Best French Movies on Netflix That Are Well Worth the Watch!

French film has always been lauded for its inventive storyline, breathtaking cinematography, and distinct creative flair. With the emergence of streaming platforms such as Netflix, worldwide audiences now have better access to some of the outstanding French films of recent years than ever before. There is something for everyone among the top French films on Netflix UK, from heartbreaking dramas to thrilling thrillers, and historical epics to philosophical reflections on life. In this post, we will look at ten French films available on Netflix that are definitely worth seeing and assess them from various angles and views.

1. Le Monde est à toi (The World Is Yours) (2018)

Release Date August 15, 2018
Lead CastKarim Leklou, Isabelle Adjani, Vincent Cassel
GenreComedy, Crime
IMDb Rating6.3/10

Le Monde est à toi is a Romain Gavras-directed French criminal comedy film starring Karim Leklou, Isabelle Adjani, Vincent Cassel, and Oulaya Amamra. The plot centres around François, a small-time drug dealer who wants to quit his life of crime and build a legal company selling Mr Freeze ice pops. His mother’s financial problems and his history, on the other hand, come back to haunt him, prompting him to plot one more large drug sale.

The film is a lighthearted and engaging blend of crime and humour, with a fast-paced narrative that keeps the spectator interested throughout. The key performers deliver outstanding performances, particularly Karim Leklou, who portrays François with wit and insight.

2. Funan (2018)

Release Date June 7, 2019
Lead Voice CastBerenice Bejo, Louis Garrel, Colette Kieffer
GenreAnimation, Drama, History
IMDb Rating6.9/10

Denis Do’s animated animation Funan is based on his own family’s experiences under Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge rule. The story revolves around Chou, a young mother who is separated from her kid during the Khmer Rouge’s ascent to power and forced to work in a labour camp. While searching for her kid, she must traverse the perilous and cruel conditions of the camp.

The film offers a terrible and emotive depiction of the Khmer Rouge regime’s atrocities, as well as the human spirit’s perseverance in the face of unspeakable evil. The animation is stunning, with a subdued colour palette that depicts the situation’s desolation. The voice acting is likewise superb, with the actors delivering strong performances.

3. La Vie scolaire (School Life) (2019)

Release Date August 28, 2019
Lead CastZita Hanrot, Liam Pierron, Soufiane Guerrab
GenreComedy, Drama
IMDb Rating6.5/10

La Vie scolaire is a French drama film directed by Grand Corps Malade and Mehdi Idir with Zita Hanrot, Liam Pierron, and Soufiane Guerrab in the lead roles. Samia, a new teacher at a difficult high school in a Paris neighbourhood, is followed as she strives to connect with her pupils and make a difference in their lives.

The film provides a moving and honest depiction of the difficulties experienced by both instructors and pupils in inner-city schools. The key performers deliver outstanding performances, particularly Zita Hanrot, who imbues her role with warmth and heart.

4. Le Chant du loup (The Wolf’s Call) (2019)

Release Date June 20, 2019
Lead CastFrancois Civil, Omar Sy, Mathieu Kassovitz
GenreAction, Thriller
IMDb Rating6.9/10

Antonin Baudry’s Le Chant du Loup is a French action-thriller film starring François Civil, Omar Sy, and Mathieu Kassovitz. The film follows Chanteraide, a French submarine sonar operator, as he attempts to avoid a nuclear war between France and Russia.

The film is a suspenseful thriller with outstanding performances by the principal actors and astounding visual effects that bring the submarine to life.

5. Anelka: Misunderstood (2020)

Release Date August 5, 2020
Lead CastRoman Abramovich, Fabrice Abriel, Samir Amireche
GenreDocumentary, Sports
IMDb Rating6.4/10 

The documentary film Anelka: Misunderstood, directed by Franck Nataf and Eric Hannezo, examines the career and controversies of French former professional footballer Nicolas Anelka. Interviews with Anelka, as well as former colleagues, coaches, and family members, are included in the film to throw light on the player’s complicated nature and the circumstances that moulded his career.

The film paints an intriguing and complex image of Anelka, who is recognised for his brilliance as a player as well as his various issues, notably his role in a racism incident during the 2010 World Cup. The video also delves into questions of race, identity, and how athletes are portrayed in the media.

