The 30 Best Shows on Hulu Right Now [2023]

Streaming services have revolutionised how we watch television and the best shows on Hulu have quickly become a popular choice for viewers looking for a wide range of quality TV shows. With so many options available deciding what to watch next can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best Hulu shows to help you narrow down your choices.
Our list includes a mix of classic favourites and newer hits spanning various genres and styles. We have got everything from laugh-out-loud comedies to intense dramas thrilling action series to heartwarming family shows. No matter what you are in the mood for our list has got you covered.

So if you’re looking for your next TV obsession look no further than our curated list of the 30 best Hulu TV shows. Get ready to settle in hit play and let the binge-watching begin!


Created by: Wellesley Wild Steven Spielberg
Cast:Rob Paulsen Jess Harnell Tress MacNeille

The comeback of the outrageous satirical comedy programme Animaniacs after more than two decades off the air couldn’t come at a better time. Although the reboot pushes towards its political criticism it’s not an escape from reality but rather a very colourful happy version of life where almost every issue can be resolved by pulling out a huge hammer from one’s pocket. The only response that Animaniacs are looking for from viewers of any age is laughter. It is quite successful. Its engaging storyline and humorous dialogues have made it first on the best shows on Hulu.


Created by: Loren Bouchard
Cast:H.Jon Benjamin John Roberts Dan Mintz Eugene Mirman Kristen Schaaland Larry Murphy

At number two on best shows on Hulu is Bob’s Burger Bob Belcher (H. Jon Benjamin) and family run a struggling burger joint in what appears to be a mid-Atlantic seaside town; as the curtain rises the place is having a “re-re-re-opening” with annoying son Gene (Eugene Mirman) dressed as a hamburger on the sidewalk and precocious younger daughter (Kristen Schaal) creating her own daily special: the Child Molester.


Created by: Bruce Miller
Cast:Elisabeth Moss Alexis Bledel Joseph Fiennes Max Minghella Yvonne Strahovski Ann Dowd Samira Wiley

In its portrayal of a puritanical dystopia not distant from our own The Handmaid’s Tale sees the intersectional including the interdependent effects of gender sexuality and status. Elisabeth Moss navigates Gilead’s stony euphemisms and loud silences whether flirting with Commander Waterford’s driver (Max Minghella) playing Scrabble with the powerful Commander Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) or (unsuccessfully) dodging the wrath of Waterford’s wife (Yvonne Strahovski).

Patriarchal dominion becomes the series’ unifying principle. As with Atwood’s already three-decade-old work the first great political drama of our authoritarian period is likewise an instant classic in this way. This show is undoubtedly one of the must-watch best shows on Hulu.


Created by: Meaghan Oppenheimer
Cast:Grace Van Patten Jackson White Catherine Missal Spencer House Sonia Mena
Branden Cook Benjamin Wadsworth Alicia Crowder

The drama Tell me lies is one of the best shows on Hulu set in 2007 at a hypothetical institution named Baird College in upstate New York follows an eight-year relationship between college students Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White).

Although their romance begins as any other college romance would it soon develops into an obsessive bond that will permanently alter not just their lives but also that of everyone else in their zone.The film’s subject is a toxic relationship that lasts for an excessively long time. The college-bound pair can only sever their dependence on one another once they are forced to do so to survive.


Created by: Sterlin Harjo Taika Waititi
Cast:Devery Jacobs D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai Lane Factor Paulina Alexis

Native American television series Reservation Dogs was developed by Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi for FX Productions. The film centres on four friends named Bear (D’Pharoah Woon-A-Tai) Elora (Devery Jacobs) Willie Jack (Paulina Alexis) and Cheese (Lane Factor) who unintentionally establish the “reserve bandits” an unofficial “gang” known for their propensity for a minor crime. The dream of earning enough money to travel to California is always just out of reach for them.

