All the Best Baseball Movies on Disney Plus

For all baseball lovers, Disney Plus is offering a wide variety of Best Baseball Movies on Disney Plus which is great to see with friends and families on vacations and weekends. Experience the magic of baseball’s golden era with old baseball movies and run of excitement with new baseball movies hitting the screens with Disney Plus While old baseball movies deliver unforgettable moments and cherished memories for generations of fans, new baseball movies offer fresh perspectives and gripping narratives that keep the spirit of baseball alive and thriving.

Baseball movies continue to capture the essence of America’s favorite pastime, offering thrilling sports action, heartwarming tales, and life lessons. Baseball films provide something for everyone, from inspiring underdog stories to exhilarating tales of success and failure. With Disney Plus, watching your favorite baseball films from the comfort of your own home is now simpler than ever. Have a look at some of the finest baseball films available on Disney Plus right now. Happy Watching!

Below is the list of all the best baseball movies on Disney Plus of your interest.

1. Rookie Of The Year

This beloved family Disney film tells the story of a little kid who fractures his arm and miraculously recovers the ability to pitch a baseball with remarkable speed and precision. He becomes a star after signing with the Chicago Cubs and guiding them to the postseason. This touching sports comedy is ideal for baseball fans who want to be inspired by the underdog.

A young boy named Henry Rowengartner (Thomas Ian Nicholas) who is just 12 years old broke his arm due to his clumsiness but when his plaster is removed he pulled the bat at a speed of 100 miles/hour.

Chicago club learns his excellent batting style and wanted him to join the club and uplift their position on top of the table.

Release Date:July 7, 1993
Director:Daniel Stern
IMDb Rating:6.1/10

2. The Rookie

This film stars Dennis Quaid as Jim Morris. A high school science teacher and baseball coach who receives a second opportunity at a professional baseball career in his mid-30s. He manages to wow scouts with his fastball and finally makes it to the major leagues with the help of his family and a newfound love for the game. This heartwarming film is about chasing your aspirations and never giving up.

Jim Morris, a basketball coach, feared his passion was over (Dennis Quaid). He had his chance to play baseball, injured his shoulder, and gave up the sport before ever making it to the major leagues.

Then, in 1999, he made a wager with his club, which was always losing: If they won the district title, Jim, who had a fastball that could reach 98 mph, would sign up for the major leagues.

Jim was soon on his way to becoming the greatest rookie in the premier league as the team went from bottom to top.

IMDb Rating:

Release Date:March 29, 2002
Director:John Lee Hancock
IMDb Rating:6.9/10

3. The Sandlot

The Sandlot, another iconic baseball film, follows a group of adolescents in the summer of 1962 as they play baseball and deal with the ups and downs of puberty. When a newcomer to town struggles to fit in, the community rallies around him and assists him in finding his place in the world. This film is a must-see for everyone who enjoys coming-of-age stories, thanks to its classic phrases, engaging characters, and nostalgic atmosphere.

It is the story of friendship and events, a boy joins the gang and soon more boys come together and made a team. By taking on the deadly secret beyond the right-field wall, the leader makes history.

Release Date:July 7, 1993
Director:Daniel Stern
IMDb Rating:7.8/10

4. The Sandlot Kids 2

This sequel to the original Sandlot film follows a fresh group of youngsters in the early 1970s as they negotiate life, friendship, and baseball. When a massive construction project threatens to destroy their beloved sandlot. The kids must band together to save it and demonstrate the importance of cooperation. While not as well-known as the first film, The Sandlot 2 has plenty of heart and humour.

Ten years after a baseball team of sandlot boys battled a monstrous dog. A mixed-gender team takes over the sandlot and must use overwhelming speed to defeat the monstrous dog’s replacement.

Release Date:May 3, 2005
Director:David Mickey Evans
IMDb Rating:4.5/10

5. Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off

This Disney Channel Original Movie depicts the story of a young boy who enjoys cooking but is reluctant to follow his passion due to gender stereotypes. When he secretly enters a cooking competition and becomes a finalist. He must choose between following his heart and conforming to the expectations of others. This film is a terrific choice for anybody who enjoys cooking or wants to feel inspired to be themselves. Thanks to its message of originality and inclusion.

A baseball player Eddie Ogden is more interested in cooking rather than playing on a field. Everyone on the team is astonished when they hear the news Eddie is in the cooking contest on the day they had a crucial match. 

