Thanksgiving Shows and Movies on Netflix to watch in UK (Best 20)

The spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday is all about creating a memorable family experience that sparks feelings of gratitude and joy. And what better way to do that than watching Thanksgiving shows and movies on Netflix snuggling under a warm blanket after polishing off some delicious Thanksgiving dinner?

Finding something that will please everyone in the family can be a tedious task, so we have come up with a list of Thanksgiving Shows and Movies on Netflix sure to get everyone in that holiday spirit. From tear-jerking movies to feel-good shows, this is all you need on your Thanksgiving list.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

The tear-jerking movie follows the story of Chris, a broke salesman whose wife decides to separate after his financial failures, leaving him with his son’s custody. Chris refuses to give up and struggles to build a new life with his young son, making the movie an emotional watch. Probably one of the best on our list of Thanksgiving Shows and Movies on Netflix. This movie is a definite family watch with a strong lesson on determination and survival.

Genre: Drama 
Creator: Gabriele Muccino
IMDb rating: 8/10
Stars: will smith, Thandiwe Newton, Jaden Smith

A castle for Christmas

The holiday season doesn’t give you all the right feelings if you don’t watch a Christmas rom-com for movie night.

This movie follows the story of a bestselling author who flees to Scotland to escape a scandal. Things start to change for her when she falls in love with a beautiful castle owned by a grumpy duke. Romance, drama and comedy flow in as the story progresses.

Genre: Romcom
Creator: Mary Lambert
Stars: Brooke Shield, Cary Elwes, Drew Barrymore

Holiday Rush (2019)

After getting fired from his job as a popular radio DJ, a widowed D.J. Rashon and his four spoiled kids have to leave their luxurious lives behind and move in with his aunt. All this right before Christmas. The movie is a treat to watch if you enjoy a light comedy.

Genre: Romcom, Drama
Creator: Leslie Small
Stars: Romany Malco, Rush Williams, Sonequa Martin-Green, Roxy Richardson

Friendsgiving (2020)

Movie actress Molly and her best friend, Abby, plan to spend a quiet Thanksgiving together. As uninvited family members and guests also arrive, what was supposed to be a low-key dinner turns into a chaotic, comical situation. 

Genre: Comedy 
Creator: Nicol Paone
Stars: kat dennings, malin akerman

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square (2020)

Dolly Parton (rightfully) plays an angel who arrives to save a small town from being sold to a mall developer by a wealthy woman who has returned to her hometown after years. Unfortunately, she has brought eviction notices for the entire town with her. 

Genre: musical, drama
Creator: Debbie Allen
Stars: Dolly Parton, Jacob Moran, Josh Segarra

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

Part of the National Lampoon Magazine’s three-part vacation series, the film tells the story of a family who spends Christmas at home with their extended family. And we all know what that means, chaos. The Christmas comedy is ideal for quality time with loved ones.

Genre: Comedy
Creator: Jeremiah S. Chechik
IMDb rating: 7.5
Stars: Randy Quaid, Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo

The boy who harnessed the Wind (2019)

Thrown out of school when his family cannot pay the fees, a 13-years old boy decided to sneak into a library to read more books. Based on a true story, the movie follows his emotional journey as he learns how to build a windmill and saves his village from famine.

Genre: Drama
Creator: Chiwetel Ejiofor
IMDb rating: 7.6
Stars: Maxwell Simba, lily banda, Chiwetel Ejiofor

Best leftovers ever (2020)

The holiday season means good food, which brings a lot of leftovers that one doesn’t know what to do with. Home cooks compete to make the best out of leftover food in this show to win a $10,000 cash prize—an enjoyable watch, especially for people who enjoy cooking.

Genre: Reality
Stars: Jackie Tohn, David So, Rosemary Shrager

Holidate (2020)

If you have been through the horror of turning up alone at a family gathering during the holiday season, you are bound to enjoy this movie. Two strangers get into a platonic relationship for an entire year, specifically for family events, to avoid the judgements on being single. Comedy ensues as they start to fall for each other.

Genre: romantic comedy
Creator: John Whitesell
IMDb rating: 6.1
Stars: Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey, Nicola Peltz

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure

Part of the eight-movie series in which a family tries to control their pet dog’s antics, this movie is about Christmas magic as Beethoven sets out to save Christmas.