6. ‘RAMY’

Created by: Ramy Youssef Ari Katcher Ryan Welch
Cast:Ramy Youssef Hiam Abbass Amr Waked Dave Merheje Mohammed Amer May Calamawy Laith Nakli

An American comedy-drama series called Ramy premiered online on Hulu on April 19 2019.

While most Western pop culture images of Muslims are “typically as the evil guys” the series has received appreciation for its representation of American Muslims. Sex outside of marriage car sex. Sex is a constant obsession. Hooking up getting active or whatever you want to call it is fundamental to Hulu’s new half-hour comedy “Ramy” which wouldn’t be all that notable if it wasn’t television’s first Muslim American sitcom.


Created by: Ariel SchulmanNev Schulman Max Joseph
Cast:Nev Schulman Max Joseph Kamie Crawford

Schulman and Joseph the makers of the Catfish movie and MTV provide support to those who have been emotionally involved with an online stranger. Moreoveronline lovers who want to verify their partners’ identities can do so with the aid of Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. Each episode determines whether the other party to the virtual connection is real or a “catfish.”

8. ‘THE BEAR’ 

Created by: Christopher Storer
Cast:Jeremy Allen White Ebon Moss-Bachrach Ayo Edebiri Lionel Boyce Liza Colón Zayas
Abby Elliott

The Bear‘s story goes like after a tragic family loss a young chef from the world of fine dining returns to his hometown of Chicago to manage the sandwich restaurant owned by his family. Working alongside a scruffy kitchen crew that eventually proves to be his chosen family Carmy struggles to change both the store and himself.

A far cry from his everyday life Carmy must address the heartbreaking reality of running a small business his stubborn and difficult kitchen staff and his fragile family connections while also dealing with the effects of his brother’s death.


Created by: Eugene Levy Daniel Levy
Cast:Eugene Levy Catherine O’Hara Daniel Levy Annie Murphy Jennifer Robertson Emily Hampshire Tim Rozon Chris Elliott Dustin Milligan Sarah Levy John Hemphill

A Canadian-American television sitcom Schitt’s Creek was produced by Dan Levy and his father Eugene Levy and it ran on CBC Television from 2015 until 2020. Throughout six seasons there are 80 episodes total. It chronicled the struggles faced by the once-wealthy Rose family and was produced by Not a Real Company Productions and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The family loses its riches and moves to Schitt’s Creek a little village they previously bought as a joke after their business manager steals from the family firm Rose Video. Johnny and Moira together with their grown children David and Alexis currently reside in a hotel and must learn to live without money.


Created by: James L. Brooks Matt Groening Sam Simon.
Cast:Dan Castellaneta Julie Kavner Yeardley Smith Nancy Cartwright Harry Shearer Hank Azaria Hank Azaria Pamela Hayden.

Matt Groening developed the American animated series The Simpsons for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The Simpson family which comprises Homer Marge Bart Lisa and Maggie serves as the series’ satirical representative of everyday life in America. Moreover the characters like Bart is the perpetually underachieving ten-year-old (and proud of it).

Marge is the diligent homemaker wife Lisa is the underappreciated eight-year-old genius and Maggie is the adorable pacifier-loving mute baby. However the program mocks American culture and society television and the human condition while taking place in the fictional town of Springfield.


Created by: Seth MacFarlane
Cast:Seth MacFarlane Alex Borstein Mila Kunis Patrick Warburton Adam West John G. Brennan Nicole Sullivan and Jennifer Tilly

The Fox Broadcasting Company commissioned Seth MacFarlane to develop the American animated series The Family Guy. The television program which is based in the fictional Rhode Island city of Quahog uses metafictional cutaway jokes to often American parody culture. The Griffins are the program’s focus; they are a dysfunctional family consisting of Peter and Lois their kids Meg Chris and Stewie and their anthropomorphic dog Brian.


