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Indulge in your guilty pleasure of gossiping with some of the beloved characters like Blake Lively and Penn Badgley as they navigate their way through the scandalous world of the Upper East Side. Catch the sequel to the 2007 hit show and watch Gossip Girl Season 2 in UK on HBO Max airing December 1 2022. Don’t miss out on the juicy gossip – start watching today to find out more about some hot scandals feuds and flings!

Keep reading below if you’re wondering where to watch Gossip Girl Season 2 in UK.

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What is the Gossip Girl Season 2 Release Date?

If you want to watch Gossip Girl Season 2 then don’t forget to stream the American tv series on HBO Max on December 1 2023 to catch some hot characters in a steamy scandal while others create a feud. Don’t forget to stream the upcoming show of Gossip Girl Season 2 to watch the elegant Blake Lively and the hot Penn Badgely who has also starred in the famous series ‘You‘ which premiered on the popular streaming platform Lifetime.

What is Gossip Girl Season 2 all about?

The new teen drama series Gossip Girl released its first season in 2021 this is a standalone sequel of the famous show of the same name that was released in 2007 and was based on a novel series written by Cecily von Ziegesar. Co-created and executive produced by Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz. It is narrated by Kristen Bell who reprised her role from the previous show. The show is about teenagers of the new era using social media to spread juicy gossip. 

Watch the Gossip Girl Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of the series gives a hint that this series is going to be very interesting. It has a feeling of thrill and drama in it as there are a lot of secrets that people hold in the series. What will happen when there will be gossip about things they have been hiding from the world? Here is the trailer for Gossip Girl season 2.

Where can I watch Gossip Girl Season 2 in UK?

You can stream the popular show Gossip Girl Season 2 as it airs on December 1 2023 on HBO Max and if you want to watch Gossip Girl Season 2 in UK you can do so by using a VPN on December 2 2023. This is because the tv show will be streaming on HBO Max which is an American channel that cannot be accessed in UK without using a VPN.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Storyline – What to Expect?

The story of Gossip Girl revolves around the lives of teenage students in Manhattan their love lives and social interactions while highlighting how socializing through social media and New York City’s environment have evolved in the nick of time. Even though Julien Calloway was employed by Gossip Girl at the conclusion of the last season it is presently impossible to know what she is actually doing. In an effort to fit in this season Zoya is becoming better. Let’s just say that things are getting a touch out of hand between Audrey Max and Aki. Finally Monet and Luna are engaging in some strange planning. Unlike Season 1 all of this season’s episodes will be broadcast at once. This can raise the suspense produce more cliffhangers and give certain character arcs and wild events their own devoted time frame.

Meet the cast of Gossip Girl Season 2

We are thrilled that Miss Georgina Spark will be portrayed by Michelle Trachtenberg in season two of Gossip Girl because the show’s stellar cast is one of its many distinctive qualities. Eleanor Waldorf Milo Cyrus Rose Nelly Yuki Wallace Shawn Azhy Robertson and Margaret Colin are expected to return among other cast members from season one (Yin Chang). Along with them the others are as follows:

  • Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen.
  • Penn Badgley as Dan Humphrey.
  • Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf.
  • Chace Crawford as Nate Archibald.
  • Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass.
  • Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey.
  • Jessica Szohr as Vanessa Abrams.
  • Kelly Rutherford as Lily Bass.

Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode Guide

The shooting of the new season completed in august 2022. The first episode of this anticipated season will release on December 1 2022. There were 12 episodes in season 1 and are said to be 10 episodes in season two. Here is the list of titles of the first season’s episodes:

Episode TitleEpisode Number
Gossip Girl S01 E01“Just Another Girl on the MTA”
Gossip Girl S01 E02“She’s Having a Maybe”
Gossip Girl S01 E03“Lies Wide Shut”
Gossip Girl S01 E04“Fire Walks with Z”
Gossip Girl S01 E05“Hope Sinks”
Gossip Girl S01 E06“Parentsite”
Gossip Girl S01 E07“Once Upon a Time in the Upper West”
Gossip Girl S01 E08“Posts on a Scandal”
Gossip Girl S01 E09“Blackberry Narcissus”
Gossip Girl S01 E10“Final Cancellation”
Gossip Girl S01 E11“You Can’t Take It with Jules”
Gossip Girl S01 E12“Gossip Gone Girl”

If you want to know more about the episode guide for the new season then keep reading below.

‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2 is back with unfinished businesses

Two episodes from Gossip Girl Season 2 of the HBO Max series debuted on Thursday easing viewers back into the drama at Constance Billard. Season 2 reveals “the kids became this way for a reason†now that we’ve had some time to get to know this new cast of incredibly wealthy kids and their secrets according to creator and executive producer Joshua Safran.

Cast of Gossip Girl Season 2

“Essentially what would happen in the first Gossip Girl was the first half of the season would be ‘These kids are disasters and they’re destroying each other.’ And in the second half of every season we know the reason is because of their parents†Safarn said explaining that the two-season story arc is mirrored after one 22-episode season of its broadcast predecessor.

IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of Gossip Girl

The IMDb rating for the series is 5.4/10 and on Rotten Tomatoes the score is 36%. The show has been widely appraised by younger audiences around the world.

What are the reviews of Gossip Girl in 2023?

