American Horror Story recap: Season 10 followed a Double Feature Theme

American Horror Story season 11 is right on the horizon, and we’re not sure if Sarah Paulson would be in season 11 or not. Before you go ahead and watch season 11, let’s talk about how epic season 10 was!

Ryan Murphy had already announced the 10th season of American Horror Story, leaving the fans shrouded in mystery. As the feature image dropped for season 10, it revealed a set of hands trying to make their way out of the ocean, which made fans decipher the theory that season 10 would include a sea setting.. and they were right!

The theory was confirmed with the caption, “Things are beginning to wash up on shore…,” what made fans even more enthralled about season 10 was the addition of Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin to the series.

What was different about American Horror Story season 10?

Murphy made an announcement on his Instagram, unveiling that there would be two plots; one based on sea and the other on sand. “Two horrifying stories… one season. One by the sea… one by the sand.”

AHS season 10 was called ‘Double Feature’ and was divided into two parts, Red Tide and Death Valley. Even though the directors decided to be super secretive about the plots, the teasers featured two different kinds of monsters!

Here is our hunch: While Red Tide revolved around sirens, creepy creatures who would lure sailors right into death traps using their melodious voices, Death Valley was filled with aliens.


How did American Horror Story season 10 end?

American Horror Story season 10 finale concluded as Mamie’s head exploded, and we mean fully exploded. The season mostly revolved around humans turning into vampires which led to multiple other stories. In the end, the aliens obviously won.

American Horror Story season 11 comes out on 20th October 2022!

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