Created by: Alexi Hawley
Cast:Nathan Fillion Alyssa Diaz Richard T. JonesTitus Makin Jr Mercedes Mason Melissa O’Neil Afton Williamson Eric Winter Mekia Cox Shawn Ashmore

The Rookie revolves around John Nolan starting new is challenging particularly for a small-town resident chasing his ambition of joining the LAPD after experiencing a life-changing catastrophe. Some higher-ups view him as a living midlife crisis because he is the most senior rookie in the police and is skeptical of him. If he can’t get along with young officers and criminals he’ll jeopardize lives including his own. Still if he can utilize his life experience tenacity and sense of humor to give him an advantage he could succeed in this new chapter of his life.


Created by: Amy Schumer
Cast:Amy Schumer Michael Cera Susannah Flood Yamaneika Saunders Michael Rapaport Laura Benanti

The show sensitively and honestly examines how Beth’s (Schumer) worst teenage years are linked to her parents particularly her mother. Everyone has a different meaning when they return to their old home but for Beth it meant discovering that her wounded adolescent self was still very much a part of her. Following an unfortunate accident Beth recalls her teenage years and discovers how she is today what she thought would be and what she wants to be in the future.


Created by:Mike Fleiss Martin Hilton Nicole Woods Elan Gale Tim Warner
Cast:Chris Harrison Guest hosts Jesse Palmer

The American reality television series Bachelor in Paradise debuted on ABC on August 4 2014 and features elimination-style competitions. It is a parody of American reality television programs The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Previous competitors from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are featured as they go to a remote paradise in Mexico where the show takes place.


Created by:Shawn Witt Gretchen Palek Jordana Hochman Chad Mumm Mark W. Olsen Dave Chang Dave O’Connor Chris Ying Christopher C. Chen Stephen Rankin
Cast:Kiran Jethwa Valerie Segrest

Two cooks are abandoned in the woods to live and prepare a five-star supper using only foraged food. Chefs had to locate and use items from the woods to create their meals in the reality cooking competition show Chef Vs. Wild.

16. ‘ATLANA’

Created by:Donald Glover
Cast:Donald Glover Brian Tyree Henry LaKeith Stanfield Zazie Beetz

Developed by Donald Glover Atlanta is a comedy-drama television program in the United States. The show follows college dropout Earnest “Earn” Marks and rapper Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles as they negotiate the bizarre almost otherworldly Atlanta hip-hop environment. Zazie Beetz plays Vanessa “Van” Kiefer Earn’s on-again off-again girlfriend and the mother of his kid in Atlanta which also stars LaKeith Stanfield as Darius Earn and Alfred’s quirky buddy.


Created by: Liz Tigelaar
Cast:Reese Witherspoon Kerry Washington Joshua Jackson Rosemarie DeWitt

A show that deftly and expertly tackles complex subjects like parenting money and race. Based on Celeste Ng’s 2017 book of the same name the eight-episode television series explores the succession of events that take place when Mia and her teenage daughter Pearl (Lexi Underwood) move to the storied neighbourhood of Shaker Heights Ohio in 1997.

18. ‘FARGO’

Created by: Noah Hawley
Cast:Allison Tolman Billy Bob Thornton Colin Hanks Martin Freeman Russell Harvard
Bokeem Woodbine and others

You recall where you were when you first saw “Fargo” the Coen brothers’ 1996 comedy-noir masterpiece. The never-ending yet confining snowscape the tense narcissism of William H. Macy’s cunning car salesperson and the brilliance of Frances McDormand’s expectant police chief Marge.

There are many accounts of trickery intrigue and murder in and around Minnesota’s icy landscape. All of these stories however enigmatically circle back to Fargo North Dakota in some way.

19. ‘IN MY SKIN’

Created by: Kayleigh Llewellyn
Cast:Gabrielle Creevy James Wilbraham Poppy Lee Friar Jo Hartley Aled ap Steffan Di Botcher Georgia Furlong and Rhodri Meilir.

The first episode of Kayleigh Llewellyn’s comedy-drama television series In My Skin aired on BBC Three on October 14 2018.In this darkly humorous coming-of-age tale 16-year-old Bethan is followed as she contends with the worries and insecurities of adolescence and the harsh realities of a family life that is far different from what she portrays to her friends.