“For the most part Gossip Girl improves upon its flaws from its first season as it lets the characters embrace being wealthy petty and just absolutely messy. The teens feel less like Gen Z caricatures and finally have problems worthy of our attention. The dialogue remains just as campy and full of subtle pop culture references that make for great laugh out loud moments.”

Paste Magazine

How are the fans reacting to Gossip Girl Season 2?

Fans are sad about the unexpected and abrupt cancellation of the Gossip Girl series as shown below:

How many episodes of Gossip Girl 2021 Part 2 UK are there?

Gossip Girl Season 2 has aired 9 episodes yet however the upcoming episode is set to release on January 26th 2023.

Episode Guide of Gossip Girl Season 2

Further details regarding the episodes are mentioned below:

Episode TitleEpisode Number
Gossip Girl S02 E01Deb Brawl in a Blue Dress
Gossip Girl S02 E02Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner
Gossip Girl S02 E03Great Reputations
Gossip Girl S02 E04One Flew Over the Cuck’s Nest
Gossip Girl S02 E05Games Trains and Automobiles
Gossip Girl S02 E06How to Bury a Millionaire
Gossip Girl S02 E07Dress Me Up! Dress Me Down!
Gossip Girl S02 E08Y Lu’s mamá también
Gossip Girl S02 E09I Know What You Did Last Summit
Gossip Girl S02 E10I Am Gossip

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 1 – Deb Brawl in a Blue Dress: December 1 2022

A debutante ball is a threat for the already fragile relationships as the group is all set for a new dawn of the new year.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 2 – Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner: December 1 2022

Zoya is spending her time more than usual with Shan’s family which annoys Nick. Moreover The dinner hosted by the parents of Max takes a chaotic turn.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 3 – Great Reputations: December 8 2022

Monet the new queen of Constance is seeking a true rivalry with Julien finally. While Obie asks Julien to help him in managing their friends before meeting his family of Grace.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 4 – One Flew Over the Cuck’s Nest: December 15 2022

Julian is finding it hard to show the real face of Grace to Obie. Whereas Audrey and Max are suspicious of Aki for having a secret. Moreover Zoya finds out that Nick is betraying her.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 5 – Games Trains and Automobiles: December 22 2022

Kate Jordan and Wendy try to hide the identity of Gossip Girl from Mike who is determined to find out. Audrey collapses when Max and Aki go on a trip together leaving her behind.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 6 – How to Bury a Millionaire: December 29 2022

An acquaintance blackmails Kate to destroy a significant event. While Obie offers a transaction that is a threat to the Gossip Girl family.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 7 – Dress Me Up! Dress Me Down!: January 5 2023

While Audrey tries to handle her father and his new girlfriend along with Kiki’s launch Gossip Girl causes a rift between Julien and her.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 8 – Y Lu’s mamá también: January 12 2023

Max and Audrey have plotted to regain Kiki’s reputation without even caring for Aki’s feelings. While Kate is given an ultimatum to end Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 9 – I Know What You Did Last Summit: January 19 2022

Max Audrey and Aki suffer the consequences as a trio experiences developing complications. Kate forms a difficult union with an old enemy. Julien struggles with her intentions to destroy Gossip Girl however a shocking revelation changed her heart.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 10 – I Am Gossip: January 26 2023

The details regarding the upcoming episode haven’t been revealed yet. However we will update it as soon as we get it.

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Where else to Watch Gossip Girl Season 2 Online in UK?

Currently Gossip Girl Season 2 is available only on HBO Max. The popular show besides this is also available on Amazon Prime. Don’t forget to watch the popular show for some hot and steamy lies and scandals.

The popular streaming platform ‘Amazon Prime’ also features some of the best football movies.

Here is some brief information about the streaming platforms that will allow you to stream gossip Girl Season 2:


$15.99/ month
  • 7-day Free Trial
  • Diverse Genres
  • 1000+ shows
  • Quality Programming

Amazon Prime

$14.99/ month
  • 30-day Free Trial
  • All Seasons Available
  • +2500 shows
  • 100+ channels

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Where to Watch Gossip Girl 2021 Part 2 for Free?

Currently Gossip Girl Season 2 cannot be streamed for free on HBO Max. Besides the show can also be streamed on Amazon Prime. Since these are American streaming platforms they cannot be accessed in UK without a VPN.

Is Gossip Girl Season 2 Available Online in UK?

The popular show isn’t available in the UK. Although through a VPN you can watch Gossip Girl Season 2 online in UK. This is because Gossip Girl Season 2 is an American show and it can only be streamed in UK by using a VPN in the region.

Is Gossip Girl Season 2 Available on Netflix?

Currently Gossip Girl Season 2 is not available on Netflix. Although you can watch the show on either HBO Max or Amazon Prime. Don’t forget to stream the show for hot tales of gossip and sparks of romance.

Where can I Watch the All Episodes of the Gossip Girl Season 2 Series?

If you’re wondering where to watch all of the episodes of Gossip Girl Season 2 then you can watch them on HBO Max or Amazon Prime. Don’t forget to tune in on all the drama that is about to explode in the show.

Best VPNs To Watch Gossip Girl Season 2 TV Show in UK on HBO Max

Take a look below to see what VPNs are best to watch Gossip Girl Season 2 in UK on HBO Max in order to stream the show without any worries.


Stream Gossip Girl Season 2 on HBO Max in 4D HD and SD using a VPN to watch all-new episodes of Gossip Girl Season 2 while also getting additional access to 500+ streaming services globally with VPN in your cavalry.

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