate your cooking shows list with this essential addition to the best PBS cooking shows to stream in 2023.

7. I’ll Have What Phil’s Having (2015)

Cast: Phil Rosenthal, Martin Short, Lily Rosenthal, Ray Romano, Monica Horan
Release date:September 28, 2015
IMDb Ratings:8.5/10

A gastronomic adventure with “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having.” t is a PBS cooking show with 1 season. Join Phil Rosenthal as he navigates kitchens and culinary traditions worldwide, from Hong Kong to Barcelona, uncovering both old and new practices. With journeys from 3-star restaurants to local bakeries, this show is a gem among the best PBS cooking shows. Make it a part of your 2023 streaming lineup, enhancing your cooking shows list and PBS Cooking Shows experience.

8. Family Ingredients (2016-2017)

Cast: Ed Kenney, Noriko Aka, Pham Thi Thai Ha, Raymond Le, Andrew Le
Release date:May 31, 2016
IMDb Ratings:8.2/10

Experience the heartwarming journey of Family Ingredients. A captivating travel cooking documentary series spanning 2 seasons. Delve into Hawaii’s rich multicultural culinary history and traditions, as the show honors its heritage. Uncover the vibrant culture and diverse food scene, meeting engaging locals that will make you feel like you’re among old friends. Make “Family Ingredients” a cherished part of your cooking shows list, joining the ranks of the best PBS cooking shows to stream in 2023.

9. ‘MARTHA BAKES’ (2011)

Cast: Martha Stewart
Release date:January 28, 2011
IMDb Ratings:8/10

Martha Stewart, a leading authority on lifestyle, dives into the realm of baking and demonstrates to viewers how to make some of her favorite dishes, both savory and sweet. Each episode starts with the fundamental building blocks of a recipe, then Stewart adds extra ingredients or employs various cooking techniques to make a variety of delicacies. Each episode of Martha Bakes has several segments on food, crafts, gardening, interior design, and other arts and crafts-related subjects. Celebrity visitors are also featured in the program.

Discover how to make the best pastries and treats at home. Martha Stewart offers the most remarkable baking advice and methods, empowering you to produce mouthwatering baked products.

10. Lidia’s Kitchen (2013-present)

Cast: Lidia Bastianich, Lorenzo Manuali, Erminia Motika, Olivia Bastianich, Julia Manuali
Release date:October 5, 2013
IMDb Ratings:7.9/10

Discover a culinary journey across 9 seasons with “Lidia’s Kitchen,” a cherished PBS cooking show. Hosted by beloved chef Lidia Bastianich, the series offers a masterclass in preparing classic and new Italian recipes, sharing essential techniques and ingredient tips. An essential addition to the best PBS cooking shows, “Lidia’s Kitchen” remains a delightful choice for cooking enthusiasts to stream in 2023.

11. ‘A CHEF’S LIFE’ (2013-2018)

Cast:Vivian Howard, Ben Knight, Sheri Castle
Release date:September 7, 2013
IMDb rating:7.5/10

Presented by Vivian Howard, A Chef’s Life is a cooking program and documentary series. 13 half-hour episodes make up the television show’s first season. Ben Knight, Vivian’s spouse, resides in Kinston, North Carolina, where they run a business.

Cooking programs are widely available; some are educational, while others are just venues for manufactured drama. That is a genuine spectacle, an entire package. It is secondary to learn anything about how food is prepared or the general complexities of the restaurant industry.The absence of pretense makes this show stand out compared to others. The people being filmed have wonderful and honest interactions. The viewer is given an authentic look into the personal lives of others. Also, Chef Vivian expresses her innermost thoughts and feelings through her narration as she exhibits a range of emotions, from joy to despair.