Genre: comedy, fantasy
Creator: John Petch
Stars: Tom Arnold, John Cleese, Kyle Massey

Waffles+mochi (2021)

Michelle Obama joins two puppet pals, Waffles and Mochi, as they discover and try different foods from around the world, including multiple that will remind you of home-cooked Thanksgiving meals.

Genre: Children’s cooking show
Creator: Erika Thormahlen, Jeremy Konner
IMDb rating: 7.6
Stars: Michelle Obama, Russ Walko, Michelle Zamora

Sister, sister (Season 9, Episodes 3 & 4)

One can’t go wrong with this 90’s teen comedy sitcom. In their holiday special in season 9, the family travels to Hawaii, where an unexpected guest turns up, giving the viewers an hour of entertainment and the family a whole lot of drama.

Genre: Teen sitcom
Creator: Kim Bass
IMDb rating: 6.3
Stars: Tia Mowery, Tamara Mowery

Klaus (2019) 

This selfish young man having a change of heart and deciding to spread some Christmas magic classics is a treat to watch, especially with children. Jesper, a spoiled brat, is forced to relocate by his father to a remote town, where he meets a toymaker. They join hands to spread some joy around a dreary town’s children.

Genre: Family Comedy
Creator: Sergio Pablos
IMDb rating: 8.2
Stars: Sergio Pablos, J.K. Simons, Jason Schwartzman

Indian Horse (2017)

Aside from family and cultural heritage, two things closest to his heart, Saul struggles to find himself again through sports. Racism, alcoholism and family relationships take the centre of this movie’s plot, which may not be your usual holiday watch but will leave you in a puddle of tears by the end. We recommend this one.

Genre: Drama
Creator: Stephen Campanelli
IMDb rating: 7.3
Stars: Sladen Peltier, Forrest Goodluck, Ajuawak Kapashesit 

The big family cooking showdown (2017)

Cooking with family is fun, memorable and a great time. But it is also chaotic and full of drama, exactly like the eight families on this reality TV show as they compete against each other to win the crown.

Genre: Reality
IMDb rating: 7.1
Stars: Zoe Ball, Nadiya Hussain, Tommy Banks, Rosemary Shrager

Fuller House (season 2, episode 6)

In this episode, the Tanner family reunites and tries to re-learn how to co-exist under the same roof peacefully. Beware, some scenes might appear eerily familiar.

Genre: Comedy
Creator: Jeffrey Steven Franklin
IMDb rating: 6.7
Stars: Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber, Jodie Sweetin

The Willoughby (2020)

Tired of their parents’ neglectful attitude, the Willoughby siblings send their parents off on a dangerous mission. The movie is about family love and is fun for children who enjoy animated movies.

Genre: Comedy
Creator: Kris Pearn
IMDb rating: 6.3
Stars: Maya Rudolph, Will Forte, Terry Crews, Kris Pearn

Yes day (2021)

Parenting is not a piece of cake; parents are often left feeling guilty despite trying their best. Allison and Carlos felt the same way, so they decided to give their three kids 24 hours to make the rules. The catch? They aren’t allowed to say no and have to agree to all the requests coming their way.

Genre: comedy, drama
Creator: Miguel Arteta
Stars: Jenna Ortega, Jennifer Garner, Edgar Ramirez

Always be my maybe (2019)

Childhood sweethearts who reunite after 15 years realise there is still a spark between them. Unfortunately, they lead two very separate lives now. A movie about love, family and heartbreak, always be my maybe will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Genre: Romance
Creator:  Nahnatchka Khan
IMDb rating: 6.8
Stars: Ali Wong, Randall Park, Keanu Reeves

Master of none (Season 2, Episode 8)

The entire series, loosely based on Aziz Ansari’s real-life experiences, is a treat to watch. But this Thanksgiving episode is so well-written that the writer Lena Waithe won an Emmy award. The episode tells the story of Waithe’s coming out over a series of family thanksgiving dinners, and if you don’t want to commit to an entire show or movie, this is the perfect watch for you.

Genre:  Romance, Comedy, Drama
Creator: Aziz Ansari, Alan Yang
IMDb rating: 8.2
Stars: Aziz Ansari, Eric Wareheim, Lena Waithe

Wrap Up!

Now that you have a list of the most fun Thanksgiving Shows and Movies on Netflix with you, dip right in and make the most of this wonderful holiday season.

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