‘Chucky’ Season 3 on Syfy in UK: Release Date, Trailer, Cast and More

Chucky Season 3 is back to thrill you all on Syfy on 4 October 2023 in UK. The infamous killer doll Chucky made his debut on the big screen in 1988 in the slasher movie Child’s Play. Since then, the franchise has grown to become one of the most popular horror series of all time, with a total of eight movies. In 2021, a new generation of fans was introduced to the twisted yet amusing Chucky through the television series. The show picks up where the movies left off, and a third season is currently in the works. Here is a comprehensive guide that includes everything we know so far about Chucky Season 3. Moreover, if you are a big Child’s Play fan do check all Chucky Movies in Order in UK.

Where to Watch Chucky Season 3 in UK Online?

The third season of Chucky will be exclusively premiere on Syfy. Fans can expect a weekly release schedule, and it will also be available for streaming on USA Network and Peacock TV. In the United Kingdom, Chucky Season 3 will also be available to watch on Sky Sci-Fi and NOW TV a few weeks after its debut. The production of Season 3 commenced in April 2023, and Jennifer Tilly confirmed her presence on the Canadian set through a tweet.

How to Watch Syfy Online in UK?

UK viewers can stream Chuky Season 3 through a guide to access Syfy in UK. All you have to do is subscribe to any online streaming service that will let you access Syfy channel as it costs GBP 59.97/mo for 85+ live channels. Some of the Live streaming services along with their subscription costs are given below: 

  1. DirecTV Stream costs GBP 60.90 per month which 75+ channels are included. 
  2. Hulu + Live TV costs GBP 60.90 per month with which 75+ channels are included. 
  3. FuboTV costs GBP 60.90 per month which 90 channels are included. 
  4. Sling TV costs GBP 30.46 per month with which 40+ channels are included. 
  5. YouTube TV costs GBP 56.55 per month with which 100+ channels are included. 

How to Watch Chucky Season 3 For FREE?

Yes, you can watch SYFY Channel for free as there are several streaming channels that provide a free 30-day trial. Now stop searching, for how to get Syfy channel free and reach out to these sites to avail this offer. You can also avail of Peacock free trial to watch the show for free.

Chucky Season 3 Release Date

Chucky Season 3 premieres on Oct. 4 at 1am. ET/PT on Syfy, with streaming available on Peacock the following day.

Official Synopsis

In Chucky’s unending thirst for power, Season 3 now sees Chucky ensconced with the most powerful family in the world — America’s First Family, inside the infamous walls of the White House.


Chucky Season 3 About

The TV show Chucky is a continuation of the Child’s Play movie series, specifically following the events of the seventh movie, Cult of Chucky. The story begins three weeks after the movie, in Hackensack, New Jersey. In the first episode, a 14-year-old named Jake Wheeler (played by Zackary Arthur) finds the infamous Good Guy doll at a yard sale and takes it home to use in a Halloween art project. However, Jake soon discovers that the doll is possessed by the serial killer Charles Lee Ray. Struggling with his own identity and pressured by Chucky to commit violent acts, Jake becomes the prime suspect in a series of strange and gruesome events.

Genre Horror, Thriller
CreatorDon Mancini

Chucky Season 3 Trailer

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Who is in the Cast of Chucky Season 3?

The first cast member to be confirmed on set for Season 3 of the show was Jennifer Tilly, who plays Tiffany Valentine. The following cast members will also be returning: Zackary Arthur as Jake Wheeler, Bjorgvin Arnarson as Devon Evans, Alyvia Alyn Lind as Lexy Cross, and Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky. Fiona Dourif is expected to reprise her role as Nica Pierce as well. The upcoming season will also introduce a new family of characters, including one recognizable face. Devon Sawa, who played Logan and Lucas Wheeler in Season 1 and Father Bryce in Season 2, will be portraying a new character in Season 3 as the President of the United States, James Collins.

Chucky Season 2 Recap

Chucky Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger, revealing details about Andy’s fate as he found himself in a truck full of dolls he was held hostage by a tiffany doll at gunpoint. Now, according to our homework, season 2 would revolve around Jake and Devon’s relationship, and the continuation of what would happen to Nica (who has been amputated by the horrendous Tiffany, whose soul is secretly a version of Jennifer Tilly).

How Many Episodes Are in Chucky Season 3?

S03 E01 · Murder at 1600 – 4 Oct 2023

Chucky finds a new friend ’til the end in the White House; Jake, Devon and Lexy look for Caroline.

S03 E02 · Let the Right One In – 11 Oct 2023

Jake, Devon and Lexy hatch a plan to take down Chucky by befriending the President’s teenage son.

S03 E03 · Jennifer’s Body – 18 Oct 2023

Chucky’s complex motivations are revealed; Tiffany is tried for Jennifer Tilly’s murder spree.

S03 E04 · Halloween – TBA

Jake, Devon and Lexy infiltrate a Halloween ball to stop Chucky – But the demon doll has other plans.

Fans are excited for Chuky Season 3 (2023) on Twitter

The Twitter comments reflect anticipation and excitement for the upcoming season of the TV show “Chucky.” Fans are eagerly waiting for its release, with some expressing their enthusiasm for the return of the iconic character. There are mentions of rewatching previous seasons and collecting limited editions of the show. Some users inquire about the release date in the UK, while others share their thoughts on the trailer. Overall, the comments showcase a dedicated fan base eagerly looking forward to the new season and expressing their love for the franchise.

Wrap Up

Chucky Season 3 is generating significant excitement among fans in the UK, with its premiere scheduled for October 4, 2023, on Syfy. The series continues to build on the legacy of the iconic killer doll, Chucky, and promises an intriguing plot set within the walls of the White House. Viewers in the UK can catch the show on Syfy and NOW TV a few weeks after its debut, with streaming available on Peacock as well. The cast includes both returning and new characters, adding to the anticipation surrounding the new season. As fans eagerly await the continuation of this beloved horror series, the trailer and teasers have only heightened their enthusiasm, making “Chucky” Season 3 one of the most anticipated releases in the genre.

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