12. ‘CHOPPED’ (2009)

Cast: Ted Allan (host), Marc Murphy (judge), Alex Guarnaschelli (judge), Scott Conant (judge), Maneet Chauhan (judge), Eddie Jackson (judge), Aron Sanchez (judge), Chris Santos (judge).
Release date:January 13, 2009
IMDb rating: 7.5/10

The American reality cooking game show Chopped was founded by Michael Krupat, Dave Noll, and Linda Lea. Ted Allen is the host. Four chefs compete in the series against one another for a chance to win $10,000.
The series is hosted by Ted Allen (Food Detectives) and challenges four aspiring cooks to create an outstanding three-course dinner out of a variety of everyday items. A participant is “chopped” after each course until the final man or woman standing wins.

Here’s the catch. To produce a fantastic three-course dinner that includes an appetizer, entrée, and dessert, four chefs compete against one another in the kitchen. They are required to use every ingredient the program gives them in each round. A panel of three guest judges “chops” one chef after each meal if they don’t deliver on flavor, presentation, and originality.

13. ‘NEXT LEVEL CHEF’ (2022)

Cast:Nyesha Arrington, Richard Blais, Gordon Ramsay
Release date: January 2, 2022
IMDb rating:6.8/10

An American culinary reality competition television series called Next Level Chef debuted on on January 2, 2022. Gordon Ramsay, Nyesha Arrington, and Richard Blais act as mentors in addition to hosting the show.Three teams of chefs compete in a series of cooking challenges while being coached and judged by Ramsay, Arrington, and Blais. Each episode features a different set of three kitchens placed on top of one another. There are several modern tools and gadgets on the top level, a typical commercial kitchen on the middle class, and a small selection of lower-quality tools and gadgets on the lowest level.

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14. Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street (2017-present)

Cast:Christopher Kimball, Erika Bruce, Matthew Card, Erika Bruce, Catherine Smart
Release date: September 12, 2017
IMDb rating:6.8/10

A flavor-packed journey across 6 seasons. “Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Magazine,” is a remarkable PBS cooking show. As editors explore techniques and ingredients worldwide, they revolutionize home cooking for bolder flavors in less time. From Mexico to Thailand, Peru to London, the show reshapes American cooking and dining. Don’t miss this essential addition to the best PBS cooking shows, perfect for streaming in 2023. It is a great addition to PBS cooking shows list.


Cast:Alejandra Ramos (host), Tiffany Derry (judge), Graham Elliot (judge) and Leah Cohen (judge)
Release date:June 24, 2022
IMDb rating:6.3/10

The Great American Recipe is a PBS series highlighting the multiculturalism that gives American cuisine its distinctive and enduring appeal. The program uses weekly themes to inspire participants to create their unique dishes, using everything from traditional family recipes to original fusions that combine flavors in mouthwatering and unexpected ways.It is a unique culinary competition series where gifted home cooks from all parts of the nation have the chance to present their distinctive dishes and fight to win the national search.

Wrapping up!

According to some studies, spending time in the kitchen can improve mindfulness while reducing stress and restlessness. Cooking and baking not only make people feel better during the activity, but the satisfaction felt after tasting or seeing the finished result also helps people feel happier. Therefore, when you find yourself in a bad mood watching these cooking shows on PBS will definitely enhance your culinary skills and serve as a source of entertainment too.

Immerse yourself in a world of culinary delight with PBS Cooking Shows. As you curate your cooking shows list, don’t miss the opportunity to stream the best PBS cooking shows in 2023. From classic favorites to new discoveries, these shows offer a flavorful journey for all cooking enthusiasts.

Who is the most famous male chef?

Chef Gordon Ramsay is a well-known name. He is arguably the most recognizable celebrity chef of all time.

Who is the famous cooking lady on PBS?

Julia Child is the most famous cooking lady on PBS. She has inspired millions of home cooks and professional chefs since her first culinary program debuted on public television in 1963.

What is the hardest cooking show?

The world’s toughest culinary competition, The Bocuse d’Or, is conducted every two years in Lyon, France. A team of one chef and one commis assistant is chosen from each of the twenty-four participating nations to compete.

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