Best British Comedy Christmas Specials, According To IMDb

The holiday season is upon us and what better way to get into the festive spirit than by indulging in some of the best British comedy Christmas specials? From classic sitcoms to modern comedies, these specials have become a staple of the holiday season for many viewers. From the beloved characters of “Gavin and Stacey: The Christmas Announcement” to the irreverent humor of “Doctor Who,” these specials have become a beloved holiday tradition for many.

So, whether you’re looking to revisit an old favorite or discover something new, let’s take a look at some of the best British comedy Christmas specials to get you in the holiday spirit.

Here’s a list of some of the best British comedy Christmas specials according to chronological order to catch up on this holiday;

‘Mr. Bean : Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean’ (1992)

Cast:Rowan Atkinson, Matilda Ziegler, C. J. Allen, Owen Brenman, John Warner, Lee Barrett
IMDb rating: 9/10

The series episode titled “Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean” is probably the most well-known and adored by viewers worldwide. Mr. Bean makes everyone else’s holiday a comedic nightmare as he stumbles through customary Christmas rituals. One of Mr. Bean’s funniest scenes is when Bean is shown with an enormous turkey on his head.

The Royle Family: The Royle Family at Christmas (2000)

Cast:Ricky Tomlinson, Sue Johnston, Caroline Aherne, Ralf Little, Craig Cash, Liz Smith, Jessica Hynes, Peter Martin, Doreen Keogh, Geoffrey Hughes
IMDb rating:8.3/10

How do you think a grumpy family like the Royles would waste time and money during a pricey holiday? See for yourself when they invite Darren, Emma, and her father, Roger, to supper. What is the result? Nothing but irony.When it comes to Christmas expectations, you may always have the lowest possible standards for the Royles, but they will never fail to make you laugh, mainly when Jim Royle jokes about it. The Royle Family at Christmas will feel merry thanks to their generous humor.

The League of Gentlemen (2000)

Cast:Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith
IMDb rating:8.4/10

The League’s three frightening tales gave A Christmas Carol a depressing touch. It is well known for turning entirely gothic with its story of the “Queen of Duisberg,” Herr Lip, his choir, and heavenly vampires (it’s pretty scary stuff; Nosferatu and Salem’s Lot were significant influences). However, the introductory tale about Charlie and Stella, a quarreling couple and two of the most notable characters in the series, a line dancing competition and a contemporary witches’ coven, is just as spooky.

The Office UK: Christmas Special (2003)

Cast:Ricky Gervais, Mackenzie Crook, Ewen MacIntosh, Jamie Deeks
IMDb rating:8.5/10 

Fans of the US version may need to be made aware of the British version. Still, it’s worth learning about this outstanding two-part Christmas special that wraps off several storylines, including David dealing with his firing, Gareth working hard, and Dawn relocating to Florida.The most memorable events occurred at the Christmas celebration. You can choose between Tim reconciling with Dawn after she left Florida, David standing up to Finchy, David’s date Carol being there, the workplace photo, David’s attendance, or any other options. The latter is the pinnacle of The Office (UK).

Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion (2005)

Cast:David Tennant, Billie Piper, Camille Coduri, Noel Clarke, Penelope Wilton
IMDb rating:8/10

This is a Doctor Who special that introduces David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor in addition to serving as seasonal programming. The difficulty this time is that the cruel extraterrestrial race Sycorax is threatening to wipe off one-third of the planet’s people unless the entire globe submits.By mixing his eccentricities and wit with glimmers of compassion and comedy, Tennant makes the most of his role as the Tenth Doctor. It creates amusing situations, such as when the Doctor regenerates and battles the Sycorax. It makes for a pleasant holiday watch due to its cozy tone.