6. Atlantics (2019)

Release Date November 29. 2019
Lead CastMame Bineta Sane, Amadou Mbow, Taore
GenreDrama, Mystery Romance
IMDb Rating6.7/10

Mati Diop’s spooky thriller Atlantics won the Grand Prize at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. The narrative is set in Dakar, Senegal, and follows Ada, a young woman who is about to marry a wealthy businessman but is in love with a construction worker who has fled to Spain. As the construction workers go missing, their souls return to torment their former loves and bosses, the story takes a spooky turn.

Atlantics is a thought-provoking film that offers comments on modern Senegalese society, notably on migration, gender inequality, and labour exploitation. The video depicts the challenges of Senegalese youth who are subjected to economic and societal constraints.

7. La Femme la plus assassinée du monde (The Most Assassinated Woman in the World) (2018)

Release Date September 7, 2018
Lead CastAnna Mouglalis, Niels Schneider, Julie Recoing
GenreBiography, Drama, Mystery

Franck Ribière’s horror film La Femme la plus assassinée du monde stars Anna Mouglalis, Niels Schneider, and Eric Godon. The film is based on the actual tale of Paula Maxa, a famous actress in 1930s Paris who was regarded as the world’s most murdered woman owing to the number of times she was slain on stage.

The film La Femme la plus assassinée du world dives into the history of Parisian theatre in the early twentieth century, with an emphasis on the life of Paula Maxa. The film delves into the difficulties that women encounter in the entertainment business, such as objectification and assault.

8. Je ne suis pas un homme facile (I Am Not An Easy Man)  (2018)

Release Date April 13, 2018
Lead CastVincent Elbaz, Marie-Sophie Ferdane, Pierre Benezit
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Romance
IMDb Rating6.3/10

Eleonore Pourriat’s romantic comedy Je ne suis pas un homme facile stars Vincent Elbaz, Marie-Sophie Ferdane, and Blanche Gardin. The film is set in a parallel universe where gender roles are reversed and males experience prejudice and misogyny. The plot revolves around Damien, a chauvinistic guy who awakens in this reality and must deal with the difficulties of being a man in a female-dominated society.

9. Les Affamés (Ravenous) (2017)

Release Date September 7, 2017
Lead CastMarc-Andre Grondin, Monia Chokri, Charlotte St-Martin 
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama

Robin Aubert’s horror film Les Affamés stars Marc-André Grondin, Monia Chokri, and Charlotte St-Martin. The film is set in a tiny rural Quebec community that has been overtaken by zombies. A group of survivors must join together to protect themselves and repel the zombie invasion.

The film is well-acted and contains a diverse cast of individuals who must confront their fears and personal demons in order to survive. The film’s horror aspect is excellent in establishing suspense and a sense of discomfort, with some really horrific situations that will have moviegoers on the edge of their seats.

10. J’ai perdu mon corps (I Lost My Body) (2019)

Release Date November 15, 2019
Lead Voice CastHakim Faris, Victoire Du Bois, Patrick d’Assumcao
GenreAnimation, Drama, Fantasy
IMDb Rating7.5/10

Jérémy Clapin’s animated drama J’ai perdu mon corps is based on Guillaume Laurant’s novel Happy Hand. The plot revolves around Naoufel, a young man in Paris who falls in love with Gabrielle, a librarian. Meanwhile, a severed hand escapes from a laboratory and sets out on a risky trip to rejoin its body.

J’ai perdu mon corps is a poetic and philosophical film on identity, meaning, and destiny. The metaphor of a severed hand is used in the film to represent the fractured and disconnected character of modern existence, as well as the search for completeness and purpose.

Wrap Up!

The above Netflix French movies demonstrate the range and depth of French film, as well as an insight into the French people’s unique viewpoints, customs, and experiences. These films not only entertain and provoke thinking, but they also provide vital insights into numerous elements of life and society, ranging from love and loss to identity and survival. Whether you are a lover of French cinema or are new to it, these films are definitely worth seeing and will make an effect on you. So why not kick back and dive into the world of French movies on Netflix?

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