Due to his non-serious behaviour towards his baseball match, he’s facing issues in pursuing his passion. Will he be prepared to carry out his duty to the club while being true to himself?

Release Date:July 18, 2003
Director:Paul Hoen
IMDb Rating:6.0/10

6. A Kid in King Arthur’s Court

This family adventure film depicts a little boy who is miraculously transported back in time to King Arthur’s court. He must traverse the trials of mediaeval life with the assistance of Merlin and a colourful array of individuals to show himself as a worthy knight. With its blend of fantasy and history, this film is a lively and entertaining choice for everyone who likes adventure stories.

A Little Baseball player is sent backwards in time to the Middle Ages and given the job of rescuing Camelot.

Release Date:August 11, 1995
Director:Daniel Stern
IMDb Rating:4.7/10

7. Doc & Darryl

This documentary follows two former New York Mets players, Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry. Who rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s but suffered from addiction and legal issues in the years that followed. The film analyses the highs and lows of the players’ careers, as well as the influence their challenges had on their lives, through interviews with the players and their families. This is an excellent choice for anybody interested in baseball history or learning more about the lives of notable sportsmen.

Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry were the superstars of baseball matches in the 1986 series. Fans appreciated them when they play best but their heart was broken when they fall out earlier. 

Release Date:June 25, 2016
Director:Judd Apatow, Michael Bonfiglio
IMDb Rating:7.2/10

8. The Day the Series Stopped

This documentary covers the narrative of the 1989 World Series, which was cut short by a major earthquake in San Francisco just before Game 3. The film covers the turmoil and uncertainty that followed the earthquake. As well as the influence it had on the series and the city of San Francisco, via interviews with players, spectators, and announcers. This film is a must-see for anybody interested in baseball history or learning more about the influence that great events may have on sports and society.

At 5:04 PM on October 17, 1989. The earth beneath Candlestick Park began to tremble shortly after Al Michaels and Tim McCarver introduced the ABC broadcast of Game 3 of the World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics.

Release Date:October 12, 2014
Director:Ryan Fleck
IMDb Rating:6.9/10

9. How to Play Baseball

This famous instructional short film, narrated by famed baseball player Babe Ruth, teaches newcomers the fundamentals of baseball. This film is a terrific choice for anybody who enjoys baseball and wants to learn more about its history and skills. Thanks to its attractive vintage footage and useful instructions.

In the Disney Plus movies, a character named Goofy shows how to play baseball with different batting styles and how to play on different pitches. 

Release Date:September 4, 1942
Director:Jack Kinney
IMDb Rating:7.2/10

10. Brothers in Exile

One of the best baseball movies on Disney Plus is “Brothers in Exile.” It is a truly inspiring documentary that follows the extraordinary journey of Cuban brothers, Livan and Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez, as they defy all odds to achieve greatness on the baseball field.

This baseball film delves deep into the lives of these talented brothers, bringing their incredible story to life and showcasing the power of determination and resilience in the face of adversity. If you’re a fan of new baseball movies you’ll appreciate the charm of “Brothers in Exile” showcasing an inspiring tale of triumph and brotherhood on and off the field.

Release Date:November 4, 2014
Director:Mario Diaz
IMDb Rating:7.5/10


Above are the baseball movies that are amazing to watch in summer with your friends. Baseball aficionados and viewers of all ages, be it kids, teens, or adults will find a wonderful collection of the best baseball movies on Disney Plus. From iconic classics and traditional family favorites to more current successes the best baseball movies have touched the hearts of audiences with their inspiring stories of perseverance and the love of the game.

Moreover, these baseball films have a combination of heart, humor, and inspiration, making them ideal for a night in with the family or a solitary movie marathon. Disney Plus is a must-have streaming service for anybody who enjoys films, sports, TV shows, or just fantastic storytelling, thanks to its simple design and low prices. Sit back and watch some of the best baseball movies on Disney Plus.


On Disney+ which sports shows are available?

Following is the list.
Mickey and the Roadster Racers (2017)
Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series (1996)
Kickin’ It (2011)
Big Shot (2021)
The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (2021)
 Becoming (2020)

Why doesn’t Disney Plus have Million Dollar Arm?

In the US disney+ removed Million dollar arms at the start of the month because of pre-existing agreements signed by Disney Plus. However, it is available on Disney+ in different countries. 

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