Best Oxygen TV Shows To Watch [2023 Updated List]

Having stress? Cannot think straight about what to watch? Have indecisive thoughts and don’t want to deal with them? Avoid getting tangled! Take a break from your worries and enjoy these Best Oxygen TV Shows.

Oxygen TV is an American True Crime channel that is branded Oxygen True Crime and is operated by NBC Universal. A crime channel that airs thrilling reality shows, super popular series, and crime-related documentaries. The only thing that can stop you from binging Best Oxygen TV Shows is that they’re geo-restricted, so you might want to use a VPN for it.

Which Oxygen TV Shows Are the Best in 2023?

Strong female leads are a common theme in some of Hollywood’s top shows on Oxygen television. Women are just as capable of critical thinking, and problem-solving as men. As we lead you through the criminal underworld, grab your guns. Join us as we walk you through the list of the top true crime series-related best Oxygen TV shows of 2023:

1- Bad Girls Club (2006)

In the reality television series Bad Girls Club, a group of rebellious and unruly women are housed together to keep an eye on and control their behavior. The women must abide by a number of rules, including refusing to go into the “bad girls” production room and putting up with numerous interviews throughout the day. The program’s main focus was on the heated arguments and even physical interactions between seven abrasive, confrontational, and rebellious women.

  • Director: Brad Tiemann, Steve Ezell
  • Writer: N/A
  • Cast: Tanisha Thomas, Natalie Nunn, Neveen Ismael, Aimee Landi, Kerry Harvick

2- Snapped: Killer Couples (2013)

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We follow a number of couples in Snapped: Killer Couples whose passion drives them to do terrible things together and to one another, including committing crimes. Through reenactments and compelling eyewitness testimonies, each segment digs deeper into the love of the couples, the diverse ways their relationships changed when unconditional love turned into manipulation, and what ultimately drove them to commit the crime. It is one of the Best Oxygen TV Shows you could watch.

  • Director: Christopher Mitchell, Brian Peery, Bryan Gildner, Chad Cunningham
  • Writer: David Gross, Joseph Maddrey, Judd Trichter
  • Cast: Anna Vocino, Emily Muse, Leigh Scarbrough, Daniel Lukes, Peter Aylward

3- The Jury Speaks (2017)

Viewers from all over the world enjoy watching this well-known documentary television program, which has been running on Oxygen TV for years. The program reevaluates some of the most notorious and divisive cases in recent history from the viewpoint of the people who actually served on the jury panels. The People v. Robert Durst, The People v. O.J. Simpson, The People v. Michael Jackson, and even The People v. George Zimmerman trials are all discussed in The Jury Speaks.

  • Director: N/A
  • Writer: N/A
  • Cast: Christopher McDaniel, Nick Raffaele, Charmar Jeter, Kevin Charles Gauntner, Mary Beth Heilmann

4- 911 Crisis Center (2021)

There is no more incredible feeling for those who work in emergency services than realizing that they have just contributed to saving a life. However, nobody working in the 911 Crisis Center gets ready for what they’re going to hear when a call comes in. All of them have previously heard the panic coming from the other end of the line, and they are now hearing it once more. We follow these 911 dispatchers in this series as they work their shifts at the 911 Center, handling some of the most serious calls imaginable.

  • Director: Adam Kassen, Dan Peirson
  • Writer: N/A
  • Cast: Charline Polk, Essence Sullins, Christine “Mooch” Muccino, Nancy Woodruff, Melanie McCavish

5- Smiley Face Killers: The Hunt For Justice (2019)

Former NYPD investigator Kevin Gannon starts to wonder whether the country’s most well-known string of mysterious accidental drownings is accidents or murders and whether they are all connected to “The Smiley Face Killers.” The six episodes are centred on tales of young men who vanish and whose bodies are later found in a lake or pond. The majority of the crime scenes have smiley-face signs, and the program plans to look at these incidents to see if there is a connection to the smiley-face murder theory to revisit the investigations and attempt to redefine the causes of death. Will the investigation uncover evidence of foul play, or were their deaths the result of an accident? It is one of the Best Oxygen TV Shows you could watch.

  • Director: N/A
  • Writer: N/A
  • Cast: Bobby Chacon, Jason Kolowski, Derek Ellington, D. Lee Gilbertson, Anthony Duarte

6- Mark of a Killer (2019)

In Mark of a Killer, we are introduced to the world of serial killers and learn how, despite the fact that their actions and thought processes differ greatly, some of them are compelled to leave their distinctive marks on each horrific murder they commit. Each 45-minute episode describes an independent investigation led by the killer’s postmortem identification and includes first-person testimonies from law enforcement personnel and court personnel who worked on the investigations as well as in-person interviews with criminal psychology experts, as well as family members and friends of the perpetrators or victims.