Extras (2007)

Cast:Ricky Gervais, Ashley Jensen, Stephen Merchant, Shaun Williamson, Shaun Pye
IMDb rating: 8.3 /10

Extras might be a cold-hearted comedy since it is self-centered, superficial, and even cruel. When Andy Millman, whose quest for fame has placed him in the Celebrity Big Brother house, delivers a heartbreaking, wonderfully performed rant against celebrity society, the film finds genuine warmth. Additionally, it features the finest appearance from Extras, in which George Michael serves community service after being prosecuted together with Annie Lennox for fly-tipping.

The Inbetweeners: Xmas Party (2008)

Cast:Gordon Anderson, Damon Beesley, Simon Bird
IMDb rating:8/10 

A gathering of The Inbetweeners‘ gang might either result in an uncontrollable rage or something more laid-back.Yet, they all have intentions beyond the holiday festivities, such as Simon chasing Carli and Neil dodging Miss Timms. Moreover, the attempts by bully Donovan to ruin the celebration are not even included. Its likely that you know what will happen as a result of their pranks if you know this group by heart. The group knows how to party, for better or worse, so it’s anything but unpleasant to party with them. Our fond memories of school gatherings are summed up perfectly in “Xmas Party.”

Gavin and Stacey: The Christmas Announcement (2008)

Cast:Gordon Anderson, Damon Beesley, Simon Bird
IMDb rating:8.5/10

Gavin and Stacey never failed in its numerous discoveries over the course of its run, and their Christmas special was no exception, as many of its characters had their moments: Smithy’s expectations with his newborn, Pam’s hard confrontation with Nessa, Mick’s unexpected affection for the Christmas turkey, etc. Just wait for Gavin to reveal the surprise! Even non-regular viewers will be able to connect to the honest tension over familial antics. You can always count on a joyful get-together for the entire family.

Peep Show: Seasonal Beatings (2010)

Cast:David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Eliza L. Bennett, Matt King, Isy Suttie, Lynn Farleigh
IMDb rating:8.9/10

The greatest thing to do is start with Mark and Jez if you want a lousy holiday. Mark has the chance to show his family that he is more than capable in Peep Show’s ‘Seasonal Beatings‘ by cooking Christmas dinner. Unexpected events inevitably arise.The tense arguments between Mark and Jez about the Christmas turkey are only a preview of the supper to come. But, there are also “sweet” times, such as when Sarah “flirts” with Jez and when Dobby has outbursts.

The Detectorists (2015)

Cast:Mackenzie Crook, Toby Jones
IMDb rating:8.6 /10

In October 2014, BBC Four debuted the British comedic television series Detectorists. Mackenzie Crook, who also co-stars in the film with Toby Jones, wrote and directed it. North Essex’s fictitious Danebury serves as the setting for the television series. The Danebury Metal Detecting Club members Andy and Lance’s lives, love, and metal-detecting aspirations are central to the story. The series and Christmas specials are primarily filmed in Framlingham, a tiny market town in Suffolk.

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride (2016)

Cast:Alan Cumming
IMDb rating: 8/10

Sherlock Holmes enters his mental palace in “The Abominable Bride” to recount a Victorian-era case involving a bride who shot herself and emerged from the dead. Although Holmes believes it is essential to understand how Moriarty has risen from the dead, it has a negative effect.”The Abominable Bride,” which takes place in a different timeframe and era than earlier Sherlock episodes, tried to replicate 1800s Victorian London and include references to several of Conan Doyle’s writings. This is a holiday delight even if it doesn’t live up to high Sherlock standards.

Wrap up!

To conclude, comedy Christmas specials have become a beloved tradition for many people around the world. These shows offer a unique blend of holiday cheer and comedic relief, bringing laughter and joy to audiences of all ages. Whether it’s classic sitcoms like ‘The Royle Family: The Royle Family at Christmas‘ or newer hits like ‘Sherlock: The Abominable Bride‘ , there’s no shortage of great Christmas-themed comedies to choose from. As we continue to celebrate the holiday season, we can look forward to many more hilarious and heartwarming Christmas specials to come.

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