The main character of In My Skin struggles to lead a double life while navigating her mother’s mental illness friendships and sexuality. Because of her mother’s bipolar disease the mental ward has sectioned her. While attending a strict and homophobic school Bethan had aspirations of becoming a writer.


Created by: Jemaine Clement
Cast:Kayvan Novak Matt Berry Natasia Demetriou Harvey Guillén Mark Proksch

Jemaine Clement developed the American mockumentary comic horror series named ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ which debuted on FX on March 27 2019. One of the top comedies that aired on television is ‘What We Do in the Shadows‘.

The mockumentary follows three bloodsuckers as they deal with a technologically sophisticated society that both fears and is intrigued by them as well as their human familiar and a person so lifeless that he takes the life out of others. It’s like Seinfeld for goth kids.


Created by: Mike Fleiss
Cast:Chris Harrison Tayshia Adams Kaitlyn Bristowe Jesse Palmer

The Bachelorette a dating game show on American reality television that began on ABC on January 8 2003. The show is both The Bachelor’s main franchise cornerstone and a spin-off of that show. In contrast to its parent program each of The Bachelorette’s sixteen seasons has ended with a proposal that the Bachelorette has either accepted or rejected.

On ABC the first two weddings were covered. Trista Rehn’s union with Ryan Sutter Ashley Hebert’s union with JP Rosenbaum Desiree Hartsock’s union with Chris Siegfried Rachel Lindsay’s union with Bryan Abasolo and JoJo Fletcher’s union with Jordan Rodgers are the five unions that the series has so far produced.


Created by: Hannah Fidell
Cast:Kate Mara Nick Robinson

Hannah Fidell adapted her film of the same name into the American drama television miniseries entitled ‘A Teacher’. The story is about a teacher (Kate Mara) who is sexually involved with a student in high school (Nick Robinson).The series doesn’t seem like a movie because of its prescribed half-hour format. It leans into the episodic format in such a manner that it is able to pinpoint with deadly accuracy the precise plot beats it believes to be most important.


Created by: Chris Carter
Cast:David Duchovny Gillian Anderson Robert Patrick Annabeth Gish Mitch Pileggi

Dana Scully a skeptic and Fox Mulder a believer are two F.B.I. agents who examine the unusual and unexplained while unseen forces attempt to obstruct their investigations. In an unassigned section of the agency called the X-Files Fox Mulder and Dana Scully look into cases involving inexplicable paranormal events.

One of TV’s most outstanding shows is The X-Files when it’s at its peak. The early seasons did more than just explore the improbable; they succeeded in doing so by bringing conspiracy theories and aliens to the general public’s attention. But some of its magnificence faded in the subsequent years.


Created by: Peter Berg
Cast:Kyle Chandler Connie Britton Gaius Charles Zach Gilford Minka Kelly Adrianne Palicki Taylor Kitsch Jesse Plemons Scott PorterAimee Teegarden Michael B. Jordan

The industrial relevance and societal significance of “Friday Night Lights” significantly outweigh the amount of its audience similar to AMC’s “Mad Men” series. A critical favourite from the start NBC’s adaptation of the same-named book and movie elbowed its way among the urban cop dramas and posh family shows by featuring Dillon Texas instead of a coastal city or wealthy suburb modest single-stories in place of Craftsman or lofts and people leading lives that included going to church having Sunday dinner and of course high school football.


Created by: Joss Whedon
Cast:Sarah Michelle Gellar Nicholas Brendon Alyson Hannigan Charisma Carpenter David Boreanaz Seth Green Marc Blucas

Joss Whedon is the author and director of the American supernatural drama series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is based on the same-named 1992 movie which Whedon originally wrote.

Romance drama tragedy and suspense were all there in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The program turned the adolescent soap recipe into an art form. Tragic romance apocalyptic fantasy and the game-changer: emotional reality were all combined originally. The most sobering and genuine portrayal of human loss ever seen on television was also included.


Created by: Mitch Hurwitz
Cast:Jason Bateman Will Arnett Portia de Rossi Tony Hale David Cross Michael Cera Jeffrey Tambor Jessica Walter Alia Shawkat Ron Howard

Mitchell Hurwitz is the creator of the American television comedy Arrested Development. On November 2 2003 it aired on Fox for three seasons before airing for two seasons on Netflix.

The Bluths a once affluent dysfunctional family are the subject of Arrested Development. It is presented in a serialised manner employs handheld camera work voice-over narration vintage images and historical video and maintains a number of running jokes and catchphrases.The three brief seasons of Mitch Hurwitz’s sitcom about a “rich family that lost everything” and ”the one son who had no option but to keep them all together” were jam-packed with fantastic.


Created by:  Kurt Sutter
Cast:Charlie Hunnam Katey Sagal Mark Boone Junior Kim Coates Tommy Flanagan Johnny Lewis Maggie Siff Ron Perlman Ryan Hurst William LuckingTheo Rossi Dayton Callie

The biker gang SAMCRO short for Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original. It is the subject of “Sons of Anarchy” which chronicles exploits. One of the popular and best shows on Hulu The Sons of Anarchy is an outlaw band both “actual” and unavoidably idealised as imagined by Kurt Sutter a writer and executive producer on “The Shield.” (It occurs when authors and performers are engaged.) He makes them moral on their terms and surrounds them with people who are less appealing or upright than they are to maintain them likable enough to sustain a series: adversaries who traffic drugs and are white supremacists; corrupt police.


Created by: John Enbom Rob Thomas Dan Etheridge Paul Rudd
Cast:Adam Scott Ken Marino Jane Lynch Ryan Hansen Martin Starr Lizzy Caplan Jennifer Coolidge Megan Mullally Jennifer GarnerTyrel Jackson Williams Zoë Chao

Because of its thoughtful script and message Party Down has made it on our list of best shows on Hulu for all the right reasons. ”Party Down” is a clever endearing largely unpredictable ensemble comedy that serves as a gentle reminder that great things can happen in unlikely places as long as you are wise with your spending commit to a manageable number of episodes write well and cast appropriately. It also serves as a reminder that what matters most to heaven is the calibre of the work not the prestige of the location.


Created by:  Jane Campion Gerard Lee
Cast:Elisabeth Moss David Wenham Peter MullanThomas M. Wright Holly Hunter Gwendoline Christie David Dencik Ewen Leslie Alice Englert Nicole Kidman

The second last on our best shows on Hulu list is the debut miniseries by New Zealander director Jane Campion (“The Piano” “Bright Star”) is titled “Top of the Lake.” Elisabeth Moss plays Robin Griffin a police detective involved in a local case after visiting her possibly a terminally ill mother in a New Zealand mountain town. Tui Mitcham a 12-year-old girl found standing chest-deep in an icy lake turns out to be almost five months pregnant. It is nice to see Elisabeth Moss outside of “Mad Men” where she never seems to have enough to do. Then she disappears (light spoiler).


Created by: Veronica West and Sarah Kucserka
Cast:Zoë Kravitz Jake Lacy Da’Vine Joy Randolph David H. Holmes

Last but not least best shows on Hulu is Based on Nick Hornby’s 1995 novel High Fidelity is an American romantic comedy television series. On February 14 2020 Hulu’s streaming service launched its premiere. In “High Fidelity” Nick Hornby’s novel about the romantic mishaps of a record shop owner is updated. Veronica West and Sarah Kucserka are the creators of this hipster dramedy which recasts the white male lead as black woman Zo Kravitz and is set in Brooklyn (as opposed to the book’s London and the movie’s Chicago).

Wrapping up!

With this thorough list of the best shows on Hulu we have covered you. You’ll find something interesting to watch here whether you’re cuddling up on the sofa by yourself going out with pals or having a romantic night.No doubt there is a lot more to watch on Hulu. However these are the best shows on Hulu recommended for you and probably will not disappoint you.

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