  • Director: Chad Cunningham, Chris Rowe
  • Writer: Steve Bronstein
  • Cast: Joni E. Johnston, Katherine Ramsland, Andrew D. Erath, Jill Holder, Jay Heselschwerdt

7- Charmed to Death (2021)

The movie Charmed to Death is based on true stories of cunning and deadly criminals who used their charm to trick, rob, and seduce unwary individuals into dating them before leaving a trail of grief and murder in their wake. You will be taken on a journey into the depths of deception created by mass murderers who destroy dreams, goals, and lives through the testimonies of numerous victims, surviving friends, and detectives. Their alluring exterior is exposed by unexpected turns and turns as skilled criminals, and their nefarious tracks are found and they are punished. It is one of the Best Oxygen TV Shows you could watch.

  • Director: Shannon McKinnon
  • Writer: Mike Schultz, Carolyn Smith
  • Cast: Dylan Sires, Linnsey Huisman, Buffalo Bonker, James Stordahl, Ashley Dewitt

8- Injustice With Nancy Grace (2019)

This stand-alone true crime program reveals compelling cases involving shady motives, botched investigations, unfair accusations, severe punishment, and withheld evidence that will have viewers eagerly anticipating the outcome. We watch as Nancy Grace, one of TV’s most respected legal commentators, examines some of the most complex and difficult criminal cases. Each episode tells a fascinating, never-before-told tale of a chilling crime and the path taken to exact revenge.It is one of the Best Oxygen TV Shows you could watch.

  • Director: Tyler Harrell
  • Writer: N/A
  • Cast: Nancy Grace, Bethany Veasey, Rodney Luis Aquino, Jon Arthur, Nikki Garza

9- New York Homicide (2022)

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The highest murder rate of any American city has historically been found in New York City. An original series from Good Caper Content called New York Homicide shows heinous crimes that could only happen in New York as well as the tenacious pursuit of criminals by law enforcement and regular people. Every episode gives viewers the chance to share in the sorrow, agony, and triumph of New Yorkers as they deal with some of Gotham City’s most heinous crimes.

  • Director: N/A
  • Writer: N/A
  • Cast: William Shipman, Michael Lepre, Dan Carolan, Itai Adam Vagner, Christine Eunji Kim

10- Homicide for the Holidays (2016)


Most people associate the holiday season with getting together with friends and family to share food, laugh, and create happy memories that will last a lifetime; however, for some, it is a time when tensions rise, rage and hostility creep in, and an unpredictable concoction of lingering grudges and perilous truths can surface. In the end, it is so simple for this happy time of year to turn sour if the people closest to you decide to commit the most horrible crimes. In an approach that will stay with viewers for a long time, Homicide for the Holidays delves into horrifying tales of holidays gone wrong. It is one of the Best Oxygen TV Shows you could watch.

  • Director: Chad Cunningham, Andrea De Brito, Charlie Mysak
  • Writer: MyLinh Bender, Bruce Kennedy, Maggie Mock
  • Cast: Larry Lemanski, James Zeiss, Ryan Hinson, Vanessa Molinelli, Cameron Hawk

11- A Wedding and a Murder (2018)

A Wedding and a Murder is a television show about flawless weddings that end in murder or scheming. It examines actual cases of engagements, marriages, and seemingly perfect honeymoons that went horribly wrong. Every scene shows a horrific murder taking place in what appears to be a loving marriage. Anyone can be the victim or the killer when marriage serves as a significant trigger for homicide, including the bride and groom, a family member, or even an angry party guest.

  • Director: Zaki Rubenstein
  • Cast: Thomas Ernst, Tom Alper, Sydney Malmberg Liu, Becca Buckalew, Jeremy Sless

12- The Real Murders of Atlanta (2022)

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p21263291 b h8 aa

The startling, immoral, and scandalous murder investigations that The Real Murders of Atlanta depict highlight the boundaries between rapidly gentrifying Southern families, hip-hop hustlers, and the glitteringly wealthy residents of this music, entertainment, and technology capital. It’s the violent underbelly of the New South, where those desperate for a comfortable life and those willing to kill to keep it engage in bloody battles for rank and wealth. Each hour-long narrative brings Atlanta’s bustling and deadly splendour to life as detectives, eyewitnesses, journalists, family members, and friends recount these incredible murder investigations.

13- Florida Man Murders (2021)

Florida Man Murders on Blumhouse Television focuses on the most infamous and bizarre homicides that occurred in Florida, America. The killers often referred to as “Florida Man” in the headlines, commit bizarre and fantastical killings that fascinate the nation and occasionally seem straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster. With the assistance of Florida detectives and attorneys, the program explains how the unusual developments in the crimes came about and analyses what motivated these criminals to carry out attention-grabbing killings that were so gory they could pass for fiction. It is one of the Best Oxygen TV Shows you could watch.

