Best Films On Sky Cinema (2023) in UK to Watch Right Now

Do you want to see something on Sky Cinema? With so many alternatives deciding what to watch next might be challenging. Fortunately we’ve produced a list of the best Films On Sky Cinema 2023 in the UK so you’ll never be short of ideas again. If you have access to Sky Cinema and are wondering what to watch here is a list of the best films on sky cinema!

This collection offers something for everyone from action-packed blockbusters to Oscar-winning dramas. Whether you’re looking for an exciting adventure or a thought-provoking indie film Sky Cinema has you covered.

So sit back relax and let us take you through the top best Films On Sky Cinema 2023.

Sky Cinema offers multiple ranges of channels for you to enjoy different tv shows and movies. However if you reside outside the UK or traveling you might need a trick to access Best Films On Sky Cinema 2023.

All you need is VPN which would easily lead to Sky Cinema without any trouble. We have picked the best films on Sky Cinema (2022) for you to watch right now.

Best Movies on Sky Cinema that should be on your watch list

Sky Cinema gives you a ticket to stream a thousand movies with new movies added every day. So grab your popcorn and pick your favourite spot because you are going to be binge-watching the best movies on Sky Cinema from August 2022!

1) Raiders Of The Lost Ark(1981)

Steven Spielberg’s iconic action-adventure film “Raiders of the Lost Ark” was released in 1981. The film stars Harrison Ford as the renowned Indiana Jones on his journey to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis can exploit its power for their own purposes.
The movie has become a cultural phenomenon and it is largely recognised as one of the best adventure films ever created.

The legendary 1981 Indiana Jones movie is surely an enthusiastic adventure/action movie in which you would dive into an early era where Jones is putting an end to an artefact but faces several challenges on his way. The movie is impossible to resist. It has everything – action comedy Nazis!  You would spot Jones in his spirit fighting off Nazis his ex-girlfriend and even snakes! 

2) Shawshank Redemption(1994)

Shawshank is Frank Darabont’s best work starring America’s beloved Morgan Freeman and Andy Dufresne. The drama/crime movie focuses on Andy Dufresne who is arrested by the police for murdering his wife. Once he enters prison he meets Ellis his cellmate. Both of them are not guilty of the murders they have been accused of. The movie is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. As the two become friends in Shawshank prison both of them began to escape prison. The story involves their tragic stories and their escape plan. The question is would these two be able to outrun national prisons?

3) Jurassic Park(1993)

No matter how many times we watch this movie we never seem to grow tired of it. Every time feels like the first time and the movie takes us back to our childhood simpler times when we used to plug in cable on our old televisions in order to watch a movie and there it was Jurassic Park streaming on a random channel. We’d watch it every time! Not that you aren’t aware already The movie is based on John Hammond a businessman who creates a wildlife park that includes cloned dinosaurs. But a sudden breakdown of the security system opens all the gates giving an escape to all dinosaurs. You can only imagine the absolute havoc  and endangerment the dinosaurs would cause to the city

4) A Quiet Place: Part II(2022)

A Quiet Place literally sent chills down our spine with its outstanding storyline and plot. If you haven’t watched A Quiet Place allow me to sum it up for you. The movie uncovers the story of a town which is attacked by strange creatures who feed on humans. But the catch is that these creatures are blind and only attack if they hear a sound. Even if you drop a pin they would find you and they would eat the living hell out of you. The creatures manage to wipe out 95% of the population. The story focuses on The Abbot Family which learns the skill to outrun these creatures and survive. However the family loses two of its members in the process. The sequel untangles the story of the remaining members striving every day to survive searching for answers. Are there more people out there? We’ll find out!

What does Sky Cinema include?

Sky Cinema gives you access to numerous channels and unlimited access to all the movies. The channels which you can stream are:

  • Sky Cinema Select
  • Sci Fi & Horror
  • Premiere
  • Hits
  • Action
  • Thriller
  • Greats
  • Family
  • Drama
  • Comedy 
  • Animation.

5) Moneyball(2011)

Sports? Boring. Maths? Boring. Calculations? Boring. But trust me Moneyball would surprise you. 10 minutes into the movie and you’d be hooked! The movie stars our very own Brad Pitt (Ahem maybe that’s why it doesn’t seem so boring anymore) and contains a heartwarming message ‘Victory is yours to take you don’t necessarily have to excel at something for it unless you put your heart and soul into it you’d be just fine!’ The story involves a baseball coach who has to train a ragtag team but wait he figures out some new tricks which can lead to the team winning!

6) Looper(2012)

Don’t judge a movie by its name! The movie has excitement thrill chase and well… TIME TRAVEL! The story involves Joe a professional hitman the best of all men who always finishes the target he is given. Joe’s mafia is known for sending their man to time travel in case they want to eliminate someone. However Joe finds himself in a pickle when his own boss sends him into the past in order to get killed!

Wrap Up!

Sky Cinema in the United Kingdom has an outstanding assortment of films to suit a wide range of preferences. There’s no shortage of entertainment to be found from edge-of-your-seat action blockbusters to sombre dramas that will leave you contemplating life’s deeper concerns.

Our selection of the top best films on Sky Cinema (2023) presently available on Sky Cinema highlights the cream of the crop ensuring that you don’t waste time trawling through substandard flicks. You’re certain to discover something that catches your attention and keeps you captivated from start to finish in Sky Cinema’s huge repertoire.

So whether you’re a seasoned Sky Cinema viewer or just getting started don’t miss out on these must-see films that will leave an indelible impression. There’s never been a better time to kick back relax and enjoy some top-quality cinema than now with the best films on Sky Cinema (2023) right at your fingertips.


Is Godzilla vs. Kong on Sky Cinema?

Yes Godzilla vs. Kong is on Sky Cinema.

Does Sky Cinema charge a fee?

Sky Cinema charges a monthly fee.

Can I cancel Sky Cinema at any time?

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

How do I search Sky Cinema movies?

Press Search on your Sky Q remote and enter what you’re looking for. 

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