Revving up for Mayans M.C. Season 5: Mind-Blowing Fan Theories Unveiled!

Are you excited for the release of Season 5 of Mayans M.C.? The show with its new season has gotten better and more thrilling than ever. The new trailer has also put many fans into thinking about what will happen next. Are you too excited to see if the same storyline will be followed or will the new season be full of twists and turn? Let’s have a look at the trailer of the show!

Well, now that you have watched the trailer. What do you think will happen? Let’s explore the fan theories to see what the viewers of the show think is going to happen on the show!

Angel becomes the President?

A fan theory suggests that Angel might become the president after he kills EZ to get the throne. Moreover, this fan theory also suggests that the Maryans may become something in real life and would soon be dragged out of the drug business. While this fan theory is heartbreaking due to the demise of EZ, it makes sense given the circumstances and Angel’s gradual rise in power.


Brothers Reunited

When fans start to think about shows they develop some very crazy theories! In another theory, a fan proposed that the brother might become united again and fight off everyone else together. While currently, there seems to be a drift in the bond between Ez and Angel, these fans want to see the bond between the brothers return. It’s also crazy how fans think differently. While previously a fan suggested that Angel might kill EZ, this fan theory suggest the complete opposite!

mayans mc brothers

Bishop gets Killed

Another fan of the show has some very detailed and crazy theories. The fan believes that while Creeper will be on trial, his girl will confess that she was just with him to get all the information. Whereas, Marcus to get rid of EZ’s presence will try working in other clubs and SoA and the Bishop in search of the crown will try to lot against EZ. EZ in return get a club vote conducted and get the Bishop killed. The fan theory also suggests that Hank will fall in love with Bish’s girl and Cartel will soon run away. Moreover, we also might find out that Coco JR had burnt down the drug warehouse.


Angel Burned the Factory

Let’s have a look at another fan theory that has been revolving around this show! The fan theory suggests that Angel was the one who had set up a fire in the factory, however, the command to do so came from Alvarez. Moreover, the fans believe that Alveres will stop Angel from the destruction of the club and Angel will show up on Nero’s ranch. It is also believed by fans that Diaz will be back as the secret meet with Stockton and Yuma represented Oakland. There are also some speculations on Isaac being a loose canon wild card who’ll destroy the club one way or the other.


Everyone’s Dead

While many fans have optimistic theories, this fan’s theory is surely going to make all of us sad. According to the fan Potter is going to reveal the truth to the Reyes family while Ezekiel is going to get teary and will probably lose his mind over what’s left of the Mayans by being tied up to their bikes. Moreover, the theory also suggests that Miguel after losing everyone will be chopping some meat at the butcher shop.


Informant Revealed

A fan has used their detective skills and has tried to make sense of the last season’s final and the trailer. According to the fan theory proposed by this fan Miguel & EZ/Angel, will all start talking to each other and reunite as they have discovered that they are half-brothers. Moreover, according to the fan’s perspective, Creeper will catch wind of EZ being an informant while in prison and then will inform the club about it, leading to some major fights and unavoidable drama. After some deep analysis, the fan also believes that Felipe will shoot Potter because of all the things he has done in the past and to get his revenge.


The Fight for Power

Many fans have previously proposed that it is possible in the next season that all of the siblings may develop care and love for one another and start working together. However, a fan thinks the complete opposite as she believes that knowing that they are brothers will increase the level of competitiveness amongst them and they would compete based on their ego to see how each has more strength and power. While many may think that brotherhood is going to soften their heart as shown in every cliche series, this fan seems to think differently. She thinks that the war everyone believes is arriving is the one between the brothers.

Mayam MC Brothers

Warp Up

While above are some very crazy fan theories, what do you all think is going to happen in the next season? Watch Season 5 of Mayan M.C. to get to know if these fan theories are true or if the series has taken a very different turn that no one seems to expect. Will the brother fight their differences out or are they going to be united again as the fans suggest? We believe that whatever happens in the show is going to leave the fans surprised and make them guess their own theories’ relevance

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