14- Buried in the Backyard (2018)

Investigating true crime stories involving people who were found buried in the most unexpected places is the focus of Buried in the Backyard. While most people consider their outdoor space to be a sanctuary. Some people are less fortunate as they discover the atrocities concealed beneath neatly pruned bushes and spotless railings. Furthermore, each episode will keep you on the edge of your seat as shocking revelations, depressing realities, and ultimately the administration of justice is made known.

  • Director: Erik S. Weigel, Greg Francis, Douglas Elford-Argent
  • Writer: Mara Mlyn, Matthew Palm
  • Cast: Sadie Medley, Rhoda Pell, Amir Mo, Faith Barrett, Tiffany Villalobos

15- Killer Siblings (2019)

The horrifying tales of a few of humanity’s most psychotic siblings are revealed in Killer Siblings. Through exclusive interviews and eyewitness accounts. The miniseries will delve into the delirious fantasies of siblings. Who banded together to commit some of the most horrifying and intricate crimes. Further, Killer Siblings will take viewers inside the minds of family members who are committed to carrying out the most heinous crimes at all costs. From young brothers with the sick fantasy of becoming serial mass murderers to a sheriff’s deputy who murdered his wife’s boyfriend by hiring his siblings to do the task for him.

  • Director: Matthew Watts
  • Writer: N/A
  • Cast: Michael Dumas, Harven Danelian, Nate Albright, Justine Liza, Nicole Holmes

16- License to Kill (2019)

license to kill

In License to Kill, shocking accounts of killing doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel are explored. The program, hosted by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow. Examines tragic stories of people who were put in danger due to the dishonest use of medical professionals’ abilities. Every episode depicts the consequences of using the fingers that should heal to harm people when they are most vulnerable. Moreover, as described by the victims, their loved ones, coworkers, and law enforcement. Furthermore, the program details how authorities were ultimately able to stop these medical professionals’ wrongdoings and put an end to the craziness before any other people were hurt or killed.

  • Director: Jeffrey Venditti
  • Cast: Terry J. Dubrow, DonnaKelli, William Thomas Jones, Natalie Daniels, Michele Ann Einert

17- Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins (2022)

This true crime series explores horrifyingly terrible cases of unrequited love and break-ups that resulted in murder. This real crime series investigates horrifyingly awful cases of unrequited love and break-ups that resulted in murder. With just one lesson in mind that someone has to pay the price. These macabre tales of failed relationships, moderated by the current judge of Divorce Court, Faith Jenkins, show what happens when relationships end. It is one of the Best Oxygen TV Shows you could watch.

  • Writer: Brad Bernstein, Mary Bissell, Michael Hacker
  • Cast: Faith Jenkins, Tatiana Belenky, McCayleigh Daniels, James Douglas Dillon, Shiloh Taylor

18- Murdered by Morning (2020)

The stories in the book Murdered by Morning are those of people who had no idea that the night in question would be their last. Moreover, the documentary demonstrates how an ordinary night can quickly change into a terrifying ordeal. From a disastrous night out to an unplanned midnight shift at a local toy store. The program examines each crime in detail until the perpetrator is identified after sifting through countless possibilities. Dark secrets are exposed, the mystery surrounding the crime deepens, and Murdered by Morning proves that nothing good ever happens after sundown.

  • Director: Ruth Du, Erik S. Weigel
  • Writer: Shannon O’Rourke
  • Cast: Lauren Best, Nathalie Jones, R Scott Hoffman, Anna MacDonald, Brendan Connor

19- Black Widow Murders (2022)

In the real crime series Black Widow Murders, female suspects accused of killing their boyfriends or spouses are examined. Furthermore, the programme examines each case in full, using interviews with detectives, witnesses, and other important figures to provide a complete picture of the circumstances surrounding each crime. Moreover, the series’ excellent production and top-notch criminal reenactments assist in bringing the tales to life. Although the subject matter is frequently upsetting. The show does a superb job of fairly and objectively reporting the facts of each case.

  • Director: David Ellington
  • Writers: David Gross, Dominique Paul
  • Cast: Andrew D Erath, Lauren Davis, Cory Davison

20- Snapped (2004)

In the true crime series Snapped, women who have been charged with murder or attempted murder are the focus of the investigation. Each episode focuses on a separate case and includes interviews with criminologists, law enforcement authorities, the accused’s friends and family, and other parties. Moreover, viewers will probably be attracted by the frequently startling and horrific details of the crimes since the show does a fantastic job of presenting the facts of each case in a fascinating and entertaining way. Lastly, snapped is an engaging examination of the shadowy side of human nature that is well-produced overall.

  • Director: Robert Ivkovic
  • Writer: Matt Edens
  • Cast: Andrew D Erath, Jody Flader, Sharon Martin

Wrap Up!

There you have it: the top ‘Oxygen TV’ shows. We hope that you will be thoroughly entertained throughout these programs. Happy streaming and stay safe!

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