Sunday Serenity: Unwind with the Best Movies for Your Perfect Day of Rest

Sundays are the perfect day for relaxation, and what better way to unwind than with a good movie? With so many options available on Netflix, it can be hard to decide what to watch. We have scoured through the vast collection of movies on Netflix and put together a list of the best Sunday movies that are guaranteed to make your day. From romantic comedies to action-packed thrillers, our selection is perfect for spending a lazy Sunday on the couch.

So whether you are flying solo or snuggled up with someone special, these Sunday movies on Netflix are sure to make your day just a little bit brighter. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some of the best films that Netflix has to offer for your next lazy Sunday movie marathon. So, grab a blanket, make some popcorn, and settle in for a day of entertainment with the best Sunday movies on Netflix.

Here is the complete enumeration of best Sunday movies to catch up on Netflix,

‘Donkeyhead’ (2022)

Cast:Kim Coates, Agam Darshi, Stephen Lobo.
IMDb rating:6.1

Agam Darshi, a first-time director, is this Canadian drama’s writer, star, and director as well. It’s a labor of love about a 30-year-old lady who cares for her ailing father while pursuing her dream of becoming a writer.

The way the film is put together makes it work as a universal tale of discovering meaning in caring for one’s parents while navigating complicated family relationships. However, it revolves around the character Mona, who is happy to be the only one in the group which is not Indian and hails from an immigrant family. She responds in English with “Happy Christmas” when a visitor says to her in Punjabi, “God is Truth,” and she gives the middle finger to aunts who discover her smoking. Moreover, she is having a relationship with a married guy.

Apollo 10½: ‘A Space Age Childhood’ (2022)

Cast:Glen Powell
Zachary Levi
Jack Black
IMDb rating: 7.2

Apollo 10 1/2, narrated by Jack Black, is a retro tale presented with commendable detail and inventiveness. Black portrays a mature Stan who reflects on his youth with a combination of nostalgia and curiosity about how did they get away with the things they did back then. A generation clinging on to the reins of the previous century and one anxious to leap into the next were trapped in loose and conservative suburban America in the 1960s.

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‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ (2021)

Cast:Sophie Grace
Momona Tamada
Shay Rudolph
Malia Baker
Alicia Silverstone
Mark Feuerstein
Xochitl Gomez
IMDb rating:7.5

The Baby-Sitters Club’s central members discover how to spread happiness and healing while dealing with anything from prejudice and generational trauma to their own dysfunctional family situations.This unexpectedly canceled children’s show reflects the optimism and sympathetic attitude that we should all want to instill in the next generation. It is vibrant and quirky in a way that always rings true for its intrepid characters.

Underneath the club’s lighthearted, sugarcoated antics is a genuine sense of helplessness that each character battles with. Despite this, they all push through and try to make things better.

‘The Hand of God’ (2021)

Cast:Filippo Scotti
Toni Servillo
Teresa Saponangelo
Marlon Joubert
Luisa Ranieri
Renato Carpentieri
Massimiliano Gallo
IMDb rating:7.3

Paolo Sarrantino’s autobiographical film The Hand of God was released in 2013 and is based on his life. More specifically, he is in his birthplace of Naples in the 1980s, when awkward youngster Fabietto Schisa’s life is about to change since his city’s football team Napoli is purchasing Diego Maradona, the most prominent footballer at the time.

What Roma was to Alfonso Cuarón is The Hand of God is to Sarrantino, but The Hand of God is more obscene, outrageous, and hilarious. The transition from laughter to sadness and back is seamless, yet it is just as intimate.

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‘Move to Heaven’ (2021)

Cast:Lee Je-hoon
Tang Jun-sang
Hong Seung-hee
IMDb rating:8.5

In the movie Move to Heaven, a father, and his son take care of the deceased, notably those who have no one else to care for them. They put together the deceased’s belongings and celebrate them after death because they think no one should be denied a dignified farewell. It’s a noble profession, but it may no longer exist when the father dies. Now it’s up to the rough-and-tumble uncle with a good heart to run the business and build a relationship with his nephew, who also battles with Asperger’s.

‘My Octopus Teacher’ (2020)

Cast:Craig Foster
Tom Foster
IMDb rating:8.1

This touching documentary, set in the chilly waters of South Africa, focuses on Craig Foster’s relationship with an octopus. The relationship described in the title is one in which the tentacled monster teaches the human within how to behave in her aquatic home.

Foster, who often dives into the water for the documentary My Octopus Teacher, waxes lyrical in voiceovers about how amazing it is for a wild animal to be able to communicate with him. All of this occurs as he maps the habitat of the described animal with obsession during what seems to be a midlife crisis.

‘Gather’ (2020)

Cast:Nephi Craig
Elsie DuBray
Sammy Gensaw
IMDb rating:7.8

This thought-provoking and inspiring film explores a movement among indigenous peoples to reclaim food sovereignty by reverting to pre-genocide agricultural practices. As Native Americans were historically prohibited from fishing and from raising their food by governments in North America to subjugate them and foster dependency. Gather is a vision of how these communities are reclaiming charge of their religions in the future while also acknowledging the harm that has been done.

‘Little Big Women’ (2020)

Cast:Chen Shu-fang
Hsieh Ying-xuan
Vivian Hsu
Sun Ke-fang
Ding Ning
Buffy Chen
IMDb rating:7.2

This compassionate and beautifully created melodrama acknowledges that a death in the family may not result in the usual manifestations of grieving we anticipate from movies; there may even be no genuine sadness at all. Yet, when various family members reunite and bring their issues along, everyone else’s grievances fill the void, and the healing process becomes much more complicated. Little Big Women captures all of this with a subtle touch and fantastic, authentic performances from its ensemble.

‘Last Breath’ (2019)

Cast:Chris Lemons
David Yuasa
Duncan Allcock
Craig Frederick
Michal Cichorski
IMDb rating:7.7

Last Breath is an 80 minutes long documentry. It is about a diver who ran out of air when stuck in the deep sea and had to wait 30 minutes for help. According to someone, this kind of deep-sea diving is similar to “entering space but underwater.

The documentary uses actual diving videos as well as interviews with witnesses. Nonetheless, several aspects of this fantastic tale remain enigmatic. Also, the dive lasts for an outrageous 28 days. The vessel they use is exceptionally spectacular, and the divers breathe helium the entire time they are underwater.

Late Life: ‘The Chien-Ming Wang Story’ (2018)

Cast:Chien-Ming Wang
Alan Chang
Neil Allen
Brian Cashman
IMDb rating:7.1

Late Life: The Chien-Ming Wang Story is nevertheless worth seeing. Even though it doesn’t go into great detail on any current baseball issues or the Taiwanese heritage of its protagonist. Primarily because of its incredibly detailed baseball talks. The film is split into two parts, a sports documentary and a study on physical therapy. It rejects any stories about innate greatness and talent. And in the middle is Chien-Ming Wang, a kind, modest giant who makes for an unexpected but welcome sports celebrity.

Wrap up!

As the weekend winds down, there’s nothing quite like kicking back and enjoying some great movies on Netflix. Whether you’re looking to escape into a fictional world or gain some perspective on real-life events. There’s a movie out there that’s perfect for your Sunday viewing pleasure. So, grab your favorite snacks, get comfortable, and settle in for a day of cinematic magic. With so many notable films available, you’re sure to find something that will make your Sunday feel